Death of a Child Poems to Help You Find Hope

Updated March 13, 2019
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Poems about the death of a child cannot undo this tragic loss, but they can give grieving parents hope or offer support. Each parent and family member feels differently about the loss of a child and there's a poem out there for each experience.

Loss of a Child Poems

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Grieving this loss is an individualized process that can be captured in poetry about losing a child. These poems for grieving parents and other close family members and friends speak to feelings of anger, sadness, grief, despair, and even acceptance.

Losing a Child

By Michele Meleen

Losing a child is
inexplicable to all
a story with no plot points.

Grief Is Like a Parade

By Michele Meleen

Grief is like a parade
whizzing by
in waves of noise.
Some moments I laugh,
in others I cry,
at times I see nothing at all.
I'm waiting for my child to pass
waving from a float up high.
That moment never comes
and the parade end passes by.
I'm left standing alone
not knowing where to go.

The Death of My Son

By Michele Meleen

He'll always wear a cape,
always wear a crown.
My little superhero,
the king of my heart.

The death of my son
feels tragic
like a story with no end.

My baby boy,
my little man,
I don't know how or when,
but one day I'll see you
and feel whole again.

The Death of My Daughter

By Michele Meleen

The death of my girl,
the death of our dreams
no more tutus to twirl
no more girl power anthems to scream.

They say girls are sugar and spice
and everything nice
and my daughter was sweet as can be.
Without her, I'm not sure how to be me.

Inspirational Poems About Losing a Child

Parents and family members experiencing the death of a child often need inspiration to help them get through each day. These poems offer hope and comfort.

Like a Butterfly

By Michele Meleen

A caterpillar
born then hidden as you grieve
then despair flies free.

A Prayer for My Lost Child

By Michele Meleen

My child is my shepherd I shall love always.
My child lies with me in all my dreams,
leads me to be still and restores my soul
guiding me on my path of grief.
Although I walk through a valley of tears
I will not forsake my life for you are with me.
You memory and gentle voice they comfort me.

A Place for You

By Michele Meleen

My child, I keep a place for you
where no one else can see.
I have this gift nobody has
the bond between you and me.

At times I cannot feel you here
and that pain won't go away.
But when I search my place for you
you're with me every day.

My child, you're not lost,
you don't need to be found.
I've got you here, in my heart
where we're forever bound.

Poems for a Friend Who Has Lost a Child

woman offering a comforting hug

If your friend has lost a child, it can be impossible to find the words to say to them. These poems show your support for them and acknowledge that the situation is heart-breaking.

I'll Hold Your Hand

By Michele Meleen

I know it hurts
beyond understanding
not having your child's
hand to hold.

I can't change this life
for you, my friend,
but I can be
your hand to hold.

I Can't Replace Your Baby

By Michele Meleen

My dearest friend
you've lost something
I simply can't replace.

I'd like to run
into heaven
to bring your child back down.

If I could I'd hold him here
so you could touch his face,
feel his warm embrace.

As your friend
I want to save you
from waves of tears you drown,
but all I can do is say
for you I'll always be around.

My Friend, You'll Find

By Michele Meleen

My friend, you'll find
in this dark time
lights that flicker
and sometimes shine.

My friend, you'll find
your baby's smile
to light your way
every once in a while.

My friend, you'll find
through tear-streaked eyes
a blur of light
that shines in mine.

My friend, you'll find
this life without your child
harder than I can know.
But in the dark,
my friend, you'll find
lights surrounding you aglow.
And should you need
to bask in light
reach out your hand
and I'll make you bright
even if it's only for a moment
my light will help you orient.

Famous Poems to Turn to When a Child Dies

Poems by famous authors or that ring true for lots of grieving parents are often used in funeral programs, on gravestones, or on keepsake items for grieving family members.

  • When Baby Souls Sail Out by Ella Wheeler Wilcox describes how unnatural it is for a child to be separated from their mother saying "What scenes of peace and rest/Can bring content to one who went/Forth from a mother's breast?"
  • Edgar Guest makes a plea to God in I'll Lend You for a Little Time a Child of Mine with phrases like "But should the angels call for him much sooner than we'd planned./We'll brave the bitter grief that comes and try to understand."
  • Sometimes by Colleen Ranney speaks all the emotions a parent feels after the death of a child with imagery such as "My child, my heart...when I see a smile/I can't help but think of you."
  • Ron Tramer writes an ode to the lost child in Teardrops saying "Teardrops are falling./We embrace this sad day./A sweet little baby has just passed away."
  • In Just for Today-For Bereaved Parents author Vicki Tushingham shares "Just for today I will accept that I did not die when my child did."

Poetry With Hope and Empathy

Losing a child is arguably the most difficult circumstance to live through. While you can't take away the pain of this tragic loss, poetry about the death of a child can help you explore and embrace your emotions as you grieve.

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Death of a Child Poems to Help You Find Hope