The Dos and Don'ts of Fall Fashion

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As cooler weather draws near, it's important to change up your outfits for the new season. Not only will you need to fend off the chill in the air, but autumn also presents a great opportunity to turn your look into a new direction that reflects the season - and your style.

Seven Fall Fashion Dos

Find style inspiration and ideas for the season with these tips.

1. Wear Appropriate Footwear

Put away your flip flops for the season. It not only looks inappropriate, but wearing flip flops in cooler weather is uncomfortable as well. If you want something to slip on your feet to get out the door in a hurry, invest in a pair of great flats or ankle boots you can quickly put on to get out the door.

trendy colors
Trendy fall colors and layers

2. Add Pieces in Trendy Fall Colors

Add a few clothing or accessory pieces in trendy fall fashion colors. Trends in fall colors include light blue shades, pinks, bright purples, and spiced up yellow colors. Color trends allow you to deviate from traditional fall looks and come up with something that looks fresh and new.

3. Layer Your Outfits

Invest in layering pieces. Pieces like short and quarter-length sleeve tops, light to mid-weight sweaters, scarves, and jackets allow you to adjust to any temperature fluctuations the season brings.

4. Step Outside Your Clothing Comfort Zone

Step outside your comfort zone and try some non-traditional fall styles. If you typically stick with certain colors or style for fall, try to incorporate something a little different into you autumn look. If you are typically one to wear subtle jewelry, try an on-trend statement choker. If you typically stay with your tried-and-true pencil skirt, try one of the season's tiered styles. You might be surprised at what you find looks great on you if your step outside of your comfort zone a little.

5. Shop Your Own Closet

Sometimes getting a trendy look is just a matter of mixing up the pieces in your wardrobe in a new way. The color combinations and style elements of the autumn's trendiest looks may be found in items you already own. The trend of pairing of tan with black and white, for example, is easy to achieve because these are neutral staples most women already have.

6. Highlight Personal Style With Fall Pieces

Highlight your style
Highlight your personal style

Tailor the popular fall looks to suit your signature style. There is always a wide variety in autumn's trending styles, so you can easily select those that really meld with your personal sense of style. If you like athletic and casual styles, the season's hoodies will work perfectly for you. If glamorous looks are more your speed, you can embrace glam 80s-inspired pieces to fit your look and meld with your wardrobe.

7. Add Essential Autumn Pieces

Make sure your wardrobe includes fall essentials. Items like turtlenecks, sweaters, blazers, outerwear, scarves, boots, tights, leggings, and long-sleeved tops are important items to keep both warm and stylish for the season, so make sure you have essential fall pieces.

Six Fashion Don'ts for Autumn

Too many trends
Don't wear too many trends

There are a few things in fashion you'll want avoid as the air gets chillier.

1. Don't Go Overboard With Fall Trends

While you'll want to add a few items to spruce up your look for the season, don't wear multiple trendy items at once or go over the top with them. A few key pieces tailored to the season's trends and that fit your personal style are all you'll need.

2. Don't Store All Summer Clothing

Some of your warm-weather wear can transition into fall. Keep out pieces can be used in layered looks, like tank tops and tees. You can also pair a maxi dress with a blazer for a great autumn style. You don't necessarily have to pack all your summer skirts away, either. Pair them with tights or leggings. If you have a long, floaty skirt, you can wear it with a pullover sweatshirt for an on-trend look straight from the runway.

3. Don't Show Too Much Skin

don't show too much skin
Unflattering skin reveal

Dressing with too much skin exposed in cooler weather isn't the most stylish look. If you are dressing up or want to add some allure to your look, celebrity stylists suggest choosing one area to leave uncovered. For example, a trendy one-shoulder gown or short dress with long sleeves would look flattering as well as seasonally appropriate when your fall is in warm areas. Skip the crop tops and shorts on hot autumn days.

4. Don't Wear Unflattering Fashions

Don't force yourself to follow a fall fashion trend if it isn't flattering for your particular skin tone or body type. Even the most popular trend won't make you look spectacular if it doesn't work for you personally. Find the looks that meet your personal style tastes, work with your figure, and look great with your coloring to look your best.

5. Don't Wear Tights as Pants

This look is never good on anyone. Thicker leggings are flattering and will keep you looking stylish as autumn closes in.

6. Don't Think You Have to Wear Dark Colors

You don't have to wear only dark colors in the fall. While classic darker hues of orange, brown, marigold, green, purple and red are always appropriate in fall, there are new color trends that allow you to deviate from the traditional colors.

Have Fun With Your Fall Style

No matter what your style preferences are, you can have fun mixing things up for fall, whether you shop your own closet to create a trendy look or invest in a few new items to create great autumn outfits. Considering a few don'ts and dos of fall fashion while balancing trends with your lifestyle and style preference will help you create fabulous fall fashion looks this season.

The Dos and Don'ts of Fall Fashion