Men’s Jewelry Pictures to Inspire Your Wardrobe

Updated May 3, 2021

Expand Your Jewelry Wardrobe With A Classic

Men's jewelry pictures may introduce you to types of men's jewelry you never thought of before. Are you a man who is looking to expand your wardrobe and add key pieces for that finishing touch? Are you shopping for a man who could use a few extra accessories? Let these men's jewelry pictures help you make your next accessorizing decision.

A pocket watch is an unexpected but sophisticated addition to the wardrobe. Pocket watches are classic jewelry choices for men and women alike, adding a flair of elegance and sophistication to any ensemble.

Watches for Everyone

If the pocket watch isn't your speed, try a men's wristwatch. There is almost no lifestyle you can't find a watch to match. Choose from rugged, high-tech rubber styles or a more office-appropriate kinetic style in a brushed metal finish - or anything in-between. When it comes to selecting a watch, options these days seem limitless. Select something that fits your look, life, and budget.

Wedding Rings, Your Style

If a married man wears no other jewelry, he will often at least wear a wedding band. Current men's wedding ring styles can be as traditional or untraditional as you'd like. Flip through men's jewelry pictures in the catalogs at fine jewelry stores for an idea of just how many types are available. These days, men can choose from a wide array of metals and colors and pick a simple style or go for the full blinged-out look.

Cuff Links Finish the Look

Cuff links are a beautiful finishing touch to a dress shirt for a special event, like a wedding or a funeral, or for just another day of going to the office. They come in so many colors and styles, you could accumulate a large collection if you decide you really like jewelry. Cufflinks range from simple and classic, to funky and edgy and even sometimes really stand out with a gem or pearl adornment.

A Single Earring

While men there aren't any rules for men's earrings, a diamond stud or small silver hoop or bar could be an eye-catching effect on a man. Earrings are an interesting, often eclectic jewelry choice for men who want to strut their love of fashion and bling. Men may also choose earrings in both ears, gauges, or other alternative ear piercings depending on personal style.

Tie Clips Elevate the Neck Tie Game

Tie clips are functional and easy to use. They're a nice alternative to the tie tack but perform a similar task. A tie clip gives any look a hint of refined reality, without stuffiness.

Don't Neglect the Necklaces

An often overlooked type of jewelry for men is the necklace. They range from delicate gold chains to chunkier beach-inspired styles like the one shown here. Necklaces can have emotional significance and be personalized with initials and messages special to the person sporting them.

Simple Stately Bracelets

A simple bracelet in platinum, silver, or other metal can be a perfect addition to a causal suit look or a t-shirt and jean look. Wear the bracelet confidently on your dominant wrist.

Leather Jewelry

When people think of jewelry, they think of gold and diamonds, their minds don't go straight to leather. Leather is a funky, out-of-the-box way to combine style and masculinity in men's jewelry. Necklaces, rope bracelets, and leather cuffs are great complements to casual men's wear.

Lapel Pins Add a Hint of "Here I Am"

If you want to add a bit of jewelry to your look, but don't prefer loud and obvious styles, a lapel pin could be a perfect hint of metal for jewelry beginners. Lapel pins are often used as adornments on suits that speak to personality or a cause. You can tailor your pin to a specific event or to something near and dear to your heart. Make sure that when you wear a lapel pin, it doesn't compete with a pocket square or a tie clip.

Stay Put and Stylish With a Tie Chain

Tie chains serve a similar purpose as a tie clip, by keeping ties in place, but they give a look a bit more funk and edge. Chains come in numerous finishes and styles, with some being more bulky and noticeable and others staying simple and functional.

Tie Tacks Give A Dash of Elegance to a Suit

When it comes to keeping ties in place, men can choose from chains, clips, or tacks, Of all the jewelry looks, the tie tack is the simplest. They are used for function and give a dab or something extra for the wearer. For men not quite comfortable rocking lots of jewelry, a tie tack is a great piece to begin with.

Playful Pendants

Not all men's jewelry is regal and stately. Some looks need jewelry that is playful and funky. Pendants are great ways to jazz up a simple jeans and t-shirt look, especially if you are headed out to a concert, a bar, or another carefree event. Consider pairing pendants in the shape of skulls, sunbursts crosses, or zodiac signs with a chain of your choosing.

Buy a Beautiful Belt Buckle

Most men own a belt or two, as belts are very popular accessories for all sorts of looks and styles. Guys with an eye for fashion might think about adding a flashy belt buckle to their closet. There are countless cool and creative belt buckles out there that will help guys hone in on their style. These can be fashion-forward, flashy, funky, and sometimes even funny.

Wallet Chains Work for So Many Looks

Many men carry a wallet in a breast or back pants pocket, and a wallet chain is a jewelry-like accessory that can add style and function to several looks. Short, classy, gold chains can make an appearance at weddings, banquets, funerals, and galas, and long, chunky pewter or silver chains can find a space in guys' daytime looks.

Religious Inspired Jewlery

Men can combine their love of jewelry with their love of God by sporting certain religious symbols in their attire. A simple cross necklace, cufflinks in the shape of a cross, or abstinence rings are all excellent choices for spiritually inspired jewelry options.

Edgy Facial Rings

While facial studs and rings might not be a great idea for some work environments, many men express themselves through facial piercings, and those piercings need jewelry to fill the holes. Common facial piercings are nose and eyebrow studs, rings, or bars. Simple works better with these types of piercings, as do causal clothing and settings.

Showcase Your Love of Sports With Jewelry

If you have a favorite sport, consider wearing a simple bracelet, ring, or necklace to the next Sunday football game. Many men's jewelry designers fashion jewelry items specific to professional teams, so you can proudly wear your beloved sports team's colors and logos while you cheer them on.

Highlight a Hobby

Whether it's horses, fishing, sports, or something else, highlight your favorite hobbies with jewelry. Choose soccer ball cufflinks, a tie tack in the shape of a fishing hook, or a belt buckle that screams "cowboy at heart." Have fun with your jewelry elements and play on your personality.

Considerations When Stepping Into the World of Men's Jewelry

When deciding which jewelry elements to wear, keep a few things in mind. Match the jewelry pieces to the outfit and the outing. Weddings, interviews, and funerals call for subdued jewelry elements, while wild evenings out, concerts, and sporting events support fun and funky pieces.

Don't overload your look. A couple of pieces is all you need to complete the look that you are going for. You don't need to pile on the bling, just pick a couple of elements that won't compete.

Choose pieces of jewelry that speak to you.

Men’s Jewelry Pictures to Inspire Your Wardrobe