Printable Clue Tracking Sheets

Updated October 25, 2019
Young detective in room looking for clues

Clue has been delighting families and friends since it was first released in 1944. One of the few problems with the game is that the fun only lasts as long as the tracking sheets do. Luckily, there are printable Clue tracking sheets you can download and print at home.

Downloading the Tracking Sheet

These printable tracking sheets keep the mystery and fun alive well beyond the original tracking sheets have run out. Click the thumbnail below to open a printable PDF in another tab. From that new tab, you can download and print the PDF. If you need help, refer to a guide for Adobe printables.

Using the Tracking Sheet

The tracking sheet is split into three categories. First, the suspects are listed with color-coded squares next to each name for ease-of-use. Below the suspects are the possible weapons used in the murder. Lastly, the possible locations are listed. Each entry in the list has a check box that allows you to cross out an option or make your final selections. Each tracking sheet has two columns, allowing each sheet to be used for two separate games. You can use your tracking sheets to:

  • Make a Clue notebook for each participant by printing the sheets ahead of time and constructing a fun notebook to use during family game night. This notebook can be used to track clues, take notes, and solve the mystery!
  • Create a scrapbook by using completed Clue tracking sheets and adding notes and images noting who won the game along with some silly anecdotes and pictures. A Polaroid camera can be a fun way to add images to your scrapbook and these cameras are usually pretty affordable, making them a great addition to any family game night.
  • Create a detective's notebook and include the tracking sheets for a fun kid's birthday activity or a mystery themed party.
  • Create a unique party invite by including the tracking sheets in the invitation as a hint to the party theme.
  • Use old tracking sheets next to silly, makeshift mugshots of those who were caught in previous games as a fun decoration for any subsequent games.

The Mystery Continues

Print out as many of these tracking sheets as you need and come back to print out more when you run out! Enjoy playing this family friendly game with loved ones and don't be afraid to get creative with your Clue tracking sheets.

Printable Clue Tracking Sheets