12 Handbag Blogs to Follow for Fresh Trends and Insights

Updated March 25, 2021
Handbag blogs

One of the great things about handbag blogs is that you can get the inside scoop on little-known designers, upcoming fashions, what was seen at fashion week, and even the blogger's personal preferences about handbags. There are so many great handbag blogs out there these days, and below are some of the very best purse blogs around.

Top Purse Blogs

To choose the top handbag blogs out of the dozens upon dozens of blogs available, three factors were considered.

  • Is the blog updated regularly?
  • Is the information timely and relevant to handbag lovers?
  • Did the blog have elements that felt unique or personal making it stand out from the crowd?

The PurseBlog

The PurseBlog features several new articles every day. Those articles mainly focus on designers like Yves Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton, but you'll get a sneak peek at upcoming styles to be released around the main fashion seasons of spring and fall. A nice addition to the blog is a purse forum where you can chat with other readers and purse lovers about your favorite designers and styles and get all kinds of purse fashion tips.

The Bag Snob

This blog talks about designer handbags from a tongue-in-cheek, humorous standpoint. You'll still get all the useful information about upcoming lines as well as the writer's opinion on new bags, but you'll be entertained as you gather this info. The Bag Snob reviews designer handbags. Are you on a budget? You'll find a section for frugal snobs as well to help you save a little on designer handbags or to find the less expensive brands out there.

Celebrity Bag Styles

Have you ever seen a celebrity carrying a handbag and wished you could figure out who the designer is? The Celebrity Bag Styles blog is your one-stop resource for that kind of celebrity gossip. You may even discover a few handbags you hadn't considered before. Woven into the commentary about handbags is juicy celebrity gossip and a biting wit that will make you grimace and laugh at the same time.

Heidi Klum with white bag/ Getty Editorial Use

Bag Hag Diaries

Bag Hag Diaries was started up by a self-proclaimed bag lover, Ingrid Chau-Go, back in 2005. She did what so many bloggers do, and that is she took her passion, in this case, bags, and she mused about her obsessions to her followers via the internet. The beauty of this blog is it is all about the commentary and opinion, and less about pushing products so that a profit can get made. Chau-Go is funny, smart, and clearly knows her handbags. If you want an honest opinion about a certain item, this is the place to be. Aside from bag reviews and bloggy introspection, the site has now extended into the world of food and travel.

Bag Bliss

Bag Bliss hits everything relevant to bags under the sun. There is a section specific to stores that tend to carry high-end purses, like Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, and specific designer stores such as Tory Burch and Rebecca Minkoff. There is a section that focuses on types of bags like totes, cross bodies, and clutches as well as a section geared towards the top designers in the world. On top of all of this, there are tons of blog entries reviewing purses, designers, and trends.


PurseBop is another current and popular blog devoted to bags, bags, and more bags. The site gives readers information on designers, fashion news, and the latest trends. If it is new and happening and comes in the shape of a bag, it's probably on PurseBop.

A woman's hand holds handbag in her hand

Queen Bee of Beverly Hills

Queen Bee of Beverly Hills was started in 2002 by Rebecca Rushing, and the blog follows all trends related to purses. Up and coming designers, styles, colors, and prints can be found on this site. The posts are current and easy to read, no boring, stuffiness here! When it comes to high-end designers and on-point trends, this blog has established itself as an authoritative voice in both the blogging and handbag realms.

Why Turn to a Blog

The beauty of many blogs, compared to designer bag websites, is that with blogs, the opinions are coming from a place that is not associated with the product site itself. Sure, many blogs are affiliated with the items they review and write about, but they aren't directly selling items like a product website is. Blog writers give their personal thoughts on accessories and buyers feel connected to this experience. Blogs are full of so much more than products. Compared to product websites, they tend to give a more comprehensive overview of whatever the blog is devoted to, infusing thought and personality into the information being posted. If you really want to know about a handbag, truly do the research. Look to the specific website for product basics, but then check out popular blogs and consider the blogger's views on items as well.

12 Handbag Blogs to Follow for Fresh Trends and Insights