Six Flags Halloween Fright Fest

Zombie and Girl

Six Flags Halloween Fright Fest is more than a one night event but rather instills fear in park goers for the entire month of October. The exact events vary from park to park - and some of these events are not for kids or the faint of heart - but if you like scares on and off the rides, then Six Flags has a frightfully good time in store for you at Halloween.

Fright Fest Basics

Six Flags tweaks its Fright Fest program every season, but some general things remain the same every year.

  • The event usually runs every weekend in October leading up to Halloween. The roller coasters and non-water rides remain open during Fright Fest.
  • A general admission ticket gets you into most Fright Fest special attractions, though some parks do charge an extra fee if you want to go into any of the haunted houses.
  • All Six Flags staff will be in costume during Fright Fest, and while guests are encouraged to get into the spirit and dress up as well, your costume must be family friendly. Gory costumes and scary masks are not permitted. The park staff has the final say on whether your costumer is too frightful for public consumption.

Although ghosts and ghouls and things that go bump in the night may sound like a kick to teenagers and adults, the very idea might have young kids running for the hills. Six Flags understands that their Fright Fest event might not sound like so much fun to some of their younger guests, so they have structured the festivities to allow these visitors to still enjoy the park.

  • During the daylight hours, the Fright Fest events feature Looney Tunes characters and focuses more on laughs than actual scares.
  • Once nighttime falls over the park, young kids can congregate in special "no scare zones" where they can still enjoy the park's attractions without worrying about a zombie lurking around the next corner.

Example Fight Fest Attractions

Six Flags Halloween attractions vary from park to park and from year to year. Here is just a sampling of events you may experience if you attend.

The Last Ride

Ever wondered what it would be like to be buried alive? Then Six Flags over Georgia has you covered (no pun intended). On their Last Ride attraction, guests enter a coffin, one at a time, and get a taste of what it would feel like to go through a burial while still living and breathing. This attraction is not included in the general admission, so you'll have to pay extra once you're inside the park gates to experience the Last Ride.

Trick or Treat Trail

If being buried alive isn't quite your thing, then maybe the Trick or Treat Trial is more your speed. This attraction, geared towards younger park goers, lets kids interact with Looney Tunes characters while they collect candy. The Trick or Treat Trail is located at Six Flags America in Maryland, but all of the Six Flags parks have their own version of kid-friendly trick or treating throughout the month of October. The Trick or Treat Trail is included in the general admission price.

Haunted Houses

Each park has various haunted houses. Be aware though, that some parks charge an extra fee for going through certain haunted houses. The haunted houses are always either in a "scare free" zone, or are not in full swing until evening, when younger children are probably at home in bed.

Wicked Woods

Ghouls, mad men and more await park visitors brave enough to wander into the Wicked Woods after dark. This Six Flags New England based attraction is not included in the general admission price, but you can pay extra once inside the park if you want to try your chances in this haunted forest.

Mayor Slayer's Midnight Mansion

Mayor Slayer is the host behind all Fright Fest events at Six Flags Fiesta in Texas, and his mansion is the scariest place in the park. The mansion has opened its doors during Fright Fest for several years. It boasts - appropriately - 13 scare filled rooms populated with spirits who think you should have stayed at home. The cost for entering the mansion is not included in the general admission price, but you may buy a ticket once inside the park.

Mr. Six Spooktacular Dance Party

It's kind of hard not to love the adorable bald guy who looks like grandpa but dances like your son. Given Mr. Six's love for all things dancing, it's fitting that the party should get started with dancing Thriller style. Show up in costume, and join in the fun as you dance through the streets of Six Flags to various Halloween songs. The dance party takes place daily during Fright Fest.

Fright Fest Blood Drive

The blood drive is a clever way to support a worthy organization during Fright Fest. Not every local Six Flags works with the American Red Cross, but many of them do. If you happen to be visiting a Six Flags during a weekend blood drive, you can expect discounted or even free admission to the park if you give.

Love at First Fright

Love at First Fright is Six Flag's trademark musical. Somewhat campy, the musical is similar from year to year and at each Six Flags location. While each location hosts several different shows throughout Fright Fest, this one show is a constant.

Celebrate Halloween with Six Flags

Six Flags' motto for Fright Fest is, "Thrills by Day, Chills by Night." Considering taking some time this Halloween season to experience the fun of Six Flags at night. To find out exactly what will be happening during Six Flags Halloween Fright Fest near you, visit the main Six Flags site and select your park.

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Six Flags Halloween Fright Fest