Mia K. Farrow: The Story & Styles Behind the Brand

Published March 12, 2021
MFK Collection handbags

Mia K Farrow handbags, known as MKF Collection, is a very popular vegan leather handbag brand. Everyone is curious to know who makes Mia K Farrow handbags, since the designer has yet to step into the limelight.

Mia K Farrow

The MKF Collection isn't new to the marketplace. It was first launched sometime in 2010. The company is based out of Paterson, New Jersey.

Who Owns MKF Collection Handbags?

To get a clue about the elusive ownership of MKF Collection Handbags, you have to go to the entity's Facebook page. The first nugget of information is the statement, "MKF Collection are a team of fashion lovers with expertise in quality fashion designing high quality fashionable handbags for all walks of life." This statement should help to clarify for those wondering if MKF is an offshoot of a more famous handbag designer.

Are MKF Handbags Michael Kors?

The MKF designs are often reminiscent and compared to those of designer Michael Kors. In fact, many people have claimed that MKF handbags are Michael Kors' creations and are being marketed incognito for some unknown mysterious reason. However, the MFK bags are made of vegan leather, unlike Michael Kors leather bags that are often made of Saffiano leather or lambskin leather. From all current indications, MKF is not part of any Michael Kors handbag designs.

MFK Collection: No Association With Mia Farrow

As a result of so little information offered about MKF Collection and the owners/designers, there has been much speculation. Some of the rumors of who the owner is of the MFK Collection brand of Mia K Farrow have centered around the actress Mia Farrow. However, when you shop the MFK Collection, you will begin to see disclaimers on retail websites about these rumors and the handbags being the actress Mia Farrow's brand.

Who Is the MKF Designer?

Many websites selling MFK handbags now feature a disclaimer within the handbag description. A common statement is, "This bag is part of the MKF Collection by Mia K and has no association with Mia Farrow."

MKF Collection by Mia K. Sirna M Signature Tote Bag

MKF Collection by Mia K

So, now that Mia K has been identified as the creator of the brand, fans want to know who Mia K is, or rather Mia K Farrow. The designer Mia K is represented in the MKF Collection branding on the company website masthead as MKF Collection By Mia K.

Quality and Affordability

Besides the handbags being vegan leather and eco-friendly, they are stylish, trendy, and considered to be very affordable. In fact, the affordability of MKF bags makes them a popular choice for everyday use.

Great Sales on MKF Collection Handbags

You can luck up on some tremendous savings when the MKF handbags are placed on sale. Bags that normally sell for around $250 can have a sale price of around $50 or even less. A regular price $129 crossbody purse can have a sale tag of around $18! It's no wonder these bags are grabbed up. There is a constant flow of reduced prices and handbags on sale to make way for new releases.

MKF Collection Fills Market Demand

It's easy to see that the MKF Collection fills a market demand for designer style bags at affordable prices. The colors, designs, and styles bring a fresh look into the handbag arena that offers vegan conscious consumers some great choices.

Discover Mia K Farrow Handbags

The Mia K Farrow handbag designs can be found on the company website and various retailers. There are many online retailers that offer the MKF Collection, such as Amazon, Zulily, Overstock, Walmart, and other stores. Customers enjoy the quality, designs, and vegan leather bags and the reasonable price tag.

Mia K. Farrow: The Story & Styles Behind the Brand