Simple Ways to Identify a Fake Goyard Bag

Published June 2, 2020
woman wearing Goyard bag

There are a few simple ways you can identify whether a Goyard bag is real or fake. If you discover two or more of these telltale signs, it's a good possibility you are looking at a fake Goyard Bag.

Texture and Pattern Identify Real vs Fake Goyard Bags

One of the first things that gives away a fake Goyard bag is the texture. Authentic Goyard bags have a slightly rough, bumpy texture. Fake Goyard bags are often smooth or even sleek in texture. You can often tell that instead of a hand-screened design, it is a printed design.

Goyardine Canvas of Authentic Goyard Bags

Goyardine canvas appearance has a very leather-like appearance. The bag is made of special patented woven canvas that creates a Chevron pattern unique to Goyard.

Unique Hand-Stenciled Pattern

This pattern is hand-stenciled and superimposed over the canvas and coated with a special resin compound. The Goyard pattern is so unique, it's impossible to replicate. Counterfeiters use printed graphics to imitate this pattern.

Goyard Bag Handles

The Goyard bag handles are never coated or covered in plastic. The handles are leather and firm. Like other quality handbags, the leather handles don't flop over, but stand erect above the bag.

Goyard bag

Look for the Serial Number

A real Goyard bag will have a serial number embossed where the leather strap connects the detachable pouch (pouchette) to the purse. Older bags often featured the number inside the pouch. The serial number consists of three letters followed by six numbers.

Serial Number Font Size

One simple way you can identify a fake Goyard bag is the serial number font. If the font size is unusually large and not subtle, chances are it is a fake. Authentic Goyard bag serial numbers are the sans serif font in a small size.

How to Spot a Fake Goyard Bag by the Stitching

A fake Goyard bag will feature uneven and crooked stitching. An authentic Goyard bag is made with quality materials and outstanding craftsmanship. The sewing is impeccable with even stitches. Make sure you examine the construction of the purse to ensure you're purchasing a real Goyard bag and not a fake one.

red Goyard monogram large bag

Goyard Bag Lining Basics

There are a few things to look for in an authentic Goyard bag that can help you to identify a fake bag. The first is the type of fabric used for the lining. A high-quality cotton twill is used. Many bags feature a striking mustard yellow color. This lining color is considered a Goyard signature color for bag linings.

Authentic Goyard Dust Bags

Another way you can identify an authentic Goyard bag vs a fake one is to inspect the dust bags. Most new bags come in a dust bag that is the same color as the mustard yellow used for bag linings. You should be aware that older Goyard bags came with a brown dust cover that was the same chocolate brown as the bag box.

Zipper Pull and Hardware

The zipper pull will feature a capital G only. You may find this signature font G on other pieces of bag hardware, depending on the bag style and design.

Goyard Name Logo

The Goyard name logo is written in all capital letters. The name is followed by the word PARIS in a smaller font size. The third line states, "Made in France."

Quick Ways That You Can Authenticate a Goyard Bag

By using a few simple ways to identify a fake Goyard bag you can keep from purchasing a counterfeit bag. You can always take your purse to a Goyard boutique to verify its authenticity.

Simple Ways to Identify a Fake Goyard Bag