Samples of Thank You Letters for Donations

Updated September 30, 2019
Thank you note

If your organization receives funding of any type, following up with a thank you letter is a must. Strengthening relationships with donors by sending out a thank you letter will not only help secure future funding but will give the donor a way to know that you appreciate their support. Letters also serve as a record of a gift and can often be used for tax purposes.

Printable Donation Thank You Letters

Many organizations receive donations for their various efforts throughout the year. The attached printable thank you for donation letters can be saved to your desktop or printed out then used as needed. They can serve as a helpful guide when preparing your own organization's thank you letters and will be useful when thanking those who have supported your mission. If you need help downloading the letters, check out these helpful tips.

Donor Donation Thank You Letter

One of the most basic and perhaps most used types of donation thank you letters is the thank you letter for a financial donation. The attached thank you for your financial donation letter can be sent as soon as you receive a charitable donation. It basically thanks the donor for their contribution and leaves the door open for future opportunities to connect. It can also be used for tax-purposes and serves as a record for your contribution.

Sponsorship Thank You Letter

Another common type of donation is a sponsorship. Many businesses and individuals decide to sponsor a special event and contribute financially to do so. The attached thank you for your sponsorship letter can be sent to those who have sponsored your organization's event. This type of letter details the amount of the donation as well as any benefits that are given in exchange for the sponsorship such as tickets to the event being sponsored or recognition.

Attendance Thank You Letter

After holding a special event, organizations send thank you letters to those who have attended the event. The attached thank you for attending a special event letter can be sent to anyone who has attended a charity benefit and has contributed money to do so. This type of letter should include the date of the event and what portion of the donation is tax-deductible. It can also mention any future events and can be used for tax purposes.

Business Contribution Thank You Letter

Don't forget to thank any businesses that donate to your cause. The attached corporate thank you letter can be sent to businesses that have sent in a contribution to your organization. It is a great way for your organization to express appreciation and to provide the business with a record of the donation.

Basic Thank You Letter Anatomy

When you're looking at the various donation letter templates, keep in mind that all letters should contain the same basic information. Some points to keep in mind include:

  • Make a personal connection to your work.
  • Show the donor how their funds are being used.
  • Create a vision for your mission.
  • Give a glimpse of where you're going.

If you plan to combine your thank you letter with a receipt, make sure that you also include all of the information that needs to be present in a charitable donation receipt.

Tips for Writing Creative Donation Thank You Letters

Thank you letters for donations can be either formal and business-like or fun and creative depending on your organization's purpose and the letter recipients. For example, if you're sending out thank yous to corporate sponsors for a cancer research fundraiser, you'd want to go more formal. However, if you're sending out thank yous to corporate sponsors for a youth sports program, you can make them a little more fun. Know your brand and your audience, then decide what kind of creativity is appropriate.

Use a Fun Theme

Using a fun corporate theme can help your donation letter stand out because it will feel cohesive, tied to your unique event or organization, and be memorable to those who may receive a lot of standard letters. Pick a theme that matches your organization or event such as paw prints for an animal shelter. Incorporate the theme into your design, format, font, wording, envelopes, and stamps (if possible) for a coordinated and memorable look.

Go Beyond Basic White Paper

Skip the standard copy paper and give your donation letter a unique look with fun paper design options.

  • Use paper that is the same color as one found in your logo so it's easily identified as from you.
  • Add a watermark logo to the background of the letter for visual appeal in a formal way.
  • Create a cool border around the letter like little hand emojis such as the thumbs up, clap, and pointing finger as a silent gesture of gratitude.
  • Choose colored envelopes that contrast with your letter paper.

Get Creative With Delivery

Thank you letter wrapped in ribbon

Your letter doesn't have to be a spectacle if your delivery message is. Make the receipt of a letter memorable by choosing uncommon delivery methods.

  • Use paper folding techniques like origami to fold the letters into creative shapes before handing them out in person.
  • Have each letter delivered as a singing telegram.
  • Put the letters in thin gift boxes or another fun vessel before shipping.
  • Include a company magnet, free coupon, or other small, simple freebie that will drop out when they open the letter so they can keep you in mind all year long.
  • Secure the letter with ribbon to make it look like an inviting gift.

Personalize Each Letter

Make sure your letters feel more personal than a form thank you letter by adding custom elements for each recipient.

  • Sign each letter by hand with different colored pen.
  • Add a photograph of the recipient interacting with your company or event.
  • Work together with other employees to hand write each letter in its entirety.

Build Positive Donor Relationships

With the right thank you letters, you can cultivate relationships with donors that last for years. Letter recipients will be able to tell how sincere your thanks are based on the look and wording, so put a lot of time and effort into making them really thoughtful.

Samples of Thank You Letters for Donations