6 Free Printable Romantic Game Ideas

Updated October 25, 2018
Free Printable Romantic Game Ideas

If you want to add spice to your love life, these free printable romantic games may be just what you need. Ranging from hands-on sensual touch to thoughtful wordplay, these games can bring a touch of magic between the two of you. If you need help downloading the printables, check out these helpful tips.

Love Dominoes

Take your game night to the next level with Love Dominoes. Made for two romantic players, this game is played just like any standard game of dominoes except each tile image represents a loving action.

Love Dominos Game
Love dominoes game

How to Play Love Dominoes

When you play a tile, you must complete the action represented by the image you are matching.

  1. Print out the document then cut out each domino. Cardstock or another thick-weight paper works best so you can reuse the dominoes.
  2. Lay all the dominoes face-down in the center of the playing area.
  3. Each player chooses five dominoes.
  4. Flip one domino from the pile so it is face-up in the center of the playing area and move the rest of the pile off to the side.
  5. The first player lays down one domino tile so it touches the center tile with one matching end.
  6. The image on the tile you matched tells you what action to take towards your partner.
    • Heart with arms outstretched - Hug your partner
    • Lips - Kiss your partner
    • I heart you phrase - Tell your partner you love them
    • Thought bubble with heart - Give your partner a romantic compliment
    • Heart bullet point list - Tell your partner one reason why you love them
    • Face with heart eyes - Stare deeply into your partner's eyes for ten seconds
  7. Pick up a new tile from the pile.
  8. Players take turns laying down tiles until one person can't play.

The Us Game

Get to know more about what your partner thinks of you and your relationship with The Us Game. Thirty game cards are filled out with prompts and you have to add in your own answers.

The Us Game Cards
The Us Game cards

How to Play The Us Game

This fun and simple card trivia game gives you an opportunity to reflect on your relationship and learn more about your partner's feelings and preferences. Play just for fun or add a competitive element by tallying up how many you each got correct. Before you start playing the competitive version, agree on a romantic prize for the winner.

  1. Print two copies of the cards and cut them all out, keeping them separated as two identical decks.
  2. Each partner takes one deck of cards.
  3. On your deck of cards start writing in answer options for each prompt. Start by writing the correct response then fill in the rest of the blanks with trick or wrong answers.
  4. Use the blank cards from your deck to write your own prompts.
  5. Shuffle your deck and hand it to your partner, face-down.
  6. Take turns picking a card from the pile in front of you, which contains your partner's answers. Read the prompt and choose which answer you think your partner would say.
  7. If you guess the correct answer as verified by your partner, keep the card.

Four Free Printable Romantic Activity Cards

Flowers may be the traditional way to say "I love you," but there is something to be said for variety, trying something different, or shaking things up a bit when you and your lover may have slipped into a rut. The objective of these cards is not to bind you into a hard and fast set of rules, but to inspire or start you off on a journey of mutual exploration, passion, and most importantly, fun. To use these romantic activity cards:

  1. Click on the image of the game you want to play then download and print.
  2. Fold the entire piece of paper in half along the long edge then turn right-side up.
  3. Fold the page along the new longest edge so it opens like a greeting card with the activity name on the front.
  4. Read the directions printed on the card.
  5. Place the card somewhere for your lover to find it.
  6. Follow the directions with your partner when he or she is ready to play.


In ONPSVP, one partner makes suggestions and the other replies in French (the language of romance) to let the play continue. You can take turns asking to touch or kiss each other in specific ways or let one person make the suggestions for a specified time before switching roles. Each letter in the game's name stands for a French word that determines whether your partner can try out their suggestion.

  • O - Oui, yes
  • N - Non, no
  • P - Peut-etre, maybe
  • SVP - Si vous plait, more

Touch Me

This game blazes a trail of touch and desire between partners, using only two fingers in sensual paths on the skin. In Touch Me, one person will have their eyes closed or be blindfolded while their partner touches them slowly with two fingers for a few seconds. The blindfolded person can then name another place they'd like to be touched and their partner can be creative about how to move their fingers to that spot.

Touch Me Game
Touch Me game


Memories is a fun free-association game that can either be a fun path down memory lane or the start of new memories for any couple. One person picks a word from the list and the other says the first memory, thought, wish, or fantasy about their partner or relationship that comes to mind.

Memories Game
Memories game

The Me-Word of the Day

This game takes a whole week! One partner must come up with one word - only one - each day that epitomizes the other. In The Me-Word of the Day romantic couples activity, you can decide to keep it PG or get a little more racy and intimate with your words. Choose a new theme each week and play for the whole year.

The Me-Word of the Day Game
The Me-Word of the Day game

Play With Your Love

These games can be changed to suit your own relationship as needed. The key is that they provide focus and fun to your passion and hopefully lead to more love.

6 Free Printable Romantic Game Ideas