55 Genuine Compliments Any Guy Would Love to Hear

Make his day with the perfect compliment that's sure to make him smile.

Updated April 21, 2023
Shot of a mature man looking at his reflection in the mirror with his wife encouraging him to smile

Giving a compliment to a male friend or boyfriend can feel like a tricky business, but the truth is, guys like compliments as much as anyone else. Knowing how to compliment a guy without making it awkward for either of you is one of those skills that comes in handy a lot, whether you're hoping to flirt with him or just want to tell a friend he's awesome. Don't stress, though. With a few tips and some examples of the best compliments for a guy, you'll be ready to let him know what you think is amazing about him.

Personality-Based Compliments for a Good Guy

Who he is matters, and you can let him know how much you appreciate his personality with the right words. Make him feel special and seen with these examples:

  • I feel so comfortable with you.
  • I love how you treat people.
  • You're so good with animals.
  • I can't believe how comfortable you seem with people.
  • You're so easy to talk to. I feel like I can talk to you about anything.
  • No one makes me laugh like you do.
  • You simply never give up, do you? I'm in awe of your persistence.
  • You're such a fun person. I can't stop smiling when we're together.
  • I'm constantly amazed by how you handle adversity. You're a really emotionally strong person.
  • I feel really safe when I'm with you - both emotionally and physically.
  • You work so hard. It's inspiring.
  • All it takes is a day with you to make me feel special.
  • You make it really easy for me to be myself.
  • You have a great laugh.
  • I love how you show your feelings. It makes me feel honored when you share them with me.
Need to Know

These compliments aren't just for guys. They work just as well for women and non-binary folks!

Flirty Compliments for a Handsome Man

A good-looking guy is a great thing. If he turns your head, let him know with the perfect words:

Couple laughing and relaxing at a party
  • I just have to tell you that those jeans look amazing.
  • You smell pretty great. Want to sit next to me?
  • I love the way you walk.
  • You notice all the people checking you out, right?
  • I can't stop thinking about how great you looked last night.
  • Your smile makes my knees a little wobbly.
  • Can I take a picture of you? You just look so perfect right now, and I want to remember it.
  • You're kind of adorable, you know.
  • Whatever you're doing to work out, it's pretty effective.
  • How does your hair always look so good?

Words to Compliment a Guy on His Looks Without Flirting

If you want to tell a guy he's looking great but don't want to send that flirty vibe, it's a little more complicated. What you compliment and how you say it can make a huge difference in how he receives it. Try these examples:

  • Those are great glasses!
  • You're so strong - I can tell you take your workouts seriously.
  • That tie is amazing.
  • Who cuts your hair? I totally love it.
  • I need to get you to give my boyfriend some wardrobe tips.

Clever Compliments for Guys About Their Intelligence

Tell him you admire his intelligence and capabilities with clever compliments that show you notice:

  • You have such a fascinating take on the world. I love listening to you.
  • You can pretty much figure anything out, can't you?
  • You're such a good artist (or musician or writer). I love seeing what you create.
  • You're fascinating. I never get tired of talking with you.
  • How does it feel to be the smartest person in the room so often?
  • I love how much thought you put into things; it makes everything special.
  • If I have a problem to solve, you're always the first person I ask for advice.
  • Is it weird how much I love listening to you talk? You're so eloquent.
  • You sure seem to put a lot of thought into the discussions in class.
  • No one sees the world like you do, and I love it when you share your perspective with me.

Best Ways to Compliment a Guy Over Text

A compliment is easiest face-to-face, but don't let that stop you from complimenting him over text too. Knowing how to compliment a guy's looks over text or how to tell him you like anything else about him is mostly about keeping the medium in mind. Text is just different than talking.

Remember that text doesn't indicate tone; make sure your compliments can't be misconstrued as sarcastic or insulting. Also, don't lay it on too thick just because the screen makes you feel bolder than you would in person. These examples can help:

Man receiving a compliment over text
  • I already miss your handsome face.
  • Can't believe how awesome you were in class today.
  • I keep thinking about how great you looked in that shirt.
  • Just thinking about you and how amazing you are.
  • You looked great today. I'm just saying.
  • You're the kind of person it's hard to stop thinking about.
  • Love the way you look in that photo you just posted.
  • I keep thinking about the way you seemed so comfortable meeting everyone today. You're amazing.
  • Just had to tell you you're adorable.
  • I keep cracking up thinking about that thing you said today. You're hilarious.
Quick Tip

Wondering if your text compliment missed the mark? If his communication drops substantially after you compliment him, steer the conversation to another topic as he's likely uncomfortable.

One-Word Compliments He'll Love

Sometimes, you don't need to say very much to let him know how special he is. You can compliment a guy on his looks in one word or tell him in a single word how he makes you feel:

  • Captivating
  • Head-turning
  • Sexy
  • Smart
  • Gorgeous
  • Talented
  • Funny
  • Unstoppable
  • Amazing
  • Wonderful

Tips for Complimenting a Guy

When you compliment someone, it's important to keep a few things in mind:

  • Be genuine with your compliment. A half-hearted compliment might be misunderstood as sarcasm if you don't seem to truly mean it. Don't tell a guy he's the most handsome man in the universe unless you actually believe it.
  • Think about body language and tone. Your body language can have a big impact on whether he believes your compliment or not. Look him in the eyes, smile, and keep the tone of your voice pleasant and devoid of sarcasm.
  • Don't panic if there's a brief moment of silence while he considers the compliment. Some people - particularly shy, quiet types - might need a moment to process the compliment before they respond.
  • Don't make overtly sexual compliments if you aren't in an intimate relationship with him. This is especially true if he already has a partner.
  • If you know he's uncomfortable receiving compliments, phrase them as statements of your beliefs as opposed to facts. For example, "I think you're the smartest guy in class" is opinion, whereas "You're the smartest guy in class" is open to debate.

Make His Day With the Perfect Compliment

Most guys like receiving compliments, particularly when those compliments are genuine and from someone they're attracted to. Don't give a compliment in the hopes of getting one in return; instead, give a compliment because you mean it. He'll see that you really mean it, and you'll totally make his day.

55 Genuine Compliments Any Guy Would Love to Hear