Pebbled Leather: Evaluating the Quality and Style

Published February 26, 2021
Pebbled Leather Handbag

Pebbled leather is a finishing technique that can make a purse or handbag easier to maintain. The raised pebble finish can hide any scratches or flaws in the leather.

Pebbled Leather Handbags

Pebbled leather is also called pebble leather. The pebbled effect can be found in genuine leather and faux leather bags.

What Is Pebble Leather?

Pebble leather is a specific type of textured surface treatment for leather. The surface of the leather is indented by a press that creates rounded bumps or raised areas that resemble tiny pebbles across the leather.

How Is Pebbled Leather Made?

Once the leather is tanned and dyed, it is sent through presses that have pebble-etched metal plates. The leather is imprinted with the reversed pebbled pattern so it creates the pattern, similar to how a minted coin is made. The consistent bumps or pebbles create the pebble textured surface.

Pebbled leather handbag

Additional Finishes for Pebbled Leather Bag

There may be other finishes added to a pebbled leather bag. Some finished may be placed under the top layer. These can include a high gloss shine, or a second color with a tinted translucent coating.

What Makes Pebbled Leather a Desirable Choice?

The pebbled leather creates a textured surface that can easily mask any type of scuff, abrasion, or mark during daily use. In addition, the pebbled surface can be used on leather that has flaws or may not be as attractive if used as a soft smooth leather finish. The pebble effect allows leather that might not otherwise be usable to be transformed into beautiful purses and handbags.

What Is Pebble Grain Leather?

Pebble grain leather is a high quality leather. Full grain leathers are the best part of the original hide being processed. This is also the thickest part of the hide. This high-quality hide is finished with the pebbled effect and adds to the grain leather's natural strength, durability, and quality. If you take care of your pebble grain leather bag, it should give you several decades of use and retain its beauty.

Pebbled leather handbag

Pebbled Leather vs. Smooth Leather

The main different between pebbled leather and smooth leather is the surface appearance that is self-explanatory. Pebbled leather is usually more durable than smooth leather. The pebbled leather won't show the wear and tear of scratches the way smooth leather will.

Faux Pebbled Leather Bags

The pebbled texture is used on faux leather bags, such as PU (Polyurehane) and vegan leather. The pebbled texture can make these bags more scratch resistant and add another layer of waterproofing that the faux material has. However, faux leather bags won't outlast a pebbled leather bag. The natural material (leather) is far more durable and stronger.

Maintenance and Care of Pebbled Leather Bag

Your pebbled leather bag can have a long lifespan if you maintain and care for it properly. You can clean it with a damp microfiber cloth every two to three months. You don't want to press hard when cleaning. Work in gentle circular motions. Some people use a very soft bristled brush to get between the tiny, pebbled indentations. You should test a small area first before conducting any type of cleaning technique.

Properly Store Pebbled Leather Bags

After cleaning your handbag, you want to make sure that it dries before storing it. You should restuff your emptied purse before storing it. Place the bag in a dustbag to ensure it doesn't collect any dust while being stored.

Designer Pebbled Leather and Faux Handbags

You can find pebbled leather handbags from almost every design house. Some of these include, Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Coach, Tory Burch, and others. Some of the faux leather handbags that have a pebbled finish include, Dasein, Dreubea, and BP.

Buy Pebbled Leather Bags for Quality

You can evaluate pebbled leather bags for their quality and style. A quality pebbled leather bag will give you decades of use when you practice care and maintenance.

Pebbled Leather: Evaluating the Quality and Style