How to Tell a Fake MCM Bag From a Real One

Published May 25, 2020
MCM cross-body bag

You can tell a fake MCM bag by reviewing specific features that only a real one had. You should thoroughly examine the bag to make a correct assessment of its authenticity.

Spot the Differences Between Authentic and Fake MCM Bags

An authentic MCM bag will hold its form and not fold over or collapse upon itself. The bags are made of high-quality leather and choice materials. An excellent first test is to see if your bag will stand up when you set it onto a flat surface.

Compare Bag Shape and Size

You can easily compare the shape and size of your MCM bag with that on the MCM website. If the dimensions aren't the same, then chances are you have a fake MCM bag instead of a real one.

MCM Bag Zippers

You will want to make sure the zippers are metal. The most common zip brand used for MCM bags is YKK. You can check the zipper slider for the brand to ensure you don't have a fake MCM bag.

MCM Bag Hardware

The metal hardware is gold tone, although some bags feature cobalt or 14k gold plated hardware. There should never be any chipping, flaking or cracking.

MCM Tag Featured Inside Bag

When MCM was sold to Sungjoo Group in 2005, a company tag was included inside the bags. One side features the MCM logo while the other side reads Made in Korea or Made in Italy. If this tag is missing on a bag manufactured between 2005 and present day, then it's a fake MCM bag.

Fake MCM Bag Lining vs a Real One

MCM, Large Liz Reversible Visetos Shopper

The inner lining should never be too tight or stiff. It shouldn't be too loose where it is sewn onto the leather. The fabric should be soft and a perfect fit to the interior of the bag. Unlike other designer bags, the MCM fabric lining can vary in look and pattern from one bag to the next.

MCM Logo

The MCM logo is very distinguishable and is followed by the registered trademark sign ®. The MCM letters are centered above the two boughs of bay leaves that stretch the width of the letters. The bay leaf wreath features the ends of a ribbon arching downward then up. The ends of the ribbon fall on either side. The upper ribbon arch is joined to the baby leaf wreath on each side of the logo.

Odd Number of Bay Leaves in Wreath

You want to count the individual bay leaves on the wreath. You should find nine leaves on the left side and eight leaves on the right side. Any deviation from this means you have a fake MCM bag instead of a real one. Underneath the wreath and ribbon is the word, MUNCHEN. If this is missing, you have a fake MCM bag.

MCM Font Issues

If the letters MCM aren't the expected font or font size, it is a fake bag. If the letters are too thick or too thin, the bag isn't an authentic MCM bag.

Logo Pattern and Print Quality

The print quality for the leather or fabric should be consistent. The logo should be clear and distinct. Any oddities will indicate a counterfeit bag.

MCM Gold Plate

MCM Gold Plate

You can find a gold plate on the exterior of the purse. This features the MCM logo and the purse serial number.

MCM Serial Number

The serial number can be found on each golden logo plate. The plate features rounded corners. Some bags may have a cobalt plate, depending on the bag color. Each plate features the MCM logo at the top center. The serial number is engraved underneath. The serial number on a vintage bag is a simple four-number series. However, the serial number for newer bags contains one letter followed by four numbers.

MCM Logo Plate Screws

The slotted screws on the logo plate never feature star shaped slots. Screws are rounded and can easily be removed.

Tips About the MCM Bag Construction

Strak backpack by MCM

The seams for an MCM bag should be straight. MCM backpack shoulder straps will have a slight inward curve for greater comfort. Fake MCM backpacks will usually have straight straps without any curvature.

How You Can Tell a Fake MCM Bag

There are several things you can look for in an MCM bag to determine if it is authentic or a fake one. When you take the time to examine a MCM bag before purchasing, you can be sure your purchase is for a real MCM bag.

How to Tell a Fake MCM Bag From a Real One