Birthstone Jewelry for Mom: 12 Heartwarming Ideas

Published February 5, 2018
Mother receiving gemstone necklace from husband

When it comes to motherhood, the experiences are life-changing, and the blessings and rewards are endless. A great way for a mom to reward herself, or to be cherished by someone else, is with jewelry. Whether it's a ring, bracelet, or necklace, birthstone jewelry is just the thing to help any mom celebrate motherhood in style.

Birthstone Rings

For moms who aren't into flashy jewelry, investing in a ring might be the ideal choice. The level of style can range from understated to 'blinged out,' and the best part is that it's up to your preference.

Princess-Cut Tri-Sides Ring

This Mother's Princess-Cut Simulated Birthstone and Cubic Zirconia Tri-Sides Ring is ideal for a mom with up to three children. Starting around $99, not only can you choose the exact stone, but you can customize the inside with a small message or even the names of your children. While other sites might give you the option to customize, Zales allows you to see a prototype of the finished product. This ensures that your birthstone ring comes out as perfect as your children.

Customizable Swirl Ring for Mothers

This lovely ring features a central swirl design that focuses on the stones and can accommodate up to three natural or lab-created gemstones of your choice. The twisted shank swirl offers a unique design. Pricing starts at about $670, but will vary depending on the metal and gem choices. Options or metals include precious silver, platinum, or 14K white or yellow gold. You can also choose to pay in two or three installments instead of a lump sum.

Customizable Swirl Ring
Customizable Swirl Ring for Mothers

Heart Cluster Ring

The customization of this Heart Cluster Ring With Accents is what sets it apart from the rest. Starting at about $119, the standard ring comes in sterling silver, but that's not the only metal choice available. Although you'll be short of Bruno Mars' "24K Magic," this ring is also available in 10K or 14K white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold. You can choose up to three stones, and can have it accented with cubic zirconia or genuine diamonds for an additional cost. The engraving choices of this ring allow you to focus on each particular child by having his or her name to go directly next to the corresponding stone.

Personalized Sterling Silver Genuine Birthstone Ring

Done in sterling silver, this ring features a fun 'Mom' design that sits atop a band of personalized birthstones. Available starting at about $230, this ring can incorporate between two and five round, prong-set birthstones. This cocktail-style ring is ideal for the mother in your life who likes to make a statement with her jewelry.

Personalized Sterling Silver Genuine Birthstone Ring
Personalized Sterling Silver Genuine Birthstone Ring


While rings are always great options, motherhood birthstone necklaces are classic choices with different looks and personalization levels as well. Regardless of how many children you have, you can include a necklace in your jewelry collection.

Mother's Birthstone Swirl Pendant

This personalized Mother's Birthstone Swirl Pendant is just under $130, and it's perfect for the family with an abundance of children. Although you won't have the option of adding an engraving to this piece, the ability to add between three to seven stones still gives you a level of customization. The vertical design gives you the option to include the stones from your oldest to your youngest. Even without the engraving, the swirl design gives this birthstone necklace a beautiful and classic look.

Mother and Child Heart Pendant

A delicate heart design featuring a mother and a child makes this necklace stand out. It can accommodate between two and five gemstones along the lower portion of the pendant, and you have the option of choosing from AAA grade natural gemstones or lab-created versions. This keepsake necklace can also be done in a metal of your choice, including platinum, silver, or 14K yellow or white gold. Pricing starts at around $549.

Customizable Mother & Child Heart Pendant
Customizable Mother & Child Heart Pendant

Cross Bar Birthstone Necklace

For women who love understated jewelry, this Cross Bar Birthstone Necklace is perfect. This necklace retails for just under $190 and comes ready with the choice of three stones. While you might be wondering how three stones will fit your large family, don't fret! This classic bar design gives you the ability to add additional stones for $6 each. Whether you're ready with three stones or are pushing 10+, this Lisa Leonard design is ideal for your small or large family.

Mother Bird Necklace with Swarovski Birthstones

Fun and pretty, this necklace has a cute style that features a mother bird and baby bird. The birthstone crystals site directly below the baby birds for a special touch. Done in gold-plated brass, this 18-inch fashion necklace is one she can wear around town or anytime the mother in your life wants something bright and fun to liven up her look. Pricing starts at around $25.

Mother Bird Necklace with Swarovski Birthstones
Mother Bird Necklace with Swarovski Birthstones

Motherhood Birthstone Bracelets

For moms on the hunt for jewelry arm candy, a motherhood bracelet can look gorgeous alone, stacked with a few bracelets, or to accent other jewelry (like a watch). The added look of a few birthstones might be just what you need.

Running Hearts Bracelet

Perfect for the medium-sized family, this sterling silver Running Hearts Birthstone Bracelet comes with the option of two to five stones. It ranges from about $75-$90. The perfect gift for yourself or even another hard-working mother, this bracelet comes protected in a pouch, and a filigree keepsake box that you can customize for an additional cost.

Bangle Bracelet with Birthstone Charms

This handmade bangle bracelet can be personalized not only with birthstone charms to adorn the style, but it can also include children's names. The bracelet is done in stainless steel, and each small disc has a Swarovski Crystal birthstone in a channel setting. Each disc can accommodate one name, and the bracelet itself fits up to ten charms. The cost starts at about $23.

Personalized Mothers Bangle Bracelet with Birthstone Charms and Names
Mothers Bangle Bracelet with Birthstone Charms

Pride and Joy Birthstone Bracelet

This Pride and Joy Birthstone Bracelet is ideal for the mother with a medium-sized family and an affinity for the glitz and glam. Starting at about $129, this bracelet can be personalized to your liking. With its base design done in sterling silver-plating and gold accents, this birthstone bracelet can take up to six birthstones as well as the engraving of your children's names. This bracelet comes equipped with an engraving that states "My Family, My Pride, My Joy," and who couldn't attest to the truth behind that?

Double-Bangle Bracelet With Birthstone Charms

Stylish and on-trend, this double-bangle design features a stainless steel and a stainless steel rose gold bangle, a center disc that can be customized with names, and birthstones that dangle from each side of the disc. The center disc can include up to four names with ten characters or fewer each. The bracelet starts at about $49.

Expandable Double-Bangle Bracelet with Charms
Expandable Double-Bangle Bracelet with Charms

Celebrate Motherhood in Style

There's no greater joy than the love of a family and no greater job than that of a mother. Motherhood birthstone jewelry can be a special accessory that is both stylish and meaningful. Whether a mom is shopping for an item for herself, or you are looking for a gift for that special mom in your life, this type of jewelry can help celebrate life's greatest joys.

Birthstone Jewelry for Mom: 12 Heartwarming Ideas