Bingo Card Templates for Different Versions of the Game

Updated May 6, 2022
senior mans hands passing out number cards for a game of bingo

If you're organizing a bingo game, you'll need to provide the players with plenty of game cards to use throughout the event. Whether you plan to use basic number cards appropriate for a traditional bingo game or if you prefer to get creative with a themed bingo game that has pictures on the cards instead of numbers, the free templates below are sure to meet your needs. Just click the design that you want to use, and it'll open in PDF format for you to print or save.

Free Basic Bingo Card Templates

If you're planning to host a traditional bingo game that involves calling out one of the letters in the word bingo paired with a number, the below collection of traditional bingo cards will work perfectly. If you need help downloading any of the printables, check out these helpful tips.

Baby Shower Bingo Card Templates

Bingo is a popular game choice for baby showers. Guests will get really engaged in the festivities when they're given one of the bingo card templates below and instructed to mark off each item the guest of honor receives as she opens her gifts. Award a prize to the first guest to accurately fill in a row or column.

Shape/Color Bingo Cards for Little Kids

For kids, bingo can be a great way to help preschoolers or kindergarteners learn how to recognize shapes or colors. The bingo template below features a 3 x 3 board (rather than the traditional 5 x 5 bingo grid design) so that it's easier for younger players to complete a line or row. Call out either shapes or colors based on your educational goal for the game.

Animal Bingo Templates for Children

Animal bingo features pictures of popular animals such as elephants, gorillas, and ducks instead of the traditional numbers. Children will enjoy getting bingo by covering up the animals. You can turn it into an educational game by calling out the animal sound instead of the animal's name or by spelling the name of the animal to make it more challenging for older kids.

Food Bingo Game Templates

Food bingo is a fun game to take along on a picnic or to enjoy at an outdoor party. As with animal bingo, you can spell the name of the food rather than simply calling it out. Adults will have just as much fun as the kids when playing this version of bingo during a family reunion, at an outdoor carnival, or during family game night.

Music Bingo Game Templates

If you're hosting a dance party, a quick bingo game is a fun way to allow the guests to catch their breath. Use the music genre templates below for a creative bingo version that involves playing a song, then having players mark off the image that represents that genre. Explore fun musical bingo games for more ways to play.

Merry/Claus Christmas Bingo Games

Make bingo a part of your next Christmas gathering with a holiday-specific bingo game. Choose either Claus bingo or merry bingo (or play both!). Each template includes instructions as well as game markers that you can cut out for players to use.

Christmas Bingo Line Art Templates

If you like the idea of playing bingo at a Christmas party but would rather stick with a more basic approach to the game, opt for basic black and white bingo cards featuring line art drawings of Christmassy symbols.

Valentine's Day Bingo Templates

Bingo is also a great game for Valentine's Day parties. Children, teens, and adults alike are sure to get a kick out of a rousing round of valentine bingo, especially when you use the super-cute game board templates below.

People Bingo Template

With people bingo, each space is filled with an activity or trait rather than a number or an image. There is no caller and there are no calling cards for this game. Instead, players are challenged to walk around the room and find a person who matches each square. This game is great for conferences or large parties, to encourage people to interact and get to know each other. Set a time limit for the game and award a prize to the person who crosses off the most items in that timeframe.

Free Plain Bingo Board Templates

For even more flexibility, use one of the blank bingo templates below to create your own themed version of the game. Simply print the style you like best, then draw, stamp, or affix your own labels. You can use pictures or numbers.

Use Free Templates to Play Bingo Your Way

Whether you choose to play bingo at a large party or church fundraiser or during a small gathering like family game night, do not be afraid to bend the rules a little. These free printable bingo templates make it super easy for you to vary the game any way you like. It doesn't matter if you have just a few players or quite a lot; everyone will be anxious to be the first to call out "bingo!" and win the game.

Bingo Card Templates for Different Versions of the Game