Death of a Child Quotes to Comfort Grieving Parents

Updated December 21, 2018
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Knowing you are not alone in your grief is one of the most overwhelming yet satisfying feelings you can get from reading or listening death of a child quotes. The written and spoken words, while sad in nature, can provide a sense a relief to grieving individuals.

Condolence Quotes

It's easy to be at a loss for words when speaking with someone experiencing the profound grief of the loss of a child. Following are some examples of things you can say when trying to express condolences for the loss of a child. Keep in mind that sometimes the best thing to say to someone in grief is nothing at all - let them talk and actively listen. Encourage them to say what they want to say and simply be there for them.

  • "I want to send a donation in honor of (child)'s life. Which one would be best?"
  • "May I bring you dinner on (specific date)?"
  • "Do you want to talk about how you're feeling?"
  • "I'm not going to pretend to know how you feel, but I understand you're in pain."
  • "(Child) was such a special blessing in our lives."
  • "The love we have for (child) will never leave."
  • "(Child)'s smile and laughter will always live in our hearts."
  • "(Child) brought us all so much joy and will be missed."
  • "My favorite memory of (Child) is (memory). What an amazing child!"
  • "The world is a little less bright without (Child)."

Finding Comfort Through Loss of a Child Quotes

Although it's not talked about as much as other types of death -- such as the expected demise of a parent or grandparent -- the sad truth is that children die every day for many different reasons. Depending on the age of the child who died, as well as the cause of death, it goes without saying that surviving family members and friends are nothing short of devastated.

Finding the Words

However, many times well-wishers do not know what to say when a child dies. They will say whatever comes to mind, which is usually a cliche of sorts, or they may say nothing at all for fear of upsetting the bereaved. This is where quotes about the death of a child can be most comforting. They are an appropriate sympathy to the mourner. These sayings can offer:

  • Empathy: Someone else shares and understands the feeling of loss
  • Hope: Someday, there may be another child to care for
  • Encouragement: It's okay to take things day by day
  • Optimism: The sad days will be brighter
  • Comfort: Being complacent in your grief
  • Acceptance: Admitting that the loss happened and going on without the child in your life

Emotional Response

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There are times, though, when these quotes will not be received well, mainly because the mourner is having an unusually bad day. At these times, these sayings can elicit:

  • Sadness: Uncontrollable crying and unhappiness
  • Anger: Infuriated even more that the child died
  • Disappointment: Discouraged that this event even happened
  • Aggressiveness: Verbally or physically upset toward someone or something
  • Fear: Scared this can happen again

When to Use Comforting Quotes About the Death of a Child

If you plan on giving a bereavement quote or saying and you aren't sure how the grieving individual will handle it, check with a close family member or friend. Typically, these types of quotes are handled positively as long as you know what type to use and when to give it.

Sympathy Card or Letter

Use a quote or saying about the loss of a child when sending the mourner a sympathy letter or card. Sometimes these phrases make more sense than what you can come up with, especially if you don't know what to say. Adding a few personal thoughts is also recommended.

Funeral or Memorial Service

Sympathy quotes are fitting when giving a eulogy at a child's funeral or memorial service. They can communicate to those in attendance exactly what most are feeling. A certain quote or phrase may be exactly what is needed during a trying and emotional service. These quotes can also be placed on the back of a prayer or memorial card or in the funeral program.

Bereavement or Sympathy Gift

A wonderful way to remember the child who died is to give a gift with an etched or engraved bereavement quote. These are especially welcomed during the holidays or on the anniversary of the child's birth or death. You can also take your favorite phrase and have it printed up on a card, photo, or another memento.

Finding Quotes About the Death of a Child

There are many places to find appropriate quotes about the death of a child. Your local library or bookstore should have a section devoted to various types of poetry or quotes. From there, you can narrow your search to the loss of a child. You can also check online at:

Coping With the Loss of a Child With Quotes

If you are unable to find a quote that says exactly what you are feeling, go ahead and write your own. Nothing means more than true words spoken from the heart. It is a keepsake that the grieving individual will treasure forever.

Death of a Child Quotes to Comfort Grieving Parents