12 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special

Updated October 23, 2018
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Giving flowers, gifts, spending quality time together, and going out on dates are some of the ways to help you know how to make your girlfriend feel special. Consider her preferences and personality then tailor your approach to her for the best results.

How to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special

Girls love when boyfriends are willing to go that extra mile. The good news is it's not that hard to know how to make your girlfriend feel special. If you really like her, making her feel special will come naturally and you'll want to do anything that puts a smile on her face. However, since girls and guys are so different, you might still need some pointers, especially if you really care. Here are some of the basics when it comes to making her feel good:

Sincere Compliments

Try to compliment her on more things than just her appearance. She'll love it when you compliment things like her sense of humor, kindness, and smarts. Too many girls have self-esteem issues and it can really give a boost just to hear some nice words. Let her know you think she is gorgeous inside and out and she'll melt in your arms.

Compile Romantic Quotes

Gather up the best cute love quotes you can find and create a little collage using word magnets on your fridge or strips of paper on her bulletin board. If your relationship is fairly new, try using new relationship quotes to capture the spirit of your feelings toward her. Couples in other specific types of relationships, like a same-sex relationship, can also find specialized quotes to use. Make her feel special with quotes that match your relationship type.

Notice the Details

There is no better way to make a girl feel special than to give her what she needs before she asks you. This means you have to really watch things like her body language and the smallest details, such as whether she might be twirling her hair and flirting with you because she wants a kiss, or if she has goosebumps and needs to borrow your jacket. If you can anticipate and fulfill her needs, she'll be amazed and think you are reading her mind, when you're simply just noticing the details.

Send a Snail Mail Poem

Send a Snail Mail Poem

If you want to make her feel special in a long-distance relationship, it can be especially difficult. Grab some local postcards or cute stationery and mail her a poem about long-distance love. You can also substitute song lyrics for the poem if that's more your style. It takes a fair bit of effort to put together a mailing and patience to wait for her to receive it, but that will show her the value you've placed on her.

Give Her Gifts

Being treated like you're special is not just about the big expensive gifts, but also the little ones. Some of the best gifts are the unplanned, spontaneous outings, picking wildflowers for her, and giving her one of your t-shirts to wear to bed at night. Sentimental gifts like jewelry from a trip you've taken together or things that will help her remember a great date night with you are also great gift ideas.

Just Listen

Even though you might not relate to everything she is saying, there is nothing like a kind nod and acknowledgment of her feelings to make your girlfriend feel special. If you don't want to spend an entire night listening to her pour out her feelings, there are subtle things you can do to still be a good listener. Try giving her your focused and absolute attention just for a few minutes and you'll be amazed at how much she appreciates it. Turn off your phone or keep it in the other room while you put all your attention on her. She'll likely also want to hear what you have to say in return.

Plan a Surprise Party

One sure way to make your girlfriend feel special on her birthday is throwing a surprise party. Look for a venue she loves and secretly invite all her best friends. Hosting this special night with her in the spotlight shows your thoughtful side and makes her feel great. If she's particularly shy or hates surprises, plan a surprise date night at home for the two of you with her favorite foods, music, and activities.

Be Affectionate

Girls love to be seen with their special guy holding their hand or with his arm over their shoulder. It basically says to everyone else that she is taken and special. On this note, you might want to have a quick conversation with your girlfriend about public affection and how much she likes. Some girls might love passionate kisses in public while others might feel even more special knowing your kisses together are only in private.

Keep Photos of You Together

If your girlfriend notices things like a picture of the two of you on the desktop of your computer screen or a framed picture in your bedroom or office, she will certainly feel more special. In this way, she knows she is on your mind even when you're not together. It's important not to go overboard with photos, but just to add a touch of you two together here and there.

Send a Sweet or Funny Text

Show your woman how special she is over text with a few choice words. When you can't be with your girlfriend, a sweet text message lets her know you care and are thinking of her. If you know your girl is feeling down, you could try to lighten her mood with a funny text. Whether it's a clever message or a simple "I love you" text, she'll appreciate the effort you made even on the busiest of days.

Be Different

What's the biggest secret to making your girlfriend feel special? Show her you're different from all the other guys. If she thinks you're special too, every gesture and gift will be treasured even more.

Combat Anger and Sadness With Humorous Art

If you want to make your girlfriend feel better when she is angry, try sharing a funny image. Check online for websites where you can upload a picture of you, her, or the person she currently hates and turn them into something silly. Jib Jab has some great, customizable ecards in their "love" category you could personalize with photos of the two of you an email to her. You could also draw a funny image like a portrait of her with her mouth turned upside-down to go with the phrase "turn that frown upside-down."

Show Her Worth

Your girlfriend is special that's why you chose to be in a relationship with her. Whether you simply want to show you care or are trying to enhance her mood, well-planned words and gifts can let a woman know she's loved.

12 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special