Simple Eulogy Templates and Funeral Speech Tips

Published July 10, 2020
Man giving a eulogy

Writing a eulogy means you have been asked to memorialize the deceased person's life as a tribute to him or her. In order not to forget anything, you may want to start with a template that helps you get started filling in the person's life with memorable moments and touching, personal stories.

Free Eulogy Template With Writing Prompts

Use a eulogy template that offers open-ended writing prompts to begin your process. This template offers writing prompts to get you thinking about what to say and has plenty of space for you to build upon the starting phrases offered. Download and print the template using Adobe and customize the script until you are satisfied the eulogy properly honors the deceased.

Eulogy template with writing prompts

Free Blank Eulogy Template

A blank template gives you a basic outline that can be revised to suit a sibling, parent, grandparent, other relative, or close friend. This simple eulogy template offers an outline of different topics to touch upon while letting you write your own eulogy speech.

Blank eulogy template

Tips for Writing a Funeral Speech

When you are writing a eulogy, you are creating a personalized tribute for the funeral that goes beyond a traditional obituary. With that in mind, there are a few things to remember as you memorialize your family member or friend:

  • If you aren't sure how to start or end your eulogy, consider using a poem, religious verse, or memorial quote.
  • When the obituary and funeral program cover the deceased's background and history thoroughly, you do not need to spend as much time on that information in your eulogy unless you have a specific memory to share.
  • Don't forget to include how you knew the deceased because not everyone at the funeral will be your personal friend or relative.
  • Consider the personality of the deceased and the type of funeral you're attending. Some celebration of life programs may mean a funny eulogy is appropriate, while more sombre religious funerals are not the place for levity. Ask the officiant or a close family member if you are not sure.
  • Try not to get caught up with describing detailed "inside" memories or jokes that the rest of the mourners cannot relate to during the eulogy. Share stories and memories that everyone will appreciate and understand.
  • Personalize the eulogy. Look for ways to prepare a eulogy for your grandmother or write a eulogy for your father that truly highlight their lives and their personalities.

Writing a Tribute to Your Loved One

Honoring your deceased love one through a eulogy is a meaningful way to pay your respects. Write what you feel and about your memories to personalize the speech.

Simple Eulogy Templates and Funeral Speech Tips