Best Eye Shadow Colors for Blue Eyes

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Certain colors can take your blue eyes from merely "pretty" to "irresistible." You can find the best shadow colors for your eye color at all price points, from drugstore brands to department store brands, though some shades that look best with baby blues may sound like something you'd never wear at first. Swipe them on, though, and watch how they almost magically enhance the depth or brightness of your eye color.

Eye Shadow Options for Blue Eyes

Ladies with blue eyes are able to wear a wide array of eye shadow colors to enhance their eyes. Some colors, however, can really bring out or play up blue eyes better than others. Some shades listed below may give your eyes extra intensity or make the blue stand out. When selecting eye shadow shades, consider your skin tone and hair color as well as the actual blue shade of your eyes. What may look great on a blue-eyed beauty with dark brown hair will look completely different on someone who is blonde with baby blues.

Orange Eye Shadow for Blue Eyes

You may be thinking you'd never wear orange shadow because it would be unflattering. Orange-based shades, however, are some of the best choices in eye shadow for blue eyes. Orange-based hues provide a contrast to blue eyes that really makes the color pop. You don't have to wear a bright or neon orange, though. Consider eye shadow shades such as

  • Copper
  • Peach
  • Coral
  • Bronze
  • Rust

Cool Eye Shadows for Blue Eyes

Many women with blue eyes also look fabulous with cool eye shadow shades. Some great choices include:

  • Pale to medium blue
  • Pale pink shades
  • Violet
  • Purple
  • Deep or midnight blue

Some women find that using a dark shade of blue will actually bring out the more natural blue tones in the eyes, creating a brighter and more vibrant look.

Turquoise and teal shades can also work for blue eyes. For women with blue eyes that have a touch of green or hazel, teal shades can bring out that green tint for a fresh look. Just be careful not to overdo these bright hues.

Violets and lavenders are most recommended for women with a combination of baby blues and blonde hair. This is because a light purple is flattering for most blondes with fair skin. Brunettes may love them too, though, so don't rule them out right away if you have dark hair.

You can use violet on the creases of your eyelids as well as on the lid in general. A lighter lavender above the crease will give you a more dramatic look for evenings. More neutral colors are ideal for daytime, but it's always fun to wear purple no matter what the time or season.

Neutral Shadows for Blue Eyes


Most neutral shades, such as taupe and champagne, look excellent with blue eyes and work well for a natural look. Tans and browns can flatter the shape and shade of your eyes without overpowering your hair or other features, and most brown shadow shades are very pleasing colors for blue eyes. Consider:

  • White shadow
  • Grey shades
  • Khaki colored shadow
  • Chocolate brown
  • Camel shadow

For those blessed with naturally red hair, brown shades will tend to work beautifully on your blue eyes. Since your hair is already such a vibrant color, your skin tone and eyes will demand a more natural looking shadow. However, if you really love color, don't be afraid to play with greens or any other color that grabs your attention. Just start with small accents and work your way up to the level that works best for you.

Evening Eye Shadow

Gold Eye Shadow Evening Look
Gold Eye Shadow Evening Look

Black shadow can be too much for daytime, but can provide an intense contrast to blue eyes that really makes them stand out for evening. Use black shadow for a smoky eye look or placed along the upper lid for emphasis. If you are looking for an edgier or more dramatic evening look, mixing black liner with a bright blue will give you a classic "smoky" effect. You can also throw in some silver, fuchsia, or turquoise if you are going out and want a funky nighttime feel.

Wearing a gold shimmer shadow is also a pretty evening option for those with gorgeous blue eyes.

The Best Shadows for Blue-Grey Eyes

There's almost no right or wrong color for blue-grey eyes. Intensify your gaze with:

  • Metallic copper
  • Metallic gold
  • Shimmering white
  • Warm purples and burgundies
  • Peach
  • Coral
blue grey eyes shadow

The warmth of these shades will contrast with not only the blue but also the coolness of the grey in your eyes. The light-reflecting finish on the metallic shades will take the drama a step further.

If you want more of a girl-next-door wide-eyed look or even a subtle, sexy smoky look, try:

  • Slate grey
  • Metallic deep silver
  • Charcoal
  • Black (minimal use in most cases)
  • Greyed lavender or pink
  • Sheer violet

These will accentuate the cool grey tones. Pair the shadows with black, charcoal grey, or deep plum liner on top (and under the lower lashes if you prefer) and line the waterline with white for an innocent, wide-eyed look. Alternately, for a smoky, nighttime overshadow look, use black liner along the top and bottom, smudged out with black shadow, then line the waterline with black.

The Best Shadows for Blue-Green Eyes

Purple-toned shadows will bring out the gorgeous hints of green in your eye color, so play around with those as much as you like. Try:

  • Royal purple
  • Violet
  • Indigo
  • Blue-toned pinks
  • Warm pinks or corals
  • Plum
  • Eggplant
  • Burgundy
  • Pink-tinged champagne
  • Reddish-browns
  • Cranberry

Since purple is the opposite of green on the color wheel, shades with purplish or reddish undertones will provide greater contrast and make the green more evident in your eye color. Even using mostly neutrals and following up with a deep purple (or any other color on the list) shadow as a smoky liner on top or bottom will do the trick.

blue green eyes and liner

If that feels too vibrant, dark, or just otherwise out of your comfort zone, try:

  • Shimmering, sheer greenish-gold
  • Khaki
  • Pale turquoise or teal shadow smudged just along the bottom lashes (you may wish to use a matching pencil and then set it with shadow for long-lasting wear)

These shades will pick up on the hints of green in your eyes and play them up in a more subtle way. It may look as if your eyes are sparkling a bit more than usual but there won't be the same dramatic contrast that the purple shades will provide.

You still can't go wrong with bronze, either, when your eyes are blue. Just make sure you don't go too warm if your skin tone is cool (pink) or neutral (beige).

Buying Shadow for Blue Eyes

So how do you hunt down that perfect eye color enhancer at your local beauty shop? There are many brands to choose from. You can choose individual shadows and experiment with different color combinations, or you can purchase pre-designed shadow palettes for blue eyes. Many women prefer the latter because it takes the guesswork out of finding coordinating base, crease, and highlight shades. The following is just a small selection of the fabulous shadow palettes for blue eyes that are available.

  • Almay has enjoyed success with their line of Intense I-Color products. This group of cosmetics is designed to match the correct cosmetic colors to each eye color family. You can purchase eye shadow trios and mascaras specifically designed for blue eyes (and other colors), which makes it easy to select gorgeous quality makeup made to make your eyes look their best.
  • NYX Bohemian Chic Nude Matte Collection is a collection of 24 matte shades in earth tones like bronze, brown, and cream, along with blues to use as accent shades. The kit also comes with two blushes and two shadow applicators.
  • L'Oreal Colour Riche Eye Shadow has the perfect quad for blue eyes in the form of the four-shadow collection called Because I'm Worth It.
  • Urban Decay has two 12-shadow palettes that are gorgeous on blue eyes (and any eye color, really!), full of shimmering neutral shades and matte ones, too. Check out Naked and Naked 2. You probably only need one or the other, not both, so consider the undertones in the shadows.
  • MAC makes truly remarkable shadows for blue eyes. Their shadows include Amber Lights, which is specifically designed for those with fair skin and light eyes. Consider creating your own palette with that one, Coppering, Corduroy, and Blanc Type. Want a midnight blue for contrast? Contrast (the shadow name) is the perfect indigo for smoky eyes or for lining the lower lash line when you're wearing golds, browns, and bronzes on top.

Make the Most of Your Eyes

There's so much you can do to make blue eyes the focal point of your face and have the standout gaze in the room. Blue eyes are gorgeous in everything from warm-toned neutrals with a hint of peach to contrast with the blue, to the smokiest of all gray shadow. Test a few colors against your skin tone to see which ones not only bring out your eyes but help create a flattering look on your skin tone as well.

Best Eye Shadow Colors for Blue Eyes