115 Strong and Lovely Italian Baby Names

italian baby names

For those with Italian ancestry or who simply enjoy the romance of the language, choosing an Italian baby name for your newborn is definitely something to consider. Take a moment to look over the meanings behind some of the names you're thinking of giving your little one to ensure that you choose the perfect one.

Italian Male Baby Names

Italian names for baby boys often come with different variations on themes like protection, freedom, hardworking, ruler, and strength.

Alessandro - Protector

Angelo - Messenger

Antonio - Praiseworthy

Armando - From the army

Bruno - A brown-haired man

Carlo - A completely free man

Carmine - Vineyard - masculine version

Ciro - The founder of the Persian Empire - from the name Cyrus

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Cristiano - Christian man

Dante - Enduring, steadfast

Dominico - Belongs to the Lord

Donato - Gift - masculine version

Emilio - Industrious

Enrico - The ruler of the estate

Este/s - From the east

Fabiano - Bean farmer

Federico - Peaceful ruler

Filippo - Horse lover

Franco - Free man

Georgio - Farmer

Geremia - Appointed by God

Gianni - Italian form of John

Giambattista - John the Baptist

Guiseppe - Adding God

Guideo - Life

Ilario - Cheerful and happy

Lazzaro - God is my helper

Leonardo - As brave as a lion

Lorenzo - From the Laurel tree or crowned with laurels

Luciano - Light - masculine version

Luigi- A famous warrior

Marcello - Warlike

Mario - Sailor

Massimo - The greatest

Montay - Mountain

Nero - Dark or black

Nico - The victory of the people

Nicoli - Victorious

Nuncio - A messenger

Otello - Italian forms of Otto; rich and prosperous

Paolo - Italian form of Paul; small

Pietro - Stone or rock

Primo -Firstborn boy child

Raul - The counsel of the wolf or a fearless adviser

Renato - Reborn

Rodrigo - A renowned ruler

Romeo - Pilgrim to Rome

Sansone - Of the sun

Santo - Saint

Saverio - New home

Sergio - Attendant

Stephano - A crown or garland

Tito - Of the giants

Tomasso - Twin

Ugo - Italian form of Hugh meaning heart and mind

Umberto - Color of the earth; name of famous novelist Umberto Eco

Valentino - Strong and healthy

Vincenzo - The Conqueror

Zanebono - The good one

Italian Female Baby

Italian names for baby girls often revolve around themes like beauty, love, grace, and gifts.

Adriana - Dark.

Aldabella - Most beautiful

Allegra- To be joyous

Alisa - The wise counselor, or the truthful one

Alma - Soul and spirit

Amadora - The gift of love

Angelina - God's messenger

Annata - Grace

Aria - Air, melody

Ariana - The holiest one

Belinda - Beautiful

Bella - Beautiful, shortened version

Bellissa - Lovely, fair

Benedetta - Blesses

Bianca - Fair-haired, or of a fair complexion

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Cameo - An engraved gemstone

Carlina- A free person

Carmelina - Vineyard - feminine version

Caterina - Entirely pure

Cella - Free one

Cipriana - From Cyprus

Daria - Owner of goodness

Delanna - Soft as wool

Donata - Gift - feminine version

Donna - Respectful woman

Elda - A battle maiden

Emilia - Competitor

Felice - Fortunate or happy

Fiorenza - Flower

Gemma- Jewel

Giorgetta - A girl from the farm

Giovanna- Gracious gift from God

Isabella - A form of Elizabeth

Lucia - Light - feminine version

Madonna - My lady

Mia - Belonging to me

Mimi- My, my! Also a pet name

Nora - Honor

Olivia - Olive

Oriana - Golden

Phebe - Radiant and bright

Pia - Pious

Renata - Reborn

Rosalia- Melody

Rufina - Woman with red hair

Serafina - Angel

Serena - Calm

Siena - A city in Tuscany

Susanna - A lily flower

Teresa - Harvester

Tessa - Countess

Vanni - Grace

Venetia - From the city of Venice

Vita - Full of life

Viviana - Lovely

Zita - The name of a 13th-century Tuscan saint

Zola - Ball of earth

Strong and Beautiful Italian Names

Italian baby names suggest strength and beauty They'll flow with a variety of last names and they're a wonderful way to pay tribute to Italian heritage. You don't have to be Italian to use one of these names, of course. You really only need to make sure you're comfortable with the meaning of the name and like what it represents and how it sounds with your last name.

115 Strong and Lovely Italian Baby Names