11 Getting-to-Know-You Activity Ideas

Couples engaging in getting to know you activity

When you first start dating someone, you want to learn as much as you can about the person . Participating in getting-to-know-you activities can help you do just that.

Ideas for Getting-to-Know-You Activities

The following are some other getting to know you activities that can tell you more about the person you just starting seeing.

  • Mini-golf (competition, patience, sense of humor, willingness to help and teach)
  • Scenic drive (easy going, relaxed, romantic)
  • Winter sports such as skiing or snowboarding (love for winter, enjoys the activity, competition)
  • Beach, park, or other summer activities (love for warmer weather, relaxed, enjoys spending one to one time)
  • Sports (competitive, fun, identify frustration/anger issues)
  • Board games with get to know you questions to ask your partner
  • Going to a bookstore (love for books, enjoys quiet time with you)
  • Getting together with friends (social, friendly, has a good time with you with others around)
  • Traveling (open to exploring new things with you, compatible in how planned or spontaneous the things you do on the trip are)
  • Going to a museum, concert, etc. (passion for the arts, able to discuss likes and dislikes and connect with you)
  • Shopping (how the person spends or saves money)

One Activity May Not Tell All

Beware of placing all of your decision making of whether or not your date is worth pursuing on one activity unless that thing you do together is very important to you. Remember that the person may be nervous during an activity so he or she may not perform as well you anticipated. In addition, the person may be having a bad day, and what you might think are personality characteristics may actually be a product of an underlying issue that is temporarily interfering with how he or she normally is. Try a few different activities over the course of a few days so you can really get to know the person before you make a judgment on the future of your relationship.

11 Getting-to-Know-You Activity Ideas