What to Write on a Funeral Wreath: Heartfelt Messages

Published September 30, 2020
Funeral wreath messages

What to write on a funeral wreath requires thought about the heartfelt message you wish to send. The funeral wreath ribbon affords you the opportunity to send one last message to the deceased.

How to Decide What to Write on a Funeral Wreath

You want your message to be concise and short since the wreath ribbon/banner is only so long. Too much verbiage and no one will be able to read your message easily, if at all. The message on a funeral wreath ribbon is typically large, with just a few words to give one last heartfelt message.

Importance of Funeral Wreath Messages

The funeral wreaths are important floral arrangements since they are moved from the church or funeral home chapel after the service and taken to the gravesite. The wreaths are left at the gravesite, so the ribbon message is greatly appreciated by the deceased's family and why you want to choose the ideal message.

A few basic message examples include:

  • Always and forever
  • Always remembered
  • Cherished in memories
  • Deeply loved and forever missed
  • Forever in our hearts
  • Forever in our thoughts
  • Gone but never forgotten
  • Held in loving memory

Appropriate Funeral Wreath Banner Messages

You want to make sure your funeral wreath ribbon message is appropriate for the deceased. This means you should know the deceased's religion before using any religious message. For example, you wouldn't write a Christian message on a wreath for a Jewish funeral or vice versa.

Funeral Wreath Messages Examples That Are Non-Religious

If you're unsure of the deceased's religious belief, then stick with a generic banner message. You can still send a powerful message on the funeral wreath ribbon when you choose a heartfelt sentiment.

Non-religious funeral wreath messages include:

  • All our love
  • Always missed
  • Dearly loved
  • Dearly missed
  • Forever in our hearts
  • Forever missed
  • I love you!
  • In my heart forever
  • In loving memory
  • Loved eternally
  • Missed forever
  • Missing you always
  • Never forgotten
  • Remembered always
  • Remembered and in our hearts
  • Sleep well
  • We love you
  • With love
  • With deepest sympathy
Funeral Wreath Message Example

Funeral Wreath Ribbon Messages That Are Religious

If you know the deceased's religious belief, then you can tailor your ribbon message for the funeral wreath appropriately. You will still want to practice word economy by choosing the least amount of words to convey your sentiment.

A few religious examples include:

  • Angels rejoice
  • Asleep in God's arms
  • Asleep in heaven
  • Christ through faith
  • Eternal rest in Christ
  • God bless
  • God's blessings
  • God's eternal love
  • God's love
  • Goodnight and God bless
  • Heaven gates open
  • Heaven rejoices
  • Heaven welcomes
  • In Christ forever
  • Jesus is the resurrection!
  • May angels watch over you
  • Newest angel in heaven
  • On angel wings
  • Peace in Christ
  • Received in heaven
  • Remember God's Promise
  • Rest in Christ
  • Rest in God's heaven
  • Rest in heaven
  • Winged flight home

What to Write on Funeral Flowers for Family

Some families send flowers to a family member's funeral. This is often done by extended family members, such as aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and cousins. There are no hard and fast rules about who can send a funeral wreath with a banner or ribbon, so a daughter, son, or grandchildren may decide to express their sentiment.

Some families prefer naming their relationship on the funeral wreath ribbon, such as:

  • Adored sister
  • Always my brother
  • Amazing grandma
  • Beloved wife
  • Best dad in the world
  • Brave cousin
  • Caring grandma
  • Cherished husband
  • Courageous nephew
  • Dear husband
  • Favorite aunt
  • Generous uncle
  • Greatest mom
  • Kind brother
  • Kindhearted niece
  • Loving mom and wife
  • Outstanding grandfather
  • Protective brother
  • Sister of my heart
  • Treasured sister
Funeral Flowers For Family

Funeral Wreath Banner Messages for Friends and Co-Workers

If a group of friends or co-workers chip in to send a funeral wreath, they may want a different message for the banner. This type of message quickly identifies who the senders are and their relationship to the deceased. This kind of funeral wreath that honors the deceased can mean a lot to the deceased's grieving family.

A few friend and/or co-worker funeral wreath banner messages include:

  • Beloved companion
  • Best friend
  • Best mate
  • Brilliant worker
  • Brother in spirit
  • Cherished friend
  • Greatest buddy
  • Excellent teammate
  • Exceptional employee
  • Friend to all
  • Standup pal
  • Incredible colleague
  • Outstanding co-worker
  • Supportive associate
  • Terrific friend
  • Unforgettable friend
  • Valued co-worker
  • Wonderful boss

What to Write on a Funeral Wreath for a Profession

There may be times when you want to highlight the deceased's profession. This is especially true for individuals who dedicated their lives in the service of others. If the deceased served in the military, you may want to use the slogan for a specific military branch or other service profession and the ultimate funeral wreath message that honors their life.

A few examples of service professions include:

  • Semper Fi (Marines)
  • Always Faithful (Marines)
  • Always Loyal (Marines)
  • The Few, the Proud (Marines)
  • Uncommon Valor (Marines)
  • Best of the Best (Marines)
  • Aim High (Air Force)
  • Fly-Fight-Win (Air Force)
  • Forged by the Sea (Navy)
  • Semper Paratus (Coast Guard)
  • Always Ready (Coast Guard)
  • Army Strong (Army)
  • Semper Supra (Space Force)
  • Always Above (Space Force)
  • First in, Last out (First Responder)
  • To Protect and to Serve (Police)
  • Justice, Integrity, Service (US Marshals)
  • Bravery, courage, and strength (Firefighters)
  • Fortune is with the brave one (Firefighters)
  • Forever ready to serve (Firefighters)
  • Always ready (Firefighters)
  • Pride protecting people (Firefighters)

What to Write on a Funeral Wreath to Convey Heartfelt Messages

With several ideas for the heartfelt messages you can write on a funeral wreath, you're sure to find the perfect one. If you have difficulty deciding, consider the deceased's profession or how others thought of them.

What to Write on a Funeral Wreath: Heartfelt Messages