8 Ways to Make Your Hair Smell Good All Day

Don't worry if it isn't wash day! These ideas work between shampoos to keep your hair smelling amazing.

Published April 3, 2023

When someone leans in to whisper in your ear or give you a hug, give them a whiff of something wonderful. There are a few tricks for how to make your hair smell good between washes, and if you have these up your sleeve (or in your ponytail), you'll be all set.

Use a Pretty Smelling Dry Shampoo


Everyone's hair smells great after shampooing, but that scent can fade as the day goes on. You don't need to wash your hair again right away to refresh the pretty scent. Just use a dry shampoo between washes, but choose one that smells divine. The best way to do this is to smell them in person before you buy, but you can also read reviews from other shoppers if you're choosing one online.

Quick Tip

Great smelling hair starts on wash day with a few little tricks. Exfoliate your scalp to remove build-up, and use shampoo and conditioner that smell beautiful.

Braid Your Hair While It's Still Damp


If you wash your hair at night, take a moment to braid it while it's still damp. Because your hair won't be getting as much air exposure while you sleep, it will maintain its lovely scent well into the next day. As an added bonus, it will be wavy and cute when you take out the braids.

Spritz Your Pillowcase


If you don't have hair long enough to braid or you wash your hair in the morning instead of at night, you can add a lovely scent by spritzing your pillowcase with a nice smelling linen spray. Make your own by adding a few drops of essential oil to some distilled water or invest in one that has a scent you really love. Lavender is always a good bet.

Quick Tip

Wash your pillowcase and towels often to make sure they don't smell stale or musty. It's also a good idea to wash hair wraps, scrunchies, brushes, and anything else that regularly touches your hair.

Use Your Favorite Perfume


Your signature scent isn't just for your wrists and neck; it can work in your hair too. Don't spray or dab it directly on your hair, though, since perfume is quite concentrated and can easily become overpowering. Instead, spray it in the air in front of you and then swish your hair through the mist. You can also lightly spritz your hairbrush and then brush your hair.

Cook Up Something Sweet Smelling


You know how your hair can take on the scent of what you're cooking? Usually, this is kind of annoying (word to the wise - keep those tresses bound up when you're cooking fish). It works in a good way, though, when you're cooking something that smells great. If you want your hair to smell sweet and delicious, make cookies, cake, or any tasty baked good. Let your hair collect the lovely smell when you open the oven door.

Try a Hair Dryer and Heat Protectant Spray


On its own, a hair dryer will put your hair on the road to smelling sweet. The fresh air and heat will destroy bad odors and leave your tresses fresh. If you add a heat protectant spray that smells nice (a good idea anyway to avoid heat damage), you can give your hair a quick refresh without washing it.

Break Out Those Dryer Sheets


Need a quick hair scent refresh? One of the fastest ways to make your hair smell good is to run a dryer sheet over it. Don't go overboard here (too much, and you can smell like a load of towels), but this is a quick solution for when you're running out the door and need your hair to smell pretty. As a bonus, it can help with static too.

Spritz With Rosewater


Rosewater is a great hair rinse, but you don't have to save it only for wash days. You can also spritz your hair with it to add a fresh scent. Just fill a spray bottle and lightly mist your hair before heading out.

Try Lots of Ways to Make Your Hair Smell Amazing


If you know how to make your hair smell good without washing it, you can have fresh tresses anytime you want. Don't stress about finding the perfect products; just take your time trying different methods to see what works for you. Once you find something great, you're all set.

8 Ways to Make Your Hair Smell Good All Day