How to Plan a Stadium Seat Fundraiser

Updated April 27, 2018
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No one enjoys sitting on cold, hard bleachers as they cheer on their favorite players during sporting events. Capitalize on this common complaint by hosting a stadium seat fundraiser to keep fans comfortable and raise money for your group.

Step 1: Choose a Sales Format

While it may seem like this fundraiser is straightforward, there are actually two different sales formats. The easier format is to sell cushions with your group's name and logo. If you want to make a bit more money, you can sell advertising space on the seats then sell them to end-users.

  • Ask local businesses to sponsor an advertisement on your stadium seats. Select one or two different size ads and set a price for each. Each company that purchases an ad gets their name and possibly logo printed on the seat.
  • Design your own cushion and sell it. You can offer customers an order form to purchase seats or sell them directly to consumers at events.

Step 2: Decide on Design

Before you can compare retailers, you'll want to have a good idea what you want your seat cushions to look like.

Select a Style

Consider who your customer is, where they are storing the seat, and where they are using it to decide on the best style.

Flat bottom cushions are set on top of the seat where your bum sits. Style options for this version include:

  • Built-in handle
  • Attached handle
  • No handle
  • Basic square/rectangle or custom shape

Folding back and bottom seats feature attached back and bum supports. Style options are:

  • With carrying handles
  • With arm rests
  • Without arm rests

Customize Colors

Knowing what you want before researching retailers helps you decide which to use based on the availability of your preferred color scheme. Will it be the school or team colors for a specific group or are you looking for trendy, popular colors?

Gather Logos

Gather your selected image or business logos in advance so you'll have them as a reference when shopping retailers. Each manufacturer may have different requirements in terms of size for images.

Step 3: Find a Retailer

Stadium seats are a popular fundraiser item, so there is no shortage of catalogs or online retailers selling them. Compare retailers before selecting one and consider:

  • Wholesale costs
  • Shipping costs
  • Customization options
  • Re-order options
  • Customer support
  • Order timelines

Spirit Line

Spirit Line has over 30 styles of cushions to choose from including flat or folding and seats made to include advertisements on the back. Prices range from about $3 to $55 per cushion. If you're looking for basic shapes and colors, this company is great. Their most popular item is the Flip-Side Ad Seat Cushion, which is a flat cushion featuring your group name and logo on one side and twelve equal ad spaces on the other. For about $5 to $6 each, you can choose from over ten basic colors.

4Imprint USA

If you want novelty shaped seat cushions, 4Imprint USA has many options from circles to footballs. Prices range from under $2 up to about $30 per seat. They sell standard flat and folding cushions along with a unique full-color graphic design version. A Standard Football Stadium Cushion with Handle sells for just over $6 when you buy a lot of 100. The thick layers of foam provide extra comfort, and the built-in handle makes it easy to carry.


When comfort is your top priority, inkhead is the company to choose. They only sell thick stadium seats and offer standard shapes along with novelty shapes such as home plate or a seat with a pocket. Prices range from about $1.50 up to just under $20. Their Game Day Stadium Cushion features a connected back rest, bottom cushion, and front panel that rests behind your legs. The entire seat folds into a square, and the leg rest features an open pocket, a closed pocket, and a drink can holder. Each chair costs roughly $12 when you purchase more than 100.

Step 4: Sell the Seats

The quick and easy sales method is to sell the seats directly at events throughout the year. Your other option is to create an order form, then set up payment and delivery options for those who purchase.

Marketing Tips

Stadium seat marketing involves placing your product in front of customers in places where the product would come in handy.

  • Set up a table near the entrance to a stadium, field, or other sports venue where spectators sit on hard seating.
  • If possible, have volunteers walk around during game breaks like halftime to sell cushions in the crowd.
  • Sell seats at booster events.
  • Involve parent and booster volunteers and members of sports and cheerleading teams to pre-sell cushions.

A Mutually Beneficial Fundraiser

Stadium seat cushion fundraisers allow you to make money, and they serve a purpose for your customers. Selling a useful product guarantees you'll have a market for them.

How to Plan a Stadium Seat Fundraiser