7 Christian Abstinence Ring Types

Updated April 15, 2021
Sterling Silver Christian Fish Prayer Spin Ring

Christian abstinence rings are symbolic of a person's vow to refrain from sexual expressions of love until they are married. Learn more about what this kind of commitment means as well as the rings themselves.

The Abstinence Movement

Although some people might argue that abstinence was once the norm for unmarried men and women, there is certainly evidence in recent decades that a good portion of the population does engage in premarital sex. Sexual relations before marriage are by and large considered taboo by most Christian sects and a good number of other religions as well. Those choosing to align their personal perspectives on the matter with particular religious values might decide to refrain from sexual relations until they say their "I Do's."

For those who have chosen abstinence until marriage, the commitment is a very personal one, and something they are quite proud of. Many people seeking to share their vow with the world-at-large are finding Christian abstinence rings and related jewelry help to make a clear-cut statement about their beliefs. These people proudly sport rings that let the world know some things can wait until a walk down the aisle.

The Symbolism Behind Christian Abstinence Rings

Through the centuries, rings have been used to symbolize various commitments. Engagement and wedding rings, as well as friendship rings, immediately come to mind. Some rings display school and sorority/fraternity affiliations, while other rings proclaim membership in clubs and societies. Christian abstinence rings specifically symbolize a person's commitment to avoid sexual contact until they are lawfully married. Here is just a sampling of some purity ring styles and designs.

Styles of Rings

When looking for the perfect ring to display your vows to your God and your religion, picking the style is the first step in settling on the right ring. There are many styles of purity rings on the market, and they widely vary in regard to design and price.

Silver Bands

Many purity rings are simple in color and style, letting the message do all the heavy lifting. There is no shortage of silver banded purity rings in the jewelry market. Amazon has a bevy of simple silver purity rings that come with the abstinence messages.

  • While there are many designs and price tags, this ring by Silver Light Jewelry has a clean design, contains a to-the-point message, and it retails for only $23.
  • This Christian Fish Prayer ring isn't flashy and is versatile enough of a silver band to wear with any outfit.

Stackable Rings

If one ring is good, three rings are even better. Stackable rings are trendy ways to pile on the goods. Several purity ring designs are available in stackable ring styles.

  • Forgiven Jewelry offers a purity stacking abstinence ring, engraved with the single word "Purity." At a low retail price of under $10, you can be true to your values without breaking the bank.
  • This 14 carat gold True Love Waits ring is thin enough to pile onto other finger jewelry without becoming cumbersome.

Message Engraved Rings

Many rings contain messages illustrating the desire to stay pure until marriage. Common messages on chastity rings include phrases like, "I'll Wait" or "Purity." There is no mincing of the message with

  • Pure Before God, sold at A Different Direction, pretty much sums up the goal of the entire abstinence movement.
  • The "I'll Wait" ring, also sold at Purity Rings Online, is a slimmer design than the bands previously mentioned, although the ring is made from the ever-popular stainless steel. The "I'll Wait" message is widely used in purity ring design.

Rings With Bling

Many purity rings combine a message of chastity with a bit of bling. These rings are ones that can accompany wearers to upscale events while keeping their promise to The Lord nearby always.

  • Atrio Hill offers several purity ring selections, but this one delivers on message of faith and sparkle.
  • Christian Jewelry carries a stainless steel band with a square-cut front and crystal. It's engraved with the single word "Purity" in scriptwriting.
Atrio Hill - True Love Waits Sideways Cross Ring

Men's Purity Rings

There are lots of jewelry designs out there that are made specifically for men who want to proudly display their lifestyle of chastity. These styles hold true to the overall meaning and message but have a masculine element that gentleman can sport 24-7.

  • Rapture Wear offers a line of men's abstinence rings that are masculine with a message.
  • The Love, Purity, Trust ring is simple in design and conveys a strong message of faith. It serves as a daily reminder to those wearing it what is really important in life.

Say It With Symbols

Sometimes you don't even need words to make a message clear. Many abstinence rings have sayings on them that explain a vow to beliefs, but others use symbols to express purity.

  • One popular symbolic purity ring is this ring, which means God is greater than the highs and lows but says it with symbols.
  • Bob Seiman designs are simple in design and meant for those who want to wear their beliefs on their sleeves, or rather on their fingers. The ladies' rings skip over the wordy meanings and instead rock a telltale symbol of the Christian faith set in a silvery background.

High-End Purity Jewelry

Consider taking your purity ring up a notch. Many purity rings are considered fashion jewelry pieces, but some stores and sites combine the concept of a purity ring with high-end materials fit for a queen. For example, Joy Jewelers uses precious metals like 14-carat gold to create their stunning purity rings. Rings such as this one, which contains an abstract cross and white gold, retails for about $380.


Whether you call them promise rings, chastity rings, purity rings, or abstinence rings, these pieces all symbolize the commitment to sexual abstinence, so if you're going to wear one, be sure you understand the exact message you're sending to the world.

7 Christian Abstinence Ring Types