16 Last-Minute Date Ideas That Feel Like You Planned All Week

Being spontaneous will pay off with these last-minute date ideas.

Published March 29, 2023
young couple on winter date

After coming home from a long day of work, the last thing you want to hear is your partner asking what you're doing for date night, because, of course, it was your turn to choose. Instead of panicking or picking the same boring 'wine and a movie' option, try out some of these memorable last-minute date ideas.

Last-Minute Date Ideas to Get Out of the House

For those days off or weeknights after work when the last thing you want to do is stare at the same four walls, a fun date can offer a wonderful reprieve. But, if you haven't planned anything ahead of time, you might be scrambling to figure out something worthwhile.

No matter your city or town, there are a plethora of exciting dates to curate. Put the phone down, grab your car keys, and get out of the house with these fun last-minute date ideas.

Head to a Karaoke Bar

Karaoke bars are so much fun to blow off some steam at. You can rent a private room or sing along with the crowd. Wind down with some drinks and queue up the greatest duets of all time. Just make sure you grab someone to take a video of your stellar performances so that you never forget how you both made fools of yourselves.

Visit an Art Gallery

If you want a date that's more subdued and visually enriching, see if there are any art galleries in your area. Galleries aren't only open during massive showings; often they'll be open throughout the week for people to tour the artwork on sale. Who knows? Maybe you and your partner will find the perfect piece to bring home and commemorate your date with.

Go Indoor Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a serious sport, but it can also be a fun activity for couples to spend an afternoon together. Race each other to the top or cheer the other on from the bottom of the wall. What better way to get a little physical activity than by challenging each other to progressively harder climbing tracks?

Head to Laser Tag

Laser tag might be marketed as the perfect kid's party activity, but adults forget just how fun racing around a dimly lit playground with a laser gun can be. Try this quick date idea on a weeknight or weekend. It costs less than an expensive dinner, and it'll make you laugh ten times harder.

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Have a Picnic in a Graveyard

For alternative couples or the mystically curious, you and your partner could pack up the afternoon or evening's spread and plan a picnic in a local graveyard. Historic graveyards can create a fascinating ambiance, but make sure you check the weather first. Explore the old headstones and see what's the weirdest epitaph you can find.

Hunt for Crystals in the Wild

If you're a die-hard crystal collector, why waste $50-$100 on a single rock that you can hunt down yourself? If you live near creeks or rocky areas, you can go hunting for different crystals in the wild. Get a cheap rock tumbler online and polish up your stones to see just what treasures you and your partner can find. Once you've got them, you could even commission an artist to make jewelry out of your stones.

Take a Nature Walk and Document What You Find

Nature walks are so restorative and calming. Instead of taking on a strenuous hike, try out a smooth nature walk instead. Look for easy trails in your area, or explore the open expanses in your local parks. To make things even more interesting, document what you see and hear using a field journal. So long as you're dressed for the weather, this can be a year-round spontaneous date night option.

Race Each Other in Go Karts

Karting brings out the competitiveness in everyone, and you can spice up your dates by challenging your partner to a few rounds at the track. If you're feeling saucy, put them in the wall a few times and see just what becomes of their passionate fury. Or work together to take down the other karts on the track.

Make Memories With These Last-Minute Date Ideas

Some of the greatest adventures were the ones you didn't plan on taking. Make memories that'll last a lifetime with these last-minute date ideas.

Get Your Photos Taken at a Department Store

If you were born before 2000, you remember getting family portraits taken at the local department store. Today, millennials are bringing this beloved tradition back, and you can too. Call a department store like JCPenney and see if they have any openings for the day. Really embrace the 90s aesthetic by wearing matching outfits and getting full-sized canvas prints made.

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Get Matching Flash Tattoos

If you're feeling daring today, you can go to your local tattoo parlor and see if they have time for walk-in clients. If you've got a small piece in mind, you should be able to get it done the same day, or you can pick matching designs from the studio's flash sheets.

Quick Tip

We know love conquers all, but it doesn't always last forever. To be safe, don't get matching tattoos of each other's names.

Get Matching Permanent Jewelry

Permanent jewelry is a newer trend that's popped up on social media. Certain jewelers and jewelry stores have precious metal chains that they'll cut and solder closed. From rings and bracelets, to anklets and necklaces, you and your partner can pick out beautiful matching jewelry that'll last as long as your love will.

Ice Skate Like You're in Your Own Rom-Com

Hallmark and Lifetime haven't made a number of ice skating rom-coms for it not to make your potential date idea list. Be each other's lifeline on the slippery ice, and warm your hands with cups of hot cocoa. Bonus points if you've got an outdoor rink in your area and you can watch all of the other happy couples enjoying their time together.

Cute Impromptu Date Ideas to Try at Home

You don't have to plan for weeks or go out to have a fun-filled time with your partner or date. Try one of these ideas you can do at home:

Dye Each Other's Hair

There's nothing more fun than experimenting with a new look, except for getting your partner in on the action. Make an entire date night of it by going to a beauty store and buying permanent or semi-permanent dye to color each other's hair. Go whacky with stripes or dots or more subdued with a slight root shadow.

Challenge Each Other to Beer Pong

Bring it back to those younger years by propping up a card table and setting your tried-and-true red solo cups out. Pick out some mystery drinks for each other and whip out the ping-pong balls. The number of rounds you can go'll depend on just how close you are to the weekend.

Have a Nerf Gun Fight

Dates don't have to be serious, and letting go of that adult persona can be good for the spirit. Embrace your inner child by breaking out your kids or nieces and nephews' Nerf guns. Divide different parts of the house into safe zones and see who can evade getting hit the most.

Make a Creative Cocktail or Dessert

Challenge each other to come up with the best dessert or most delicious, creative cocktail only using what you have on hand. You can give it a twist by having each person choose a mystery ingredient the other has to incorporate. To make it feel less spontaneous, write or print out the instructions for the challenge and throw some restaurant-worthy music on your playlist.

Last-Minute Dates Can Be Incredible

Don't fall prey to a date night cycle where you're never trying anything new or exciting. Instead, jump on these last-minute date ideas to bring some adventure into your everyday relationship. After all, being spontaneous can pay off in big ways.

16 Last-Minute Date Ideas That Feel Like You Planned All Week