Parisian Purses: 10 Must-Know French Handbag Brands

Published December 10, 2020
Parisian Purse

Parisian purses offer some beautiful choices for your handbag collection. When you explore French handbag brands, you may discover some new and exciting purse designs that speak to you.

10 Parisian Purses That Scream Amazing Finds

The list of Parisian purses includes both long-established French handbag brands and newer designer brands. Each has something to offer that is special to the brand that ensures a good variety of choices.

1. Ateliers Auguste

Ateliers Auguste, a Paris based designer brand, offers handmade quality fine leather bags and other leather products. The purses are created in Italy and Portugal by skill craftsmen. Some of the handbag styles presented include bucket, tote, crossbody, mini-handbag, and top handle/shoulder bags. The prices range from around $360 to $540.

2. Celine

Celine purses can be found mostly in leather or Triomphe canvas designs. The various styles include bucket, clutch, drawstring, medium and large classic bags, belt bags, luggage bags, totes, and crossbody purses. The prices range from around $1,200 to $7,500.

Celine leather bag

3. Jacquemus

Designer Simon Porte Jacquemus took the French fashion scene by storm with his own label when he was only 19 years old. Within three years, his fresh spin on fashion earned him a place on the schedule for Parish Fashion Week. He is one of the youngest designers to gain such recognition, and most impressively, he is a self-taught designer. Based in Paris, France, the most recognizable Jacquemus purse style is the mini-purse. In fact, Jacquemus quickly owned the small purse market when he introduced his doll-sized micro-bag known as It. The prices range from around $420 to $1,110+.

purple mini Jacquemus bag

4. Le Tanneur, French Handbag Brands

Founded in 1898, it's no wonder Le Tanneur states, "We are simply Maître Maroquinier" (Master Leatherworker). This truism is seen in the high quality of craftsmanship of all the handmade full grain leather products that includes purses of all sizes and types. Le Tanneur creates, designs and manufactures leather bags of all kinds for women and men that boasts withstanding the test of time. With medieval master craftsmen as the company's inspiration, Le Tanneur practices the mastery of leatherwork. Whether it is the Limited Edition Madeleine handbags, hobo, crossbody, clutch, shoulder, or backpack style, this attention to fine detail can be seen in each bag. The prices range from $120 to $1,080.

Le Tanneur handbags

5. Lipault

Lipualt handbags can be found in genuine leather and high quality nylon styles. The styles you'll find include totes, shoulder bags, crossbody, and saddle bags. One of the most notable aspects of Lipualt handbags and luggage is the signature colors. Lipualt also introduces three new colors each season. The prices range from around $115 to $250.

Lipault Paris Handbag

6. Louvreuse

Louvreuse features four handmade purse styles in genuine leather. Made in France, the styles include rectangular, bucket, circle, and pyramid. Some of the purses can be worn on the shoulder, crossbody or carried. The unique pyramid handbags are exactly as the name implies - four-sided pyramid shaped purses. The bucket purse is a different spin with a sliding cord similar to a drawstring closure. The prices range from around $290 to $475.

7. Polène

Polène purses is the brainchild of two brothers and their sister. The siblings founded Polène in 2016 and use only top-end leather in their purses. The company is based in Paris with their handmade purses produced by artisans in Spain. The purses are made from full grain smooth or textured calf leather. Polène features its signature purse, Number One that takes advantage of the pliability of the leather to give this design folds of softness. Other handbag styles include tote, drape form, bucket, and classic. The prices range from around $230 to $490.

Polène bag in brown

8. Rouje

Rouje purses are leather. Some purses feature quilted leather designs. The popular choices are mini shoulder bags that can also be worn crossbody style and day purses that can be carried or worn on the shoulder, or crossbody. The prices range from $245 to $365.

Rouje bag

9. Sequoia

Sequoia purses are made from full grain cowhide leather. The purses often have a retro feel with some of the designs. However, the classic carry purses also have a modern feel for a nice blending of styles. A ring is the Sequoia house symbol. The carry purses have optional shoulder straps for wearing on the shoulder. Some of the styles include hobo, box bag, cube, clutch purses, baguette, round, and retro croco cowhide. Based in Paris, most of the purses are manufactured in France. The prices range from $150 to $300.

Sequoia bag with a golden circular insert

10. Sézane

Sézane handbags founder, Morgane Sézalory went from reinventing vintage clothing and selling online to creating her own designs. The Sézane is a brand created purely online. Based in Paris, Sézane features quality luxury purses at moderate prices. Some of the purse styles offered include bucket, rounded rectangle, shoulder, crossbody, tote, and saddlebag. Prices range from $220 to $330.

brown leather Sezane bag

Browsing Parisian Purses for Great New Looks

French handbag brands give you a new world of exciting Parisian purse designs. You can take your time in exploring each of these 10 must-know French handbag brands to find the perfect additions for your accessory closet.

Parisian Purses: 10 Must-Know French Handbag Brands