Delta Sigma Theta Chants and Songs

Updated June 19, 2018
Delta Sigma Theta perform onstage at Morehouse College

Chants and songs help to pick you up and get you pumped up. Among sorority members, like Delta Sigma Theta, chants are a way to show belonging and sisterhood. Whether they are singing the praise and pride of their members, remembering their founders or urging members on to greatness, these chants and songs are inspiring.


Whether they are trying to pump you up, showing off their stepping style or just remembering their founders, Delta Sigma Theta has some very unique chants.


The chant 1913 immortalizes the 22 women attending Howard University that founded Delta Sigma Theta. It discusses their dream of serving others and the mission of the sorority. You will commonly see this chant used during Founder's Day and yard stomps. It also has a rather impressive stomp routine that motivates the crowds.

You Can Not Slide in My Sorority

The You Can Not Slide chant discusses the high expectations of women in this sorority. Not only do you need a high GPA, but you have to work hard to be a delta. This can be seen through the phrases, 'you have to work, and pray, And have a GPA.' This chant is used to show pride in the bright women of the sorority and their faith. Additionally, it sings the praises of the women that join.

What Is a Delta?

Delta Sigma Theta is open to any female student currently enrolled at a college, and even alumnae can become eligible to join retroactively. In this Delta chant, members compare themselves to other sorority groups. It is a fun little play on words that shows how this group stands out. For example, the lyrics compare them to other groups like Alphas and Zetas. This is a good chant for recruitment to display.

In 1908

In 1908 is another chant that discusses the founders. It is reminiscent of how the sorority started. It praises how some founding members were actually part of another sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha, but choose to start the Delta Sigma Theta to meet their goals.

Years Ago

The lyrics of Years Ago change with the years, with the opening line, 'Blank years ago...' This is another Founder's Day and stomp favorite, but this one showcases the priority the sorority places on service. The tradition of activism and service has continued through the years and is commemorated in chants and cheers such as Years Ago.

Delta Is the Best (Founder's Step) & Duck Team

Delta Is the Best promotes the sisterhood of the sorority and their creation. It proposes reasons why Delta Sigma Theta is the best sorority and shows their pride. The Duck Team is also a fun chant that promotes the group and claims their superiority over the AKAs. These chants are used a lot in yard stomps or competitive chanting.


In addition to just chanting, DST also has songs that support their mission and who they are, as well as their bond to one another.

If You Ever

If You Ever is a powerful song that discusses the long road of college, sisterhood and the sorority itself. It demonstrates how hard college can be, but yet these women still persevere. Additionally, it hits on the pride of the sorority and the bond of Deltas. This song is a great way to boost up sisters or just show the togetherness and pride of the sorority.

Sweetheart Song

The sweetheart song is a tribute to their love and commitment to one another. It shows the dedication and sisterhood that these women feel toward. It is sung on several occasions including weddings and graduation.

All My Love

This is another song that shows their commitment to DST and their sisters. This is shown through lyrics like 'All my love I'm going to give to Delta.' This song is sung in a group and features their hand symbol and unique OOOOO-OOOOOOP!

Pyramid Hymn

This song is sung in a circle where members join hands. It is sung during jeweling ceremonies and inductions. It can also be sung by alumnae.

Learning the Chants

Founded in 1913, Delta Sigma Theta is a historically black sorority that is open to all women. Several chants and songs memorialize founding members, and some discuss the sorority's strong commitment to public service. The group's dedication, work ethic and sisterhood are also part of their chants and songs. However, while their spirit and enthusiasm are definitely to be emulated, it should be remembered that these are women who are joining a very important tradition, and their songs and chants are meant only for their group. For a non-Delta to sing one of these chants, or steal all the moves from one of their choreographed "steppin'' routines would be unethical and disrespectful.

Delta Sigma Theta Chants and Songs