9 Indian Handbag Brands to Put on Your Style Radar

Published March 29, 2021
Indian Handbag Brand Caprese

Most Indian handbags are modestly priced when compared to other handbag brands. Designer handbags surpass the price point of handbag brands in India, but not necessarily the quality or styles.

Indian Handbags Offer Fresh Style

Some of the Indian handbags offer a fresh approach to handbag designs. This is seen in the innovative patterns, designs, and colors Indian handbag designers are creating.

1. Esbeda

Esbeda is a world-class, luxe brand of Intouch Leather House India Pvt Ltd. This premium fashion brand offers PU (polyurethane) handbags for modest prices. Each season, Esbeda releases a new signature line. Esbeda owns their manufacturing plants, keeping the production of its handbags in-house. You can find crossbody, mini, top handle, jute tote, clutch, and satchel styles in a variety of patterns. The average prices are around $25-$40.

2. Da Milano, One of the Top Handbag Brands in India

Da Milano has been in business for over 60 years. It is touted as one of the top handbag brands in India. The company is expanding its retail stores with plans to join the global market. You can shop for satchel, tote, sling, and hobo bags. The company monogram signature fabric is a popular choice. Prices range from around $100 to $220.

3. Baggit

Baggit was launched in 1990 by designer Nina Lekhi. It quickly became one of the most popular Indian handbag brands. Known for its dedication to quality, Baggit maintains high standards and offers tote, hobo, sling, and clutch bags at affordable modest prices for around $7 to $40.

Baggit Handbags

4. Hidesign

Hidesign is a story of a man who turned his hobby into a successful handbag business. In 1978, Dilip Kapur began his journey in creating a handbag brand with designs focused on simple lines and embracing the use of sustainable materials. Hidesign competes in the global market with sales in over 25 countries. The leather used in the bags is vegetable tanned. The popular Wild West collection features embossed leather. Some of the bag designs include crossbody, satchel, tote, laptop bag, and backpacks. The prices are around $65 to $123.

Hidesign Store

5. House of Tara

House of Tara was launched in 2012 and quickly became a leading handbag brand. The brand's casual designs are popular among young adults and teenagers. You can shop for tote, crossbody, and messenger bags. The colorful canvas fabrics are decorated with embellishments, such as tassels and pompoms giving the bag designs a boho feel. The totes feature a one-side printing and have a utilitarian appeal. These fun handbags give an energetic and fun addition to your everyday wardrobe. The price range is around $20 to $40.

6. Caprese

Caprese Bags is the handbag brand of the largest luggage manufacturer, VIP Industries. Caprese is one of the major women's handbags manufacturers with several styles such as crossbody, satchel, sling, tote, hobo, clutch, wristlet, and backpack bags. The Caprese Alia collection is very popular. The designs often feature whimsical patterns. The prices range from around $20 to $55.

new Caprese bag collections

7. Lavie, One of the Leading Handbag Brands in India

In 2010, Lavie launched its first handbag collection followed by a more substantial variety of products to meet the public demand for tote, hobo, and satchel bags as well as box bags, mini bags, and backpacks. You can find Lavie handbags at Bagzone stores and online stores like Amazon. The bags are made of PU leather (polyurethane). The average prices range around $15 to $70.

8. Lino Perros

In 1999, Lino Perros, a subsidiary of Sumitsu Apparel, was launched. The high-quality handbags quickly became a favorite with the affordable pricing. The purses are made of either leather, polished leather embossed with a croc pattern, or a faux leather. You can find various styles of clutches, sling bags, pouches, and mini purses. The price range is around $40 to $55.

9. Peperone

Peperone is a brand of the Unico Retail. The Italian word Peperone refers to the Italian chili pepper. The brand tagline states that the Peperone brand handbag taps into the hidden spicy part of your personality. Launched in 2010, Peperone's first Collection quickly garnered a customer base that keeps growing with the company. Some of the bags offered include satchels, top handle bags, totes, sling bags, and crossbody designs. The bags are made of fabrics and faux leather. The prices range from around $14 to $45.

Indian Handbags for Fashion Statements

If you're looking for a new fashion design for your handbags, you might want to consider the Indian handbags. Many of the Indian designers or companies have branched out into the US and European marketplace, making it easier to purchase their handbags.

9 Indian Handbag Brands to Put on Your Style Radar