15 Fashion Jewelry Trends You Should Be Wearing

Updated May 10, 2021

Follow the Jewelry Trends to Update Your Look


You may not be able to change your clothing wardrobe every year, but a few smart additions to your jewelry collection can make your whole look feel on-trend. Just like everything in the fashion industry, jewelry trends change quickly. Fortunately, keeping up with the times is fun, and in many cases, it's affordable too.

Pile on Colored Beads


One of the biggest fashion jewelry trends of 2021 is the addition of color. Look for strands of beads in multiple bright shades. These don't have to be costly, and they can instantly make your entire outfit more fun.

Try Asymmetrical Bead Strands


One notable style of necklace that's trending now is the asymmetrical bead strand. Think focal points and decorative elements on one side of the strand, not centered in the middle. This gives the necklace a freeform look that's very current and interesting.

Mix and Match Beaded Bracelets


Just as beaded necklaces have gotten more colorful, beaded bracelets are also big in fashion jewelry. Don't stick to just one bracelet or a single color, though. This trend is all about stacking different sizes and colors of beads for that funky, collected look.

Mismatch Your Earrings


When it comes to earrings, it's time to break the rules and wear a mis-matched pair. This picks up on the asymmetrical necklace trend, as well as the bright, random stack of beaded bracelets. Wear one long dangly earring and one stud or shorter earring in a coordinating color or material. This lets the dangly earring shine and gives your look a creative and fun vibe.

Add Some Crystal Sparkle


Another important earring trend is crystal. Look for long earrings with lots of sparkle. You can wear these with casual outfits, as well as formalwear, and they look fantastic with the mis-matched earring trend too. You can also try other crystal jewelry to join in this trend.

Skip the Round Pearls and Go for Baroque


Pearls are a classic jewelry choice that never goes out of style, but to update their traditional look, try baroque pearls instead of round cultured pearls. Baroque pearls are irregularly shaped, making them interesting to look at. This fits with every other fashion jewelry trend for 2021, which is all about irregular shapes and mix-and-match fun.

Try Some Textured Metal


The irregular shape of baroque pearls is a great starting point, and many fashion jewelry pieces include irregular metal surfaces too. Hammered or worked metal has that same creative, random look, and it's a hot trend. You'll see this in necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings, and more.

Pile on the Charm(s)


Charms are big in fashion jewelry too, especially if they arranged randomly on a necklace or charm bracelet. Look for charms that represent your interests or simply offer lots of color. Space the charms on a chain at random lengths to give this a collected, organic look.

Try a Chunky Chain


If you though chain necklaces had to be delicate to be pretty, think again. Big, chunky chains are a major fashion trend. You'll see these in costume jewelry in all metal colors, including gold, silver, rose gold, and two-tone combinations.

Take Your Necklace to New Lengths


Skip the shorter necklaces this year and try a longer design instead. You can use a necklace length guide to help you figure out how long it should be for your body type and neckline, but in general, these necklaces hit near the waist. Look for pieces with a dangly statement pendant as a focal point.

Attach a Tool or Two


One of the biggest necklace trends is a tool of some type attached to a long necklace as a pendant. You'll also see tools in charms for bracelets or necklaces. These may not be the more useful tools, but they could come in handy. Popular items include carabiners, keys, tiny padlocks, clips, and more.

Let Your Necklace Double as a Bag


Along with the tool trend, there's another practical jewelry style you're likely to see in stores and on the street: the bag necklace. These necklaces feature small bags you can open and close, and they could possibly help you keep a few little items handy. At the very least, you could keep some spare change or the key to your luggage in there.

Make a Style Statement With Figural Designs


Figural designs, or motifs that represent something, are a big part of the fashion jewelry scene. Think pendants and earrings in the shape of stars, birds, dolphins, and anything else that seems fun. You'll see these hanging from long chains in many current styles.

Put on Some Ultra-Long Earrings


The hottest earring trend of the year may be the ultra-long dangle earring. You'll see pieces that brush your shoulders, and there's plenty of statement to be made too. These earrings are anything but simple; look for sparkle, color, and lots of texture.

Layer It Up


Layering necklaces is a fun trend that's been big off and on for years, and it's not going out of style anytime soon. To make the layered look work, stick to one metal color or material and vary the length of the necklaces.

Update Your Look Affordably


Fashion jewelry lets you update your look without breaking the bank. Many pieces are affordable and easy-to-find, letting you participate in the hot jewelry trends, even if you're on a budget. Accessorizing with jewelry is a great way to show off your personal style and stay on-trend at the same time.

15 Fashion Jewelry Trends You Should Be Wearing