Golden Globe Fashions

Published May 3, 2023
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While the differences are not always discernible, Golden Globe fashions do have their own unique style that continues to set them apart from that of other awards shows, including their "big sister" - the Oscars.

History of Golden Globe Fashions

When the Golden Globes began in 1944, they were a much smaller, more intimate version of the Oscars and did not garner much attention. Even nominees were less inclined to attend, as there wasn't enough publicity to make it worth the studios' efforts. However, as the Oscars grew from a dinner ceremony into the giant filmed event we know today, the Golden Globes were seen as a warmer, more intimate evening where everyone could relax and have fun. And the clothes reflected that attitude. Women could be a bit livelier and more daring in their fashion choices. This remains true today.

A Fashion Forward Evening

Of course, whatever is going on in the world has some effect upon choices when selecting Golden Globe fashions. National mood comes into a certain amount of consideration. However, the Globes, thanks to their more casual, fun attitude (which in itself is often thanks to the copious amounts of champagne on offer), are often rightfully considered a fashion-forward event.

Pretty much from the time you know the words "red" and "carpet," you know what is involved when the two are used together. Nothing but the best will do. However, whereas some red carpet events demand high-end glamour and elegance and sophistication, the nature of the Golden Globes traditionally allows for some experimentation and even a bit of playfulness. Women can try a cocktail length gown, for example, or even something shorter. Up and coming young actresses can try for something a bit more edgy if it suits their style and personality. While some fashion mavens might not give a look top marks, it's still a great venue for trying to develop a certain style and unique flair that will make for a lot of eager anticipation on red carpets down the line.

Tips for Dressing in Golden Globe Inspired Styles

Of course, any time people are allowed to try to have some fashion fun or explore a particular look, it can go horribly wrong. Most actresses use stylists to try to avoid serious slip-ups, but that doesn't prevent red carpet mishaps at any event. Golden Globe fashions used to be notorious for some wild looks, but this is less the case now. However, actresses still have a lot that they should pay attention to and often don't.

Find a Flattering Fit

Because actresses are under such pressure to look glamorous, which can often be equated with "sexy," many want to emphasize their cleavage at a red carpet event. Two things tend to be forgotten, however, and can help you in an effort to dress in similar styles. One: sexy can quickly go overboard and tip into the category of "inappropriate" and two: the need to have an exact fit, especially in a strapless gown. You don't want to look like you've been squeezed from the bottom, with everything overflowing. (Yes, the event is called the "Golden Globes" but who wants to invite the obvious joke?) Nor is an excess of droop desirable. The best looks start with a great foundation, and no one ever went wrong getting a bra that fit properly.

Sex Appeal

The permission to be edgy can also sometimes slip into inappropriateness with an excess of flesh. A 1930s style backless dress can be very elegant, but when the skirt is split to the hip, it runs the risk of looking tacky. Actresses often have great bodies and understandably want to show them off, but an awards show is not a clubbing event.

Age Appropriate Fashions

Finally, there is the question of being age-appropriate. This one is often tricky, especially for older actresses who are under so much pressure not to age. Helen Mirren consistently manages to look exquisite and glamorous as well as appropriate. Women of all ages should consider taking a cue from her style book.

Golden Globe Fashions