How to Write a Meaningful Eulogy for Your Father

Published March 17, 2020
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Writing a eulogy for your father can not only feel emotionally draining, but it can also be difficult to know where to start. Breaking up the eulogy into sections and tackling each piece one bit at a time can make writing it feel more manageable. Remember to take breaks and give yourself room to process your feelings if they come up during the writing process.

Writing a Eulogy for Your Father

There is no right or wrong way to write a eulogy. Based on your father's personality and your own, it's best to begin to think about the tone you are going for. While some people focus on creating a more serious and somber tone, there are no rules stating that you can't add in anything funny or silly. If your father was a lighthearted person who enjoyed making others laugh, you can certainly add in some of his sillier moments. It can be easier to write a eulogy that reflects your father's actual personality versus trying to write what you think a eulogy should be.

The Introduction in the Eulogy

The introduction to the eulogy will set the tone for your speech. In the opening lines, you may want to introduce yourself, your relationship to the deceased individual, and thank a few people. You can consider saying:

  • Hi everyone, I'm (insert name). I am (insert father's name) child. I want to start off by thanking you all for coming out today to celebrate my father's beautiful life.
  • Hello, I'm (insert father's name) (insert child, son or daughter). I want to thank you all for coming today to honor my dad. I know some of you travelled a very long distance to pay your respects and I know my dad would have loved to seeing you all together.
  • Hello everyone. I'm (insert name). I'm (insert dad's name) (insert child, son, or daughter). Although today is going to be a very hard day, I want to take this time to remember and honor the special memories I had with my dad.

Adding in More Details About Your Father

After your introduction, you can go into a little detail about your dad. Describe his personality, any quirks, his likes, dislikes, and anything else that really exemplifies his true traits or characteristics. You can say:

  • My dad was always a funny guy. He loved playing practical jokes on his siblings growing up. This tradition played out as I was growing up too. He loved to come up with these silly bits, or funny jokes that always made us all buckle over with laughter.
  • My father was an incredible person. He was not only the best role model, but he volunteered in his free time. See my dad wasn't okay with only being a wonderful father, but he also wanted to give back to the world and help others in need.
  • My dad's most notable feature was his height. He was over six feet tall. You'd think his towering presence would be intimidating, but he was the most kind and gentle person I've ever known.

Adding in Anecdotes

Short anecdotes can be meaningful to speak about. They remind you and others of your father's most notable moments, or simple experiences that sum up his unique personality. It may feel overwhelming to speak about specific memories the day of, so take your time and know that it's okay to pause, have someone else speak, or end your speech early if this feels like too much. You can think about sharing:

  • Favorite childhood memories: One of my favorite childhood memories happened when...
  • Funny moments that were shared just between you two: A story that sums up my dad happened when he....
  • Sweet traditions: My dad and I had this secret tradition where we would....
  • Memories where your father taught you something that stuck with you: One of the most important lessons I learned from my dad was...

Concluding the Eulogy

To close out the eulogy, you can keep it simple. You can write something yourself, or add in a favorite poem or quote of your father's. Keep in mind you and others may be feeling very upset or sentimental at this time. You can say:

  • I cherish the memories I have with my father and know he is smiling down on all of us. Thank you again for coming out today to celebrate the memory of my amazing father.
  • I feel so grateful to have had as much time with my father as I did. I miss him so much already and I will forever remember having the most incredible dad.
  • I don't know how long it will take me to grieve this tremendous loss. My father was the most important person in my life and I feel heartbroken to no longer have him here with us. His memory will forever carry on.

How to Handle Feeling Overwhelmed

If at any point you begin to feel overwhelmed or too upset to write the eulogy, you can:

  • Reach out for support and call a trusted friend or family member
  • Take a walk and focus on your breathing and surroundings
  • Journal about your feelings
  • Spend some time with your pets or a friend's pet
  • Allow yourself to feel and be kind to yourself during this difficult time
  • Practice progressive muscle relaxation

Sample Eulogy Speeches for a Father

If you feel stuck, you can click, edit, and print out some sample speeches to help you get started.

Eulogy for the Father Who Was a Fighter

This sample eulogy works well for any dad who fought through an illness with strength and dignity.

Eulogy for the Soft-Spoken Father

For the father who lived his life in a reserved, yet gentle way, this eulogy sample may be a good template to work off of.

Writing a Beautiful Eulogy for Your Father

Take your time and be kind to yourself as you write your father's eulogy. This can be an incredibly challengign task to take on, especially during a time of heightened emotions and stress. Do the best you can and know that whatever you write will be a meaningful tribute to your father.

How to Write a Meaningful Eulogy for Your Father