10 Easy Ways to Show Your Brother Love and Appreciation

Show your brother how important he is to you with heartfelt gestures, whether it's National Brother's Day or any other day of the year.

Published March 27, 2023
Smiling young brother and sister hugging

Show your brother just how happy you are to call him family and a friend. Whether it's his birthday, National Brother's Day, or just an ordinary day and you want him to know he's loved, you can use simple and meaningful gestures to get your message across. With these ideas for showing love and appreciation for your brother, he'll never doubt how much he means to you.

Give Him a Call

In this world of texting and sending DMs, a call with the express intent to voice your feelings is truly a grand gesture. Call your brother up and tell him how much you appreciate him and how glad you are that he's your brother. Speak from the heart and give him some specific reasons why he's so awesome. You might not say it every day, but a phone call is a great time to just say 'I love you, brother.' If both of your are constantly on the go (and who isn't?), send him a calendar invite that lets him know this is a phone call he doesn't want to miss.

Order His Favorite Dinner

If you need to make an appreciative gesture from afar, sending his favorite meal by delivery is a fun way to show how much you care. Let him know ahead of time that you have dinner covered and roughly what time he can expect it to arrive. Make sure you also cover the tip for the driver and order a bit of dessert as well.

Plan a Day Out Together

Quality time is one of the best ways to show your love for someone. Plan a day for you and your brother doing all the things he loves. You can hit his favorite restaurant, go see a show or game he enjoys, and take a hike or a bike ride together. Intentional quality time will let him know you truly value his presence in your life.

Give Him a Framed Photo

A picture truly is worth a thousand words when it's a photo of a family member you love. Give your brother a nicely framed photo of the two of you or all your siblings. This priceless gift could be a recent photo or one that calls to mind precious childhood memories.

Make His Favorite Treat

If your brother has a beloved treat or if there's a signature dish of yours that he raves about, make a batch just for him. There may also be a dish from his childhood, prepared by a parent or grandparent, that you could learn to make and surprise him with.

Plan a Gathering Just for Him

Maybe your brother is a social butterfly. If so, plan a low-key and casual gathering just for him. Invite family and some of his closest friends and plan a menu full of all his favorite foods. You can even encourage your guests to dress like your brother to show just how much you all know and love him.

Send Him Snail Mail

A heartfelt letter is both a message of appreciation and a precious keepsake. Give your brother something he can reach for when he needs a lift in his spirit or just wants to be reminded of you. A heartfelt letter in the mail, or even just a card, will show him you put thought into your gesture. Even a cute or funny card can send the message of how much you love and appreciate your brother.

Do Something Nostalgic Together

Look back on your childhood together and pinpoint an activity you both enjoyed as siblings. Treat your brother to a trip down memory lane with an afternoon at the arcade, playing catch in the park, a night of video games, or just watching a beloved movie from your childhood with all his favorite snacks.

Make Him Laugh

Chances are that growing up with a brother means you have your fair share of things that make the two of you laugh. Pay homage to all the funny moments from growing up and the inside jokes you share by doing something that brings on the laughter. Send him a unique gift that reminds you of something that made you both laugh as kids, order him a funny brother t-shirt, or book a night for the two of you at a comedy club. Laughing together is a great way to say 'I love you, brother' in a fun way.

Give Him a Meaningful Gift

Gifts of love and appreciation don't have to be extravagant or expensive. A simple and meaningful gift will show your brother that you think of him often and know him well enough to choose the perfect token of appreciation for him.

  • Gift him a coffee mug and his favorite brand of ground coffee.
  • Send him some sweets from his favorite bakery.
  • Give him a gift card for his favorite store.
  • Cover his gym membership for the month.
  • Sign him up for a meat delivery subscription.
  • Gift tech accessories for his go-to techy tools.
  • Grab some gourmet spices for his next grilling night.
  • Purchase a bottle of his go-to bourbon or other drink.
  • Get tickets to a local sporting event he might enjoy.
  • Make your own self-care basket and drop it off on his doorstep.
  • Gift him an experience like running a marathon together, an afternoon on the golf course, or surfing lessons.

Share a Heartfelt Message

If you're chatting with your brother via text or dropping a card in the mail, write a heartfelt message that will clearly communicate how you feel. Remind him of his wonderful qualities, the value he brings to the family, or the impact he has made on your life. Try one of these messages or put your own spin on it for a genuine expression of your appreciation.

  • My childhood was better because I got to share it with you.
  • You keep us all laughing. I'm so happy you're a part of our family.
  • Your strength, courage, and positivity inspire me every day.
  • You're an awesome brother and cherished friend.
  • Even though life made us siblings, I still would choose you as a friend.
  • Seeing all you have accomplished and how far you've come in life gives me hope and inspiration.
  • I only hope I can be half as cool as you one day. I've admired you my whole life.
  • If I've taught you anything, I hope it's that you are valued for who you are and worthy of love without conditions.
  • Thank you for making childhood more fun and life more interesting. I couldn't have asked for a better brother.

Speak From the Heart

Regardless of how you decide to tell your brother he's loved, make sure it comes from your heart. A small gift, a grand gesture, or a simple message of appreciation goes a long way when it comes from a place of genuine gratitude and admiration. You have the best brother in the world, so make sure you tell him with love.

10 Easy Ways to Show Your Brother Love and Appreciation