Alternate Jobs for People with Special Education Degrees

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Jobs for People with Education Degrees

Are you interested in ideas for alternate jobs for people with special education degrees? If you are a credentialed special education teacher who wants to find work outside of a K-12 school classroom, there are a number of different opportunities available to you. Whether you have been teaching for years and want to do something new or if you are having trouble finding a job in your field, you just may find that one of the positions described here is a perfect choice for you.

Ten Alternate Jobs for People with Special Education Degrees

1. Publishing Company Trainer

Publishing companies that produce books and instructional materials designed for use in special education classrooms my hire experienced teachers to serve as trainers for their products, as well as for other types of K-12 materials. This type of work involves a significant amount of travel, as professional development activities are typically provided in the communities where teachers who use the materials live and work.

2. Textbook/Curriculum Sales

Special education teachers may find work as sales representatives that market textbooks and curriculum products to K-12 school, or to colleges and universities. This type of work may require extensive travel throughout an assigned territory to meet with decision makers in school system and district headquarters as well as to participate in industry-specific trade shows.

3. Field Trip Coordinator

Working for museums, libraries, and other types of facilities that offer school field trip programs may be excellent alternate jobs for people with special education degrees. Individuals who perform this type of work would handle tasks like marketing field trips to schools, coordinating scheduling, and overseeing content.

4. Tutor

Working as a tutor may be an excellent choice for special education teachers who are ready to seek employment outside of the classroom. Companies like Sylvan Learning Center and Lindamood-Bell hire credentialed teachers to work with their clients. Those with an entrepreneurial spirit may want to offer tutoring services on their own.

5. Post Secondary Instructor

Special education teachers who have Master's degrees in their field may be able to work as adjunct instructors for two-year colleges. The best opportunities are likely to exist at community colleges that offer classes in education and career schools that offer diploma, certificate and Associate degree programs.

6. Remedial Skills Instructor

Many nonprofit organizations offer basic skills programs for adults and for school age children who did not graduate. These types of programs often include literacy training for adults who can't read, basic math skill for people who need to how to perform basic tasks like balancing a checkbook and GED preparation courses for those who need to earn a high school equivalency certificate. Working as an instructor in one of these types of programs can be a great alternate career choice for special education teachers.

7. Fundraising Professional

Special education teachers who want to work in a job that allows them to help special needs children outside of the classroom may find working as a fundraiser for an organization like the March of Dimes to be very rewarding work.

8. Lobbyist

Working as a lobbyist for an organization that is focused on seeking positive reform in education legislation at the state or national level can be a good option for special education teachers seeking employment outside of the classroom.

9. Pediatric Hospital Educator

Hospitals that specialize in pediatrics sometimes hire special education teachers to provide assistance with the educational needs of their young patients. People who perform this type of work may work directly with children who are in the hospital, or they may coordinate assistance for the hospital's patients with the local school system.

10. Training Professional

Teachers who no longer want to work in K-12 classrooms may find gainful employment working in the corporate training world, providing employee development training for large corporations or with companies that offer training services.

More Alternate Career Possibilities

teacher possibilities

There are also a number of different types of school system and district positions that special education teachers may become qualified for with additional credentials. Those who are willing to go back to school to seek an advanced degree, or earn one or more add-on certifications, may become qualified for positions like:

  • Curriculum Specialist
  • Educational Technologist
  • School Administrator
  • School Counselor
  • Psychometrist
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Alternate Jobs for People with Special Education Degrees