Football Chants

Helmet and football on the field

Football chants are short, upbeat, and deliver a simple message. Your squad can repeat them as many times as needed, making them useful for short game breaks and appropriate plays. If you don't have a collection of chants in your football cheer arsenal it's time to learn some!

Chants for Football Fans

This collection gives you plenty of chants to pull out whenever you need one. The chants are simple enough to memorize and repeat, and the fans will quickly join in and chant along with the squad.

General Football Chants

  • V-I-C-T-O-R-Y, that's how we do the warrior cry. (Repeat three times, and then you can give a warrior cry.)
  • We're the best, we can't be beat. We will never accept defeat!
  • Dedicated, motivated, we will not be underrated. We will have victory!
  • When our players hit the ground, the other team is going down!
  • It's on, it's on, like a bad dress at the prom. Our team will stomp all over yours, and get our big win on!
  • Dedicated to domination, we're the (team name) football nation!
  • Fire it up (clap-clap), take control (clap-clap), domination (clap-clap), that's our goal!(clap-clap)
  • Prepare to feel the heat, we will not accept defeat!

Chants for the Offense

  • First down, first down, on our way to a touchdown!
  • Passing play, running play, anyway we'll have our way - Vic-to-ry!
  • Run that ball past the next yard line. Don't you stop, you're doin' fine.
  • Run receiver run! Run receiver run! Make it to the end zone, run receiver run!
  • No one can, no one can, throw the ball like our quarterback can!

Chants for the Defense

  • D-E-F-E-N-S-E, take that ball away for a victory!
  • Go Home. Pack Up. Gonna make you give that football up!
  • Intercept, intercept, get the ball back and go on the attack!
  • Shut 'em down, shut 'em down, come on defense shut 'em down!
  • Come on defense, don't you slack. Intercept that quarterback!
  • Hold that line! Hold that line!
  • You can run, but you can't hide, our defense just tanned your backside!
Kicking for the extra point

Kicking Chants

  • Kick that ball! Kick that ball!
  • Fi-eld goal, fi-eld goal, fi-eld goal!
  • Kick it in for an extra point! Kick it in for an extra point!
  • Don't you be like Charlie Brown, kick that ball high off the ground!

Touchdown Chants

  • Touchdown, touchdown, give us a touchdown! C'mon blue and white (insert your school colors), we want a touchdown!
  • Score, score. we need six points more!
  • End zone, end zone, here we come! Goin' to the end zone 'cuz we're number one! (To use when a player makes a fast break with lots of yards to make it to the end zone.)
  • (Stomp-stomp,stomp-stomp, stomp-stomp-stomp) Faster, faster to the end

Pump Up the Enthusiasm

Whichever football chants you use, enthusiasm counts for a lot. When your squad is united with a great outlook and an ideal amount of energy, you can really give the crowd and your team a boost. So fluff up those pom pons, and be ready to support your home football team through the ups and downs of the season.

Football Chants