15 Double Date Ideas That Never Get Old

Published August 28, 2020
Double date

Coming up with double date ideas can be hard when you take into account everyone's personality and budget. Try something new to everyone or go with something you're all comfortable with -- the only thing that matters is you all have fun!

Take a Roadside Attractions Double Date

Get out of your town and explore nearby areas by taking a roadside attraction day trip for a fun double date idea. Look for unusual and strange oddities to visit and map out a route that has unique spots to visit. For example, you could visit hot-spots of gangsters from the early 1900s, check out a famous jazz club, have a picnic lunch or stop for a bite at a dive bar, and then visit the world's largest ball of yarn or wooden dinosaur.

Make TikToks Together

A great double in-person or virtual date is to create a TikTok together. The online video social media platform has plenty of great ideas you can utilize if you don't want to come up with your own idea, from learning a dance to following a recipe to magic tricks. If you're doing the date online, challenge each other to duets or do reaction videos to everyone else's content.

Go Axe Throwing

Instead of throwing a ball down a lane, throw an axe at a target! Axe throwing clubs are available across the world, in large cities and rural areas alike. Most provide coaches to help newbies get the stance and throwing technique down correctly. Some places have options to include additional weaponry and/or offer food and drink. Don't forget to follow all safety rules while having fun!

Host a Four Course Dinner Challenge

A double date has four people, so instead of simply making dinner or ordering take-out, why not assign everyone a course? One person should make appetizers, one should make a side, one should make the main dish and the final person is in charge of dessert. Make it really fun and keep your dishes a secret, set a spending limit, or limit the number of ingredients everyone can use. Don't forget to provide drinks!

Smiling friends enjoying drinks

Visit a Trampoline Park

Active dates give everyone something to focus on, so consider visiting a trampoline park for your double date. The indoor double date idea is a great summer date when it's hot and humid and winter date for cold, snowy days. Reserve your spot and bounce the afternoon or evening away together.

Get Lost in a Maze

Challenge yourselves to find your way out of a maze. From botanical garden hedge mazes to fall corn mazes to indoor mirror mazes, there are plenty of places to get lost on a double date. Find your way out as a group or split up and make it a contest!

Check Out a Local Festival

Spring, summer, and fall bring loads of local festivals to every area of the world. You can find one in driving distance that caters to a host of specific interests like:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Beer and wine making
  • Holiday and seasonal events
  • Music of any genre
  • Cars and boats
  • Camping and outdoor recreation
  • Barbecue, bacon, chocolate, food truck, and other foodie events

Some festivals are free to attend while others may charge an admission fee. Once you're in, there are plenty of things to do on the double date from checking out booths to shopping to eating to participating in contests.

Hit Up a Retro Arcade

Old school arcades are new school fun for people of all ages! Look for one that has classic games, like Pac-Man and Donkey Kong, interspersed with newer video gaming systems and challenges. Find some racing games or play skee-ball between drinks and apps.

Take a Ghost Tour

Cemeteries, hotels, forests, mansions, hospitals, and castles are all common places that may be haunted. Visit a nearby haunted place and take a tour to learn the history behind the haunting and see paranormal activity first-hand. It's perfect for a double date because, as they say -- safety in numbers!

Go Behind the Scenes at a Farm

Even if you live in an urban area, you're probably not more than an hour or two from a farm. Large and small growers alike may have behind-the-scenes and hands-on tours that let you get a taste of farm or ranch life. You might be able to:

  • Tour milking facilities on a dairy farm
  • Help shear sheep
  • Pick apples, strawberries, beans, or pumpkins
  • Shuck corn or learn to drive a tractor
  • Ride a horse through a pasture

Tour a Candy Factory

Skip the same-old wine or brewery tour and be a kid again by touring a candy factory! Old-fashioned candy factories often have unique options that require special techniques, like taffy pulling. Going in a group may help adults feel less self-conscious and you can enjoy some sweets after the tour is complete.

Rent Recreational Vehicles

Action seekers aren't stuck waiting in line at the amusement park. Instead, consider renting some wheels for the afternoon. Go trail riding on ATVs. Take a trip on a sailboat or even fish off the side of a pontoon in the local lake. Motorcycles can also be rented in some areas if you have the right license, so look into some great scenic routes to visit together.

Friends riding snowmobiles in winter

Participate in an A-Thon

Couples who are interested in doing some good while having fun can participate in various types of "a-thons". They provide a bit of competition while raising money for a good cause. Double dates would be especially good options for:

  • Dance-a-thons
  • Walk-a-thons
  • Putt-a-thon (golfing)
  • Bike-a-thon
  • Skate-a-thon (roller or ice skating)

Strap on Some Skates

Bowling is a well-known double-date activity, but it's not the only sport out there that works well for double dates. Instead, strap on some skates and have a blast! In the summer, try roller-blading or roller-skating around a lake or nearby park. In the winter, try your hand at ice skating, whether indoors or out.

Volunteer Together

If the couple you're double dating with has similar passions and causes, volunteering together is a great way to spend a date! Giving back doesn't have to be done solo. Instead, consider:

  • Serving food at a shelter
  • Handing out hygiene packs to homeless
  • Walking dogs
  • Selecting a person's name off a giving tree at Christmas and shopping together
  • Putting on a recreational activity, like a craft or small play, at a local nursing home

Fun Double Date Ideas

A fun double date is one that everyone enjoys whether it's a luxury night out or a great stay-at-home date night in. Find a neat date idea and take turns planning double date nights out with your friends!

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15 Double Date Ideas That Never Get Old