Class Cheers

class of high school students

Class cheers can help bond a grade level together, increase school spirit and encourage healthy competition between students in different grades. Pep rallies and sporting events are the perfect place for a roll call of the grades in your school.

Freshman Cheers

Freshman year is a time of new beginnings. Because incoming freshman are often picked on by upper classmen as a rite of passage, it is important for the freshman class to bond together as a team. Cheers at pep rallies can help improve the overall spirit of the school and serve to form this bond between students in the freshman class. Here are a couple of cheers to try:

Freshman Dazzle

Razzle, snazzle

Freshman dazzle

Razzle, snazzle

Freshman dazzle

Class Year Cheer

2009 (fill in appropriate graduation year) is our yearFreshman class has nothing to fear

We're the best, we're number one

Help us cheer when our team has won

Sophomore Cheers

By sophomore year, most students have settled into a fairly steady routine of friends, school and work. Most students are driving, involved in at least one activity at school and school spirit is fairly strong. Here are some sophomore class cheers to try during pep rallies:

We are Sophomore

We are sophomore

Watch out for what

We have in store

We are sophomore

Watch out for what

We have in store

We'll kick some butt

And take some names

We've got spunk and

We've got game

Rock the Stands

Hey there, we're in 10Watch out Eagles (opposing team name)

We know how to defend

Our teams the best in the land

And we're going to rock the stands

Junior Cheers

Juniors often help set the tone for the school, just under the seniors. This is the class that will be incoming seniors next year, so it's important that they have lots of school spirit and pep. Here are a couple of cheers to get juniors started:

Junior Jam

We are juniors

We can jam

Our boy (fill in team member's name)

He's the man


It stirs

When you hear juniors

Something inside stirs

When you hear J-U-N-I-O-R-S

You know we're the best

Senior Class Cheers

Once senior year arrives, students are typically filled with a ton of school spirit and pep. Senior class cheers take on a new level, exemplifying what the class stands for, memorable sports moments and focus on mascot. Here are a few to get you started, but you'll want to come up with some unique cheers that are just your own and aimed at your school and your own special memories of your time there.

Go, Fight, Win

Seniors, seniors, we're on top

We can't be beat, we won't be stopped

Seniors, seniors, we're number one




Seniors, seniors, we're number one




Here Come the Seniors

This cheer can be said as your class walks into the gym:Here come the seniors

We can't be beat

Here come the seniors

Walking down the street

Watch out Haysville (fill in opposing team name)

We here to win

And we can't be tamed

Repeat until you reach your seats and the class is seated

Our Final Year

This is it

Our final year

That's why we're

Going to cheer

Loud and clear

Loud and clear

All Together Now!

One of the best ways to use class cheers is at a pep rally before the big game. The cheerleaders on the floor should call out the class in question, typically starting with the freshman class. The chant might go something like this:

Freshman, freshman are you here?

If you are, let's hear you cheer.

The freshman class would then answer with one of their cheers. The cheerleaders would then call the sophomores, juniors and seniors. A great way to end the pep rally is with a high school cheer that the whole school can get behind.

Class Cheers