High Polish Necklaces and Pendants + Cleaning Tips

Updated May 10, 2021
High polish necklace

High polish necklaces and pendants are a great way to make a statement without spending a fortune or going too wild with your jewelry. They tend to be classic pieces that you can wear with almost anything and are available in different colors, styles, and lengths to fit anyone who is interested in wearing them.

About High Polish Necklaces and Pendants

You can get high polished jewelry, including necklaces and pendants, in gold or silver. You can also get them in almost any style you'd like. What high polish means is just that - high polish pieces shine brilliantly. Styles are usually sleek and relatively simple in order to show off the smooth, shiny finish.

Prices vary by store, but these are a great way to get a brilliant, shiny piece of jewelry without paying a high price. Skip the expensive stones and go for a standout piece that won't break the bank.

What Is High Polish?

You know that high polish jewelry shines brightly, but how? Well, high polish is actually one of the most common finishes on jewelry given by jewelers. Using a polishing wheel, jewelers buff the metal to remove any imperfections. The combination of the polish and wheel creates a flawless finish.

Woman Wearing Gold Necklace

Caring for Your High Polish Jewelry

Caring for high polish jewelry has more to do with the metal it's made from than the fact that it is high polish. If your necklace or pendant has any stones on it, be sure to research how to care for those before you clean the piece. However, for general cleaning and storage, you can use these tips.

Storage Tips

Always carefully store your high polish jewelry in a clean, dry area, like a jewelry box, but don't jumble it up. Lay the pieces flat and side by side. Also, have it inspected by a jeweler to make sure there are no loose prongs or other wear that needs to be repaired.

Cleaning Tips

Clean your silver or gold jewelry with water and mild soap on a soft washcloth. Don't soak it. Instead, wipe it clean, then use another cloth to dry it thoroughly. Lay it flat. Try not to use anything abrasive, like a toothbrush. If there is detailing anywhere on the pendant that needs to be cleaned, you can use a cotton swab dipped in the same soap and water mixture and use that.

Other Care Tips

While cleaning and storage are the most important aspect of caring for your jewelry, you can do a few other things to make your high polish jewelry last.

  • Use a polish cloth regularly.
  • Don't swim while wearing jewelry.
  • Keep the jewelry at a consistent temperature (avoid the bathroom).
  • Wrap jewelry individually in a cloth, if possible.
  • Store your jewelry in an airtight bag to avoid tarnish.

High Polish Jewelry Styling

One perfect aspect of high polish necklaces and pendants is that it's versatile and so many styles are available. Therefore, you can pair these pieces with pretty much any outfit or clothing. Not only will the shine catch people's eye, but high polish necklaces look great with a found object bracelet. Try mixing and matching your pieces for a sophisticated day look or nighttime glam. Adding a high polished piece can complement any look.

Eye-Catching Jewelry

High polish necklaces and pendants are a great way to get noticed without looking over-the-top. Pick your perfect piece and keep it dry, clean, and out of the way of other jewelry items that may scratch it in your jewelry box, and you'll have a keepsake that will last for years.

High Polish Necklaces and Pendants + Cleaning Tips