Writing a Eulogy for Your Aunt That's a Beautiful Reflection of Her

Published May 11, 2021
man writing eulogy for his aunt

When you write the eulogy for your aunt, you want to make it personal and a tribute to the relationship the two of you had. It's easy to convey how special she was to you when you speak from your heart.

What to Include in Your Eulogy for Your Aunt

While your relationship with your aunt is the centerpiece of your eulogy, you also want to give those attending the funeral a glimpse into her personality, how she moved through life, and how she impacted your life as well as the lives of others.

Some of those ways might include:

  • Each person plays a vital role within a family dynamic, so you want to highlight your aunt's role within your extended family.
  • If your aunt had a career, mention a few of her professional accomplishments.
  • Her involvement in the community or any special organization should also be mentioned.
  • If she was religious and participated in a church, synagogue, or other organized religious group, you can mention her contributions as a member.

Personalize Your Eulogy

You can structure your eulogy as a way to tell your story about how much your aunt meant to you. Certainly, you want to highlight your aunt's life with a brief introduction, but the main driving message of your eulogy should reflect how you saw her and what she meant to you. You don't want your eulogy to sound like you're reading an obituary, so weave in the details like you would when telling a story.

Eulogy for Aunt Who Was Your Best Friend

You can use this example of a eulogy for your aunt. There may be places where you can modify, change, or substitute to make it reflect your aunt.

Introduction of Who Your Aunt Was

My Aunt Mary was my best friend ever since I can remember. When I was a young child, I couldn't wait for her visits. She'd stop by on her way home from work almost every day just to see us. She was a loan officer at J.T. Bank here in town. I've had a lot of people confide in me over the last two days to tell me how she helped them buy their first homes or get their first business loan. She was also highly regarded by her colleagues. She was a volunteer at the church food pantry every Saturday, and she helped in the kitchen for the community meal at Thanksgiving. That was Aunt Mary. Of course, we always scheduled the family Thanksgiving meal for that night, so she didn't miss out on sharing the holiday with her family.

Share Your Memories of Your Aunt

And even though she had a very busy and full life with friends and family. She made time for each person, just like she did every evening when she stopped by our house. She always had a little something for me. It might be a piece of peppermint candy from her desk at work, a tiny plastic toy that came with the hamburger meal she brought me, or once a t-shirt with a cute character design she bought from one of her customers. It really didn't matter what she brought me; it was always special because I knew she'd taken the time to think of me.

That was just one of the many ways that Aunt Mary went out of her way to make me feel special. She just had a natural skill for making everyone she knew feel important to her. She had such a kind and giving heart. I remember one Easter when I was getting ready for church; she arrived to go with us, and the rest of my family was rushing about getting dressed, when I heard all these dishes and glassware clicking in the kitchen.

When I went downstairs, I found her cleaning up the breakfast dishes, dressed in her Sunday best and wearing one of her signature hats. She looked up at me and smiled, commenting that I must be the prize the Easter bunny had left. I don't think she ever realized that she was the prize. This was my wonderful aunt. She never sat idly by, she was always pitching in to help out and did so with such grace.

Woman reading eulogy at a funeral

What Your Aunt Meant to You

Everyone in the family depended on Aunt Mary, the same way her friends and co-workers did. She always knew what to do in a time of crisis, and she was the one who made our family holidays extra special with all her personal touches. It might be a dish she prepared, playing Christmas carols on the piano, or sharing a story about her childhood growing up with my dad. It didn't matter what it was, Aunt Mary made everything seem magical.

She understood every member of our family and had a sixth sense about how to support each one of us whenever we needed that extra hug or encouragement. She was always there, no matter the circumstances, and certainly no matter how inconvenient I knew it must have been for her. She was positive about life. Even during those last weeks of her life, she was the one who comforted all of us and reassured us.

Final Goodbye for Your Closing

No words can express how deeply I miss my Aunt Mary. I am so grateful and blessed that she was my aunt and my best friend. May God bless you, Aunt Mary, and keep you safe in heaven, until we're reunited in his name.

Eulogy for Your Artistic Aunt

This type of eulogy reflects on your aunt's passion and love life as an artist. You can share a few stories that show her personality and zest for life.

Introduction of the Many Hats Your Aunt Wore

I wanted to share a side of my Aunt Barb you may not have known. You may have known her as Barbara McGinnes, the woman who owned the herbal shop downtown that was also filled with her vignette paintings of herbs and flowers. Perhaps you were one of her regular customers. You may have known her as Mrs. McGinnes from St. Michael's Parish, who served on the altar guild and taught Sunday School for most of her life. You may have been one of her students in Bible class. My aunt was all those people, but she was so much more to me.

Tell Who She Was to Her Family

She knew no boundaries when it came to loving and caring for others. She had an appreciation of the natural beauty of this world, and she instilled that same appreciation in me. Aunt Barb grew up as the only girl in a family of four boys. You can imagine how protective her brothers were. She told me lots of stories about how her brothers scared off most of her high school wannabe boyfriends.

None of them maintained the boyfriend status more than a few months. She used to say. "My poor dates were unnerved when one brother mysteriously showed up wherever we went." But a glint of mischief would then sparkle in her eyes when she talked about her high school graduation gift from her aunts.

You see, Aunt Barb was an extremely talented artist. Her aunts wanted her to have a unique opportunity and a chance to get away from her hawkish brothers. I'm kidding about the latter. So, these women pulled their money and sent Aunt Barb to Paris right after graduation to participate in a drawing program at the Louvre.

Reveal Your Aunt's Personality and True Nature

It was there she met Uncle Jonas. They fell madly in love as Aunt Barb would say, "Falling in love while studying art in Paris is an unspoken mandate." They had a great marriage. When Uncle Jonas passed, I remember Aunt Barb kept telling me how jealous she was of all the wonderful paintings he must be creating in heaven.

And that's what I keep thinking about now that she has joined her beloved Jonas. I imagine the two of them breaking out their paints in the morning sunlight as they overlook a field of lavender skirting a serene pond. This is the image I've been holding of this amazing woman ever since her passing.

Uplifting Message and Farewell to Your Aunt

She and Uncle Jonas painting in the sunlight is the ever after she so rightly deserves. I hope you'll hold that vision in your minds each time you think of her passing, and remember the joy she gave to all of us who knew and loved her. May you paint with Uncle Jonas every day until the last rays of sunlight, Aunt Barb. God's blessings.

Write a Moving Eulogy About Your Aunt

You want everyone to see your aunt through your eyes with a powerful eulogy. When you tell how you feel about your aunt and how important she was in your life, you'll end up with a moving eulogy.

Writing a Eulogy for Your Aunt That's a Beautiful Reflection of Her