How to Tell if a Versace Purse Is Real: 6 Key Signs

Published November 12, 2020
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How to tell if a Versace purse is real is easy when you know what to look for. The six key signs you can use to verify if a Versace purse is real are fairly simple.

How to Tell if a Versace Purse Is Real

A Versace purse will be made only of fine quality leather and hardware. As with all designer bags, the stitching will always be impeccable and evenly spaced with no loose threads. The purse will also have authentication codes, a certificate of authentication, the Medusa logo, production stickers, and specific tags on the inside of the purse. You should be able to find all six key signs in an authentic Versace purse. Vintage or resell purses will most likely not have a serial number but can be authenticated by the quality of materials, stitching, and hardware.

1. Versace Authentication Codes You Can Verify

The first clue that you have an authentic Versace is by verifying one of the three possible codes included in the purses. You can verify your Versace purse authenticity by finding the three codes placed in the Versace purse. These include an NFC serial number, a QR code, or a CLG (Certilogo) code.

  • Versace provides an NFC (Near Field Communication) serial number that you can download an app on your smart phone to read when you pass it over the tag.
  • If you prefer, you can scan the QR code with your smart phone to verify your purse is authentic.
  • The CLG code can be entered using the website's Versace online authentication system. However, not all items come with a CLG code.
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2. Certificate of Authenticity

A Versace purse comes with a certificate of authenticity. This is a small white paper that is printed in black. You will usually find this certificate inside the handbag by the main label. It should be clearly printed with no smudges or smears.

3. Medusa Head Logo

The Versace logo is very distinguishable and is immediately recognizable. Counterfeiters attempt to duplicate the Medusa head logo, and some are quite good at reproducing the logo with close attention to detail. Unlike the mythological Medusa, Versace's Medusa doesn't have snakes for her hair. Instead, the Versace version depicts Medusa before she angered Athena and suffered the goddess's wrath. The Versace Medusa is encircled with a row of Greek keys. Some purses only feature the Medusa head without the circle of Greek Keys. You can often find Versace printed just below the logo.

Versace handbag medusa logo

4. Two Production Stickers

You will find two production stickers on the inside of the handbag. One sticker will state it was produced/manufactured in Italy. The other sticker is the country of sale and should have US on it to indicate that it is for sale at an American store. The printing should be high quality without any smears or misspellings.

5. Quality Seamless Hardware

You can usually spot a fake Versace handbag by the type of hardware the counterfeiter uses. An authentic Versace bag will feature heavy hardware that is shiny. The hardware pieces will be seamless whereas a fake Versace bag will have seams. There should be no plastic hardware, especially no plastic zippers in an authentic Versace purse. The hardware should be consistent in quality and shapes. You shouldn't find any loose hardware; it should all be secure. You should never find any hardware applied with glue. The designs and logo will be etched into the metal, not stamped or printed.

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6. Versace Purse Tag Shapes and Colors

Another key sign that a Versace purse is real are the tags. The purse tags are usually attached to the purse with black strings. The tags may be black and gold or in some instances black and silver. The cardstock for the tags is made from exceptionally fine cardboard and should never be thin or flimsy. The shapes of the tags are either a square or rectangle. You should find the Versace logo embossed on the card in either gold or silver. You should be able to glide your fingers over the card and feel the embossing.

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Understanding How to Tell if a Versace Purse Is Real

You can use the six key signs to guide you through the process of authenticating your Versace purse. When all six of these key signs are present in your Versace purse, you can feel confident that it is authentic and not a counterfeit.

How to Tell if a Versace Purse Is Real: 6 Key Signs