7 Shady Reasons Men Lie About Cheating

Why do Men Lie About Cheating

Cheating happens in a relationship. It's a fact of life. Find out the reasons why men might cheat, the types of cheating and why they might choose to lie about it. These can include shame, fear and even regret.

Where Does Cheating Begin?

Before uncovering the reasons behind the question, why do men lie about cheating, we need to understand where it starts. They either look for temptation or fall into it. In either case, they fall into the thrill, deception, and guilt of infidelity. However, where does it all begin; where do men find the people they cheat on with their significant others? Here are some places where most men find their affairs.

  • Work

This is one of the most common places where affairs begin. People spend most of their weeks at work, which leads to accessibility and availability.

  • Gym

Many women seek out men in the gym because they are attracted to men who work out. This means that your guy is being stared at and tempted.

  • Party

Alcohol or drug use lowers inhibitions and affects their ability to make the right decision. Men who go out partying and become intoxicated are much more likely to cheat under the influence.

  • Internet

The Internet has made it possible for many men to have an affair. There is a whole world of people to meet online. If the woman lives in the surrounding area, the man might meet the woman in a hotel or if she doesn't live close by they continue their affair online.

Types of Cheating

There is a great deal of debate about the different types of cheating. The debate arises when people question whether infidelity has occurred with people who are just having an emotional or spiritual connection with someone.


Most people agree that infidelity occurs when you have sexual intercourse with someone else besides your mate. Cheating has also occurred when someone kisses or engages in other physical interaction with someone other than his or her significant other.


Some people do not consider emotional cheating as wrong. When someone enjoys discussing issues, thoughts, and feelings with someone, they view it as being friends. However, sometimes this crosses the line and your partner is turning to this person for much more than just a friend to talk to. Your partner becomes emotionally attached to the person. This an affair, especially if the cheater is taking time away from his or her significant other just to spend more time with the new person.

Understanding Why Men Lie About Cheating

  • Best of both worlds

They have the ability to have a stable home life with their wife or girlfriend. They also get to have the thrill and the risk of seeing someone else. These men lie because they feel empowered when they get away with it.

  • Shame

Even though they don't tell the truth they still feel ashamed of their actions. They are not proud of themselves for doing it but they can't resist temptation.

  • Positive role model

If children are involved, he may not want to uncover his deceitfulness because he fears that his children will find out. These men care what their children think and do not want to set a bad example.

  • Fear of rejection

These men lie because they don't want to be considered an outcast or they do not want neighbors and friends to think badly of them.

  • Denial

As mentioned above, some men who are only having an emotional or spiritual connection with someone do not believe they are cheating.

  • Regret

Some will not tell the truth because they regret what they have done and plan not to do it again.

  • Risk of losing job

Some will not fess up to their infidelity because of the fear they will lose their job.

What to do About the Deception

  • Confront

If you have proof, bring it to the attention of your significant other. Do not give your guy a chance to find excuses for his actions.

  • Discuss the situation

Try to discuss the reasons behind the affair.

  • Seek counseling

See if there is any chance for a saved relationship. Many couples do recover when an affair happens. However, it takes a lot of work.

  • Decide what to do about the relationship

If you do not feel that you can let go of the affair, it may be time to end the relationship.

7 Shady Reasons Men Lie About Cheating