The Rules of Sorry! Sliders Made Simple

Updated September 8, 2021
Sorry! board game

Introduced by Parker Brothers in 2008 as a new and improved version of the classic board game Sorry!, Sorry! Sliders is a quick-paced game that puts a fun twist on the original favorite. The game's new take is similar to shuffleboard as players slide their pawns down the track, scoring points or knocking other players' pawns out of the game.

How to Play Sorry! Sliders

Taking an old favorite to the next level, Sorry! Sliders has all the fun of the original, but with a new twist. Recommended for players ages six years old and up, the game is a perfect choice for a family activity or get-together. Since the game is easy to play and simple to understand, younger children should enjoy playing the game with adult supervision. Playing an entire game only takes about ten minutes, and it's for two to four players.

Basic Game Rules: Race for Home

Sorry! Sliders has four games, but all use the rules learned in Race for Home. Dive into how to play now.

  1. The youngest player goes first.
  2. Each player slides one of their four-game slider pawns down the track.
  3. Your hands can't pass the foul line for rolling them.
  4. Take alternate turns until all the slider pawns are on the game scoreboard.
  5. It is out of play if your slider pawn is knocked over or goes on another player's track.

Sorry! Sliders Scoring

Once all players have finished sliding their pawns down the ramp, each player moves a game, scoring pawn up the scoreboard the number of spaces written on the area the slider pawn landed in. Slider pawns:

  • Between two targets get the higher points
  • Between your track and the target, get one point

If a slider pawn lands on Sorry! or gets knocked off the board, you must move your highest scoring pawn back to START unless all scoring pawns are on START.

Winning the Game

The point is to get your scoring pawns HOME. But, they can only do this by an exact count. So, if you need 1 point to get home, you need to land on the 1 point area of the target. The player to get all their scoring pawns HOME wins.

Game Boards

There are two double-sided game target scoreboards included in the game. Having four distinct game choices increases the fun of playing Sorry! Sliders. The four games include the following:

  • Race for Home is the most basic of the four games and is played on the blue board.
  • Instant Sorry! is played on the green board.
  • Danger Dots is played on the red board.
  • Instant Home is played on the yellow board

Other Sorry! Sliders Games

Sorry! Sliders has three other games available, but each one follows the Race for Home rules with a special twist.

  • Instant Home - If your slider pawn lands on the center, you get to send one of your scoring pawns to HOME.
  • Instant Sorry - If your pawn lands or is bumped into the center, you need to move your highest scoring pawn back to START.
  • Danger Dots - If you land on or get bumped into a danger dot, then your slider pawn scores no points.

Game Pieces

In addition to the two-game target boards, other game pieces include:

  • Four tracks with plastic side rails
  • Three plastic side blocker rails
  • Four scoreboards
  • Sixteen slider, or rolling, pawns - four for each player
  • Sixteen scoring pawns - four for each player

Educational Value

Playing Sorry! Sliders gives younger children practice with their numbers and develops counting skills. It also helps develop dexterity and fine motor skills.

Online Options

If you love playing games online, Sorry! Sliders is free at many different online game websites. The virtual version of the game is played in a style similar to the actual game. As you play, the game's object is to slide your virtual pawns into the home space or knock your opponent's pawns into the space marked "Sorry!". This fun shuffleboard-like game is available for free at Electronic Arts (EA) through Xbox Live Arcade.

Board Game Fun for the Whole Family

You can't go wrong with a classic board game like Sorry! Sliders. Not only can you play it quickly, but it's a lot of fun to propel your pawns down the slide. And, it's even more fun to knock your opponents out. It's time to grab your board game and have fun!

The Rules of Sorry! Sliders Made Simple