90+ Girl Names That Start With C (Cute to Creative)

Published November 16, 2020
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If you're searching for girl names that start with C, know that are tons of adorable options to choose from. From unique, to creative, to cute, have fun picking out the perfect baby girl name.

Girl Names That Start With C

There are great options of girls' names that start with a C. Take your time picking the perfect name that works best for you.

What Is the Coolest Name for a Girl?

While cool names for girls will vary depending on each individual's opinion, here are some options:

  • Cora- meaning daughter, honest, and good
  • Chloe- meaning young and blooming
  • Charlotte- meaning free or petite
  • Charlie- meaning free or warrior
  • Catalina- meaning pure or proud
  • Camilia- meaning perfect
  • Capri- refers to an Italian island and also means beautiful
  • Coco- refers to coconut
  • Cosma- meaning heaven
  • Chaya- meaning life
Baby girl names that start with C

What's a Badass C Name for a Girl?

Strong names for girls include:

  • Caci- meaning watchful
  • Casey- meaning vigilant
  • Cadence- meaning flow
  • Carlin- meaning champion
  • Carter- refers to one using a cart
  • Carrigan- meaning spear
  • Cath- meaning pure
  • Caydence- meaning rhythm
  • Cerise- refers to a dark red color
  • Chava- meaning life

Unique Baby Girls Names Starting With C

Some unique name options include:

  • Cacie- meaning brave
  • Cacy- meaning vigilant
  • Cacia- meaning watchful
  • Carisia- meaning grace
  • Carinna- meaning friend or pure
  • Calypso- meaning hidden
  • Cara- meaning beloved
  • Ceren- meaning star
  • Cambria- meaning county or the people
  • Calla- meaning beauty
  • Calliope- meaning beautiful

C Baby Names Unisex

Some unisex options include:

  • Colt- refers to a young horse
  • Cole- meaning charcoal or victory
  • Chase- meaning to pursue
  • Cameron- meaning bent
  • Casey- meaning vigilant
  • Calen- meaning pure
  • Colby- refers to hailing from a coal town
  • Corey- meaning heart or raven
  • Connor- meaning one who loves hounds or wolves
  • Caden-meaning warrior
  • Cael- meaning slim

Girls Names That Start With CH

Baby girl names that start with Ch:

  • Charlize- meaning free
  • Chelsea- a landing place or port
  • Cherie- meaning dear
  • Charli- meaning free or army
  • Christina- meaning anointed
  • Channing- meaning young wolf or wise
  • Charmaine- meaning charm or fruitful
  • Chiana- refers to a tribe
  • Cheyne-meaning oak tree
  • Chrissie- one who follows Christ
  • Chastity- meaning pure
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Unique Baby Girls Names That Start With CH

Some unique baby girl names:

  • Chesney- meaning oak grove
  • Chyanne- meaning beautiful flower or grace
  • Chivon- meaning God is gracious
  • Charleigh- meaning free
  • Chandler- meaning candle or candle maker
  • Charis- meaning grace and life
  • Christabel- meaning beautiful follower of Christ
  • Chana- meaning gracious
  • Cheri- meaning beloved
  • Chandal- meaning stone

Cute Baby Girls Names That Start With C

Cute baby girl name options include:

  • Cecilia- meaning blind or heavenly lily
  • Carolina- meaning free
  • Cassidy- meaning clever
  • Clare- meaning enlightened
  • Caity- meaning pure
  • Clarissa- meaning bright
  • Cleo- meaning pride
  • Carrie- meaning happiness
  • Celeste- meaning heaven
  • Clementine- meaning merciful
  • Clara- meaning bright
  • Cindy- meaning light
  • Carly- meaning free
  • Courtney- meaning from the court
  • Cassandra- meaning one who entangles
  • Caitlin- meaning pure

Vintage Girls Names That Start With C

Some vintage girl name options include:

  • Colette- meaning victory
  • Camilla- meaning free
  • Candace- meaning pure
  • Carlota- meaning free
  • Cecile- meaning heavenly lily
  • Cassie- meaning pure
  • Celine- meaning heavenly
  • Corrine- meaning beautiful
  • Caddie- meaning pioneer
  • Callie- meaning beautiful
  • Constance- meaning constant
  • Carol- meaning free or song

What Are Good Girl Names That Start With C?

If you're looking for a name for a girl that starts with a C, know that there are plenty of great options to choose from.

90+ Girl Names That Start With C (Cute to Creative)