10 Places You Can Play Scrabble Online for Free

Updated April 14, 2022
woman playing Scrabble Go on phone

You don't need a board game and family members to get your Scrabble fix. Easily play Scrabble online for free. Several online scrabble games and apps are available at the click of a mouse.

Free Online Scrabble Apps to Take With You

Take your Scrabble needs with you by uploading a Scrabble app. These apps are fun and easy to download. While Hasbro is the only one to offer the official game, you can find several Scrabble-like apps.

Scrabble Go

Screenshot of Scrabble Go app from Apple Play Store

When you want to get your Scrabble fix, go to the game's creator. Hasbro offers a fun online mobile version called Scrabble Go. In addition to playing classic Scrabble against the computer, you can also play with friends and family. Customize your playable tiles and climb the leaderboard through Scrabble Go tournaments. You might also try word drop, duels, tumbler, and rush games. When you're not going head to head against friends, you can polish your skills with the practice mode. The Apple Store gave this version 4.5 stars.

Words With Friends

Screenshot of Words With Friends 2 from Apple Play Store

Zynga's Words with Friends plays similarly to Scrabble. However, many of the letter tiles have different point values, and it uses a different board and bonus tiles. Regardless, the game, which can be played through free apps on your smartphone or tablet, is one of the most popular Scrabble-like electronic games. In Words with Friends, you do not have to play a game all at once. You may play a game with a friend or random opponent over a period of days and fit in moves as you have time. The advantage of this style of play is that you can take your time coming up with words to play since no one is anxiously waiting for you to finish your turn.

Word Wars

Screenshot of Word Wars game from the Apple Play Store

PlaySimple Games offers a fun and exciting Scrabble-like game with Word Wars. This game takes Scrabble to the next level. In addition to the classic game, you can play the mini-board for fun word battles. From chatting with friends to fun tournaments, you can try it all. The app also offers weekly challenges that allow you to compete with your friends to win big prizes. When playing, you might try the Facebook login to help you connect with your friends. The Apple Store gave this app a 4.5.


Screenshot of Word Feud Game from the Apple Play Store

Get ready for options by playing Wordfeud. This game has a 15x15 board and different ways to increase your score. You also aren't limited to single gameplay, and you can find several ways to improve your score on the app. Get matched with random, and chat with your opponents in the game. The app also offers notifications of new features.

Where to Play Scrabble Free Online

Looking for the classic Scrabble board game on the web? You've come to the right place. You are a click away from all the word nerd fun you can handle. While Hasbro is the only one to offer the official game, these websites have some great online alternatives.

Pogo Scrabble

Screenshot of POGO game

One of the top gaming sites on the web, Pogo's version of Scrabble has the look of the classic game. You may choose to start a game as a guest player, but you won't be able to access all the features. If you register as a free user, you can play against others, track your scores, and earn tokens. If you are stumped during the game, use the hint option to come up with suggestions for moves. The definition option helps you check whether potential plays are legitimate and lookup challenging words your opponent may play. The two-letter word list is also included right next to the game board for when you need a quick play.

Cross Word Games Scrabble Edition

Screenshot of Scrabble from Scrabble Games

Sit down and play a relaxing game of Scrabble on Cross Word Games. Scrabble is so easy to play on this website, since you don't need to log-in or register. All you have to do is click the link and get ready to play. Before you play, you need to pick your level. Once you are ready, you need to drag your tiles to the start star to begin play. With your word in place, hit play. During play, you can also use the pass, clear, and swap buttons.

WordScramble.EU Online Game

Screenshot of Scrabble game from Word Scramble

Need a fast Scrabble fix? WordScramble.EU is there for you. There is no log-in or registration needed. Before you start racking up points, you need to select the level of play. The levels go up to five when playing. Start by adding your first tile to the purple star in the center of the board. Once play begins, it's like a normal Scrabble game. When it comes to creating words, you want to make sure to build your words on the stars to get the most bang for your buck. It's also important to think of words you want to play to get the best score.

Funky Potato Scrabble

Screenshot of Scrabble from Funky Potato

Play against an AI and test your word nerdiness! Funky Potato is ready to roll with no log-in or registration. The tally allows you to pick the hardness level from 1 to 5. You can also see the computer score, your score, and the tiles left. You want to try to create words on the stars to get the top score. If you are curious, you can see the computer's rack to try to gather what words they can play. When you are ready, put your first word on the purple star. Continue playing until all the tiles are gone.

Scrabble Blast

Screenshot of Scrabble Blast from SolitaireParadise

In Scrabble Blast, you start with a board full of letters. Your goal is to create words by connecting adjoining letters. Try to create as many words as possible before time runs out and before the bombs fall to the bottom of the board.


Screenshot of Scrabble on Lexulous

Lexulous is very similar to Scrabble, but it is not exact. It has the same grid size as Scrabble, but players of Lexulous draw eight tiles instead of seven. You can easily play Lexulous for free by going directly to the game's website. If you want to play beyond the initial quick play, you can sign in with Facebook or your email address.

Have Fun Playing Scrabble Online Free

Scrabble is a classic word game with simple rules that most people already know how to play. Invite friends to join you in an online game or test your vocabulary skills against players worldwide. Now the only worry is picking the right Scrabble game for you.

10 Places You Can Play Scrabble Online for Free