7 Signs of a Fake Celine Bag to Know

Published March 2, 2021
Celine Bag

A fake Celine bag has some very glaring telltale signs that it isn't authentic. Once you know what to look for in a fake Celine bag, you'll never be duped again. You'll want to look for a combination of things to determine if a Celine bag is fake. The main features you want to look for in a fake Celine bag are the flaws in the details. This is where a counterfeit Celine bag reveals it cannot match the quality of an authentic Celine bag.

1. Stitching Is Uneven and Irregular in a Fake Celine Bag

One of the easiest telltale signs of a fake Celine bag is the stitching. A fake Celine bag will often have small stitching when compared to an authentic Celine bag. An authentic Celine bag will have the same size stitching throughout the bag. The stitching on an authentic Celine bag will be perfect without any flaws, such as loose stitching or rogue threads that require clipping.

Employee sews a Celine handbag

In addition to smaller stitching than an authentic Celine bag, the stitching on the fake bag will be irregular and inconsistent. You may find larger sized stitching on the more prominent areas and smaller stitching on smaller areas, such as the handles and where the handles are attached to the bag. When you compare the stitching, you'll clearly see the irregular stitching sizes on a fake bag.

2. Metal Zippers Aren't Precious Metal

A fake Celine bag will have cheaper metal zippers. You may notice discoloration or even flaking on the fake bag. Authentic Celine bags always have precious metal zippers. The zippers are substantial and are consistent in quality, inside and out on authentic bags.

Engraved Number on Zipper Nose

The nose of the zipper typically has a number engraved on it. A fake Celine bag may have the number, but you may have a different number on each zipper nose. An authentic Celine bag will have the same number on every zipper.

3. Zipper Lengths Differ

You can often tell a fake Celine bag by the length of the zipper. Fake Celine bags with a zip top quite often have longer zippers. Often the fake bag zipper trails over the end of the bag several inches instead of stopping just past the edge of the bag opening.

Celine handbag

4. Hardware Isn't Seamless

The hardware on an authentic Celine bag should be seamless. For example, the strap clip should be one continuous piece of metal. A high-end designer purse has seamless hardware. Another thing to look for is loose hardware, since an authentic Celine bag should never have loose hardware. You should also check to make sure the hardware is solid and heavy feeling.

5. Leather Tabs Are Wider

In comparing a fake Celine bag to an authentic one, you'll quickly see that the fake bag leather tabs are considerably wider than the authentic Celine bag. The leather tabs on an authentic Celine bag cover a larger portion of the handles than the fake bag.

6. Logo Uses Wrong Font

The Celine logo may be the first thing you notice that sets off the alarms that the bag is a fake Celine. Most counterfeit bags don't use the correct font. The biggest telltale sign is the "N" in the name Celine. The "N" in the authentic Celine logo has sharp ends along the diagonal line. Many fake bags use a font with the ends squared.

Celine tan leather bag

Foil Embossed Logo vs. Printed Logo

The foil Celine logo on the outside of the purse is heatset and usually slightly embossed into the leather (some authentic Celine bag logos aren't embossed). A fake Celine bag logo will never be embossed. For example, a Celine Nano purse features an embossed foil logo, but a fake Celine Nano bag doesn't. The foil logo on a fake Celine bag often chips and peels.

7. Counterfeit Bag Size Is Larger

The bag height is very easy to compare to an authentic Celine bag. Most fake Celine bags are not the same size as an authentic Celine bag. The counterfeit bag will be just slightly higher than the Celine bag. In some instances, the fake bag may be as much as two inches higher.

Fake vs. Authentic Celine Bag

You can easily identify a fake Celine bag when you know what to look for. When compared to an authentic Celine bag, the flaws of the fake bag become glaringly obvious.

7 Signs of a Fake Celine Bag to Know