Can You Fit a Full Size Mattress in a Minivan?

Updated March 22, 2018
Measuring inside of minivan

Whether you've recently purchased a new bed for your child or you're helping your college kid move away from home, hauling a full-size mattress in your minivan can save you the expense and hassle of renting a truck. Although this size of mattress may not fit in all minivan models, there are several that can accommodate cargo of this size.

Minivans That Can Accommodate a Full-Size Mattress

According to the Better Sleep Council, a full-size mattress measures 75 inches long by 53 inches wide. Most mattresses have some degree of flex, allowing you to bend them slightly to fit in a narrow area. This is important because many minivans have 48 inches or less of cargo space between the wheel wells.

The following minivan models can accommodate a full-size mattress:

Toyota Sienna

Depending on the model type and year, a Toyota Sienna can haul a full-size mattress if you remove the rear rows of seats. You may have to bend the mattress slightly to make it fit, but this shouldn't be a problem.

Chrysler Pacifica

You can use Chrysler's famous Stow 'n Go® seating to simply fold down the seats of your minivan and put the mattress in. It will fit lengthwise, but you may have to bend it slightly or angle it to accommodate the width.

Dodge Grand Caravan

A Dodge Grand Caravan should be able to haul a mattress, but you may need to fold the mattress a bit to make it fit. You'll need to remove or fold down the seats.

Honda Odyssey

If you remove the rear seats, you can fit a full-size mattress in your Odyssey. However, you'll need to bend it a bit.

Kia Sedona

The Kia Sedona has Slide-N-Stow® seats that slide forward and fold against the front seats. However, this feature doesn't allow you to utilize the full length of the cargo area. In order to fit a full-size mattress, you'll need to completely remove the seats and bend the mattress a little.

If in Doubt, Measure

Before you remove the seats from your van and haul the mattress out to load it, be sure to measure for yourself. Minivan sizes have changed over the years, so it's important to check your own car. There's a good chance you'll be able to save yourself the headache of renting or borrowing a pick-up truck to move your mattress.

Can You Fit a Full Size Mattress in a Minivan?