April Birthstones: Diamond, White Topaz & Dazzling Alternatives

Updated April 9, 2021

Lucky, lucky April babies. Their traditional birthstone is the ever-coveted diamond. Diamonds surely make for a very special and thoughtful gift as well as an expensive one. Thankfully, there are alternatives to high-cost diamonds. The white topaz is another stunning April birthstone. While the diamond and the white topaz look quite similar to the naked eye, these stones are vastly different.

April Birthstones: Why Two?

People born in April get to claim the diamond as their birthstone. With diamonds being so incredibly high priced, April babies have several more stone options to choose from, many of which mimic the clear clarity of the stunning diamond. White topaz is another, less pricy, April birthstone option. To the naked eye, it shares many similarities with the diamond, making it a solid second choice for those wanting to sport an April stone without breaking the bank.

April's Birthstone: The Diamond

Oh the diamond, a girl's best friend, a stone made for forever, the ultimate symbol of one's unwavering love and devotion. The diamond means so many things to so many people. There is little doubt that in the world of precious stones, the diamond sits on a pedestal all its own.

Diamond on piece of granite

The Formation of Diamond

Diamonds are the hardest natural substance on Earth. They were formed billions of years ago, hundreds of feet below the earth's surface, thanks to heavy doses or pressures and unbelievably high temperatures, ranging anywhere from 2000º to 3000º F. Over time, the stones are pushed towards the surface via volcanic activity and then mined.

Diamond Colors

In their purest form, diamonds are colorless. While many people associate clear stone and sparkle with the diamond, they do come in other varying colors. Yellow and brown diamonds are the most common color, while red and blue variations are among the rarest diamond hues.

Healing Properties of Diamonds

Diamonds are thought to do much more than make a person look rich and pretty. The diamond signifies purity and aims to bring light into the lives of those who wear it. In ancient times, diamonds were thought to protect people from stomach ailments, poisoning, and memory loss. Diamonds were also thought to:

  • Assist with births
  • Aids in motherhood (green diamonds)
  • Protection against thieves, wildlife, snakes, and fire
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Reduces nightmares
  • Alleviates depression
  • Purifyies organs used in waste removal

Diamonds: More Than a Pretty Face

When people think of diamonds, they think of jewelry, and they would be right to do so. The April birthstone is used in just about every conceivable jewelry piece known. Aside from jewelry, diamonds are used in numerous other industries including the automotive industry, the highway and roadway industry, and the medical and surgical industries.

White Topaz: A Secondary Stone

With the diamond being one of the most expensive stones in the world, the white topaz offers a less pricey option to people wanting a similar color in their birthstone. The white topaz might share the diamond's transparency, but it doesn't come close to the quality, shine, and brilliance. Those wanting to rock the white topaz would do well to sport a stone smaller in size, as the larger the white topaz is, the more obvious the differences between it and the diamond become.

White Topaz

A Pretender to the Diamond

In the 1700s, a 1680 carat gemstone was mined in Brazil. The massive stone was named the 'Braganza Diamond' and found a home in the Portuguese crown. It was thought to be the largest diamond in the entire world. It turned out that this stunning stone was no diamond at all. In fact, the stone turned out to be a large white topaz.

Healing Properties of White Topaz

White topaz stones have long been thought to retain healing powers for those who surround themselves with the stone. White topaz is believed to move those wearing it forward in their thinking, enhancing memory function and clarity. Similar to blue topaz, white topaz has also been linked to healing long-term depressions in some, with the perceived ability to heal from the inside out.

The natural white topaz rough stone is used to remedy stress, anxiety, and restlessness. Genuine white topaz has been linked to relieving migraines, headaches, and issues with nasal cavities, skin, and nails.

Mining of White Topaz

Mining of white topaz primarily takes place in Brazil. Other countries contributing to the mining of white topaz include Russia, the United States, Madagascar, Pakistan, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, and Mexico.

April Babies: Lucky When It Comes to Stones

April babies have more stone options to choose from than others. Of course, the diamond is the traditional gem, with the white topaz often considered as the alternative. These are not the only stones that signify the month of April, however. Quartz is also an April stone recognized throughout the world. Sometimes called rock crystal, clear quartz has been designated as an April birthstone in the UK. The opal has a place in April's stone running thanks to the Tibetan calendar, also known as the Mystical birthstone calendar.

With so many stone options all ranging in price, there is no excuse for someone born in April not to sport a bit of bling and glitter.

April Birthstones: Diamond, White Topaz & Dazzling Alternatives