140 Never Have I Ever Questions

Published December 15, 2018
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"Never Have I Ever" is a talking game that's sort of like using only truths from the classic game of "Truth or Dare?" Anyone from kids to adults can play by simply changing up the questions and how players respond to them.

Never Have I Ever Question Ideas

In this fun, getting-to-know-you game players take turns asking questions that start, "Never have I ever," and end with a single action or activity.

Fun Questions for Kids

Accidentally spelled my name wrong

Eaten a bug

Gone to the bathroom outside

Accidentally called a teacher "Mom"

Lost a library book

Cleaned my room without being asked to do it

Worn pajamas to school

Written a letter to a famous person

Thrown up at an amusement park

Cried during a movie

Clean Questions

Gone three days without bathing or showering

Used someone else's toothbrush

Worn dirty clothes

Tasted soap

Vacuumed up a toy

Eaten food off the floor

Found a dirty dish under my bed

Licked my plate clean

Thrown away my silverware

Fallen asleep in the bathtub

Funny Questions

Worn my parents' clothes

Snorted when I laughed

Farted loudly in public

Run into a sliding glass door

Talked baby talk to someone who wasn't a baby

Been afraid of a shadow

Spilled a drink on a stranger

Worn my underwear outside my pants

Poked myself in the eye

Been attacked by a goose

Christmas Questions

Re-gifted a Christmas gift

Bought a Christmas gift for myself

Used a candy cane as a stir stick for a drink

Eaten more than five Christmas cookies in one day

Dressed up as Santa, Mrs. Claus, or an elf

Worn an ugly Christmas sweater

Named a pet after one of Santa's reindeer

Made a fruitcake

Knocked over a Christmas tree

Gotten a lump of coal for Christmas

Questions for Tweens

Copied a friend's outfit

Used my real name as a screen name

Lied to a teacher

Friended a stranger on social media

Watched a Rated R movie

Joined a club to impress someone else

Sat with an outcast at lunch

Done a friend's homework

Created a virtual world

Made up my own nickname

Questions for Girls

Copied a celebrity's hairstyle

Tried to pee standing up

Tried out for a boys' sports team

Shaved my head bald

Shopped for clothes in the boys' section

Tried on a jock strap

Worn a tuxedo to a formal event

Sang a Disney princess song

Used a brush as a microphone

Asked a guy for makeup advice

Questions for Boys

Worn a dress or skirt

Wished I were Wonder Woman

Said pink and purple were my favorite colors

Cried while watching a sporting event

Grown my hair past my shoulders

Dressed up as a professional wrestler

Read The Babysitter's Club books

Camped alone in the woods

Caught a fish with my bare hands

Sang a Justin Bieber song

Questions for Teens

Played a joke on one of my teachers

Asked a celebrity to prom

Fallen asleep texting

Done an elaborate promposal

Gone grocery shopping for my family

Dated my best friend's ex

Kept a banned item in my school locker

Snuck out of the house

Driven without a permit or license

Been banned by a social media site

Questions for College Students

Walked into the wrong dorm room thinking it was mine

Eaten canned meat

Stole my roommates' food

Pretended to be sick when I have a hangover

Bought a new textbook

Slept on a cold, hard floor

Stayed up too late studying and slept through the test

Thought a professor was hot

Turned in a paper I downloaded from the Internet

Lied to my parents about my GPA

Questions for Adults

Fed my kids cereal for dinner

Lied to my boss about why I wasn't at work

Fallen asleep at my desk at work

Stalked my high school crush on social media

Used an old picture of myself on a dating site

Walked around my house naked

Test drove a car I didn't intend to buy

Written a funny note in the "memo" section of a check

Pretended to be older to get the senior citizen discount

Parked in a "handicap spot" even though I am not disabled

Questions for Couples

Secretly searched my partner's phone

Signed my partner up for an activity without their permission

Told someone our relationship status was more than it really is

Lied about liking something my partner wears

Watched my partner sleep

Made up a celebrity couple nickname for us

Secretly asked my partner's friends to help him/her with a problem

Wished my partner looked like someone else

Sent myself a gift and pretended it was from my partner

Searched my partner's personal belongings when he/she wasn't home

Family Questions

Posed as one of my family members

Lied to friends about my middle name

Borrowed a family member's clothing without asking

Locked myself in the bathroom to have some privacy

Hidden the remote so I could watch what I wanted

Erased a show a family member recorded on DVR

Hidden a secret ingredient in a family meal

Broken something in the house and blamed it on someone else

Kept an accomplishment a secret from my family

Called a family member by the wrong name

Embarrassing Questions

Forgotten to flush the toilet

Forgotten my wallet on a first date

Picked my nose and wiped it on a piece of furniture

Eaten something left on a stranger's plate

Worn clothing I knew was two sizes too small

Dropped something in the toilet then used it without sanitizing it

Thought a family member was attractive

Used only pennies to buy something that cost more than $1

Called my boss by my pet name for my romantic partner

Used toilet paper as a napkin after a meal

Teen girls embarrassed

Crazy Questions

Thought I saw Bigfoot

Let someone else pick out my tattoo

Eaten a wild plant without knowing what it was

Joined a cult

Taken on a new identity

Participated in a citizen's arrest

Been on the front line of a protest

Discovered a new species

Been struck by lightning

Snuck into a public place after it was closed

Rules for Playing Never Have I Ever

"Never Have I Ever" is also called "I Never" and "Have You Ever?" and starts when one person asks if anyone has done a specific thing. Anyone who has done the action mentioned is then playfully punished in some way, like losing a life in the game or taking a dare. In some versions of the game, players who have not done the activity are the ones to get punished.

Playing With Points

The point system is great for groups of kids or teens because answers lead to relatively harmless consequences.There are two ways to play using points:

  • Each player starts with 10 points (their ten fingers represent the points) and loses one point for every action they have done. When a player has no points left they are out of the game.
  • Set a time limit for the game and assign one point for every time someone can say "I have." The person with the least points at the end of the time is the winner.

Drinking Version

Adults over age 21 often play this as a drinking game with friends. Each time you can answer "I have," you must take a drink or a shot. Setting a time and drink limit for the game helps ensure no one gets too intoxicated.

Creative Consequences

If you want to make the game more interactive, use creative consequences such as:

  • Make players who have never done it imitate doing it
  • Have all players who have done it switch seats so they are all sitting next to each other
  • Eat a disgusting, uncommon, or super spicy snack

Get to Know Each Other

Question games like "Never Have I Ever" and "Would You Rather" and yes or no questions work great as icebreaker activities or for groups of close friends to learn fun facts about each other. Now that you've read all these suggestions you get a point because you can answer "I have" to the statement "Never have I ever read this article!" Now explore other games like Truth or Dare.

140 Never Have I Ever Questions