16 Best Basket Bags for a Chic, Laid-Back Look

Published January 25, 2021
woman with basket bag

Basket bag designs can be chic, stylish, or have that oh so cool laid back look. When you shop for a basket bag, consider how and where you will use it before making that final purchase decision.

Best Basket Bags for Fashion Statements

Some styles you may want to consider are handwoven creations that bend straw to the weaver's will. Other basket bags may resemble a different straw container designed for something other than a handbag, but nicely serves as one with great finesse!

Baskets Purses in a Lunch Pail Shape

A basket bag in a lunch pail shape may not sound like the design you had in mind for your basket bag. However, if you take a moment to look at the design, it might just win your heart.

1. Cesta Baskets Navy Lunch Pail

The Cesta Baskets Navy Lunchpail handbags are handwoven by women artisans in Rwanda, Africa, using organic sisal. The handbags are then hand finished in the United States. The top handle is made of Italian Nappa leather, as are the leather strands used for the drawstring closure of the organic cotton canvas lining.

  • Color: Navy
  • Size: 6"Wx6.5"Hx6"D
  • Price: $495
Cesta Basket Navy Lunch Pail
Cesta US Navy Lunch Pail Straw Handbag

Basket Handbags Made of Bamboo

You may find a few basket handbags made of bamboo. This material is sustainable, like the various grasses. Bamboo has many advantageous properties in the eco-manufacturing process.

2. Miuco Handmade Bamboo Large Tote

The Miuco Handmade Bamboo Large Tote is made from 100% bamboo. The purse built-in handles, making it easy to carry. The simplicity of the design is intriguing. You will have a teasing glimpse of the contents, but the closeness of the bamboo slats prevents identifying the items in your purse.

  • Size: 12.5"Lx10.5"Hx4"D
  • Price: Around $38
Miuco Handmade Bamboo Large Tote
Miuco Handmade Bamboo Large Tote

Straw Baskets Purses

Straw baskets purses has a distinctive look. When you find one that incorporates a decorative front and back, you may feel as though you've struck gold!

7. Enmain Round Handwoven Rattan Straw Bag

The Enmain Round Handwoven Rattan Straw Shoulder Bag features a decorative front and back design of rattan straw. The open face designs are backed with the brown fabric that lines the interior of the purse. A leather and metal magnetic snap closure keeps your belongings safe. A leather strap allows you to wear the bag as a crossbody purse.

  • Strap length: 48"
  • Size: 7.87"Lx3.15"W
  • Designs: Five styles
  • Price: Around $28 to $32
Enmain Round Handwoven Rattan Straw Bag
Enmain Round Handwoven Rattan Straw Bag

Basket Bag Woven With Style

There are many basket bags woven with great fashion style. You have many choices when it comes to various straw basket designs to ensure you find just the right one for your summer fun!

16 Best Basket Bags for a Chic, Laid-Back Look