3 Great Ways to Tell if a Date Went Well

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Are you wondering how to tell if a date went well and if you'll go out together again?

Post Date Jitters

After a first date, it's normal to feel uncertain. You might have a whirlwind of emotions, including anticipation, anxiety, desire, and excitement to see each other again. Dating is like a rollercoaster and sometimes it's hard to predict what will happen next. You might go out on the best date of your life only to break things off a few weeks later, or you might go out on an awkward first date only to find yourself falling in love later on. That's the beauty of dating--you never really know what will happen, but you have to trust that one way or another, you will find love.

How to Tell if a Date Went Well

While there isn't a way to know for sure how to tell if a date went well, there are some clues that signal a great date. Here are some ways to know:

You Get a Text Message or Call

When a guy likes you he will shower you with attention. In the beginning guys can start slowly, but if a date was good, you will definitely get asked out again. You might get a text message confirming that he had a good time. Be sure to text him back and thank him if this happens. He might also ask you out right after the date, making sure he's in your calendar.

You Had Good Conversation

Even though guys are initially attracted to your appearance, a good guy will want to get to know you better and will take the opportunity on the date. If your conversation together was stimulating and you found yourself laughing, flirting, and having fun, the date probably went great on both ends.

You're on Cloud Nine

If a date went well, you'll feel great. You will smile whenever you think of him and you will be eager to see each other again. When two people are in sync together, they'll both experience these positive feelings. On the other hand, if you feel ho-hum or you're not too excited, the date probably wasn't that great.

Tips for a Great Date

Here are some tips to help you find better dates and get asked out more:

  • Have zero expectations: Decide you're just going to show up, be yourself, and have fun. Try not to expect anything and be open to surprises.
  • Smile more: Smiling makes you more approachable to the opposite sex and shows you are happy with your life.
  • Don't go to the movies: For first dates, movies are a way to spend time together, but it's better to do something more active. You want to interact together and get to know each other better.

Moving Forward

Keep in mind that you can only control yourself and your reactions to your date. Don't take it personally if a date doesn't work out or if someone doesn't want to see you again. Also, don't string a date along if you are not truly interested. There are plenty of fish in the sea, so keep looking until you find your catch.

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3 Great Ways to Tell if a Date Went Well